Apr 23 2013 10:20am

First Thor: The Dark World Trailer Shows Jane in Peril, Loki Unbathed

Thor: The Dark World

We’re so excited for Thor: The Dark World, you guys. Of course we’re still waiting on pins and needles for Iron Man 3, but we want Mjolnir back. We wants Sif and Asgardian armor and awesome gritty battles of berserker rage. But we’re slightly concerned for poor Jane. And we would appreciate if they would let us into Loki’s cell so we can give him a bath and a haircut. (Loki! We’re so pleased your sass has not dissipated in prison!)

Oh, Loki. We had no idea that your hair had such natural waves. Are you using a diffuser?

Thor: The Dark World, Loki

Now watch in all it’s drama-tastic glory:

Jenny Thrash
1. Sihaya
I like that touch - "when you betray me..." Not "if".
3. brandiv87
@1: My thoughts exactly!

So excited for this.
5. Kayra

Please be in my bed when I get home. For...reasons.

I am excited for this movie. I've been so impressed with the comic films of late, they're genuinely putting some effort into them, these days.

...Other than that god-awful Spiderman situation, of which we shall NEVER SPEAK (why can't they just let Spidey die).
6. Heatherbird
Why does Sif have to be looking at Jane all jealous-like. Why can't she just be like, "Hey, you're that human that Thor loves. Awesome! Thanks for making him happy. Want to be friends?"
Shiloh West
7. Shiloh
I love Loki's long hair even when it's messy.

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