Apr 22 2013 12:30pm

Ender Wiggin’s Favorite Superhero is Batman

Ender actor Asa Butterfield was on hand to answer some questions at CinemaCon recently, and besides looking ridiculously dapper for a 16-year-old, he also talked a bit about what it was like to film the movie, and just how cool it was to work with Harrison Ford.

Also of note, when asked who his favorite superhero was, Butterfield instantly answered Batman. So there you go. Ender Wiggin’s superhero of choice is the Dark Knight. Which... sort of makes sense, if you think about it.

Also, if you work on a film with Martin Scorsese, it would seem that you get to call him “Marty,” which is exactly what happened here when Butterfield was asked what it was like to work with the legendary director on Hugo. We’re totally into that. Butterfield went on to dicuss Ender’s Game’s director Gavin Hood, and how hands-on he was during the process. One would imagine that’s useful when most of your cast is comprised of children. Take a peek!

1. Freelancer
Please, let Scorsese get this story right. Asa looks like a great Ender.
Jeff LeBlanc
5. Jeff_LeBlanc
@Freelancer - Gavin Hood is the director of Ender's Game, not Martin Scorcese. Scorcese directed Asa Butterfield in Hugo.
Orayelle Johnson
6. Orayelle
Very excited for this movie! Asa Butterfield sounds like he's an excellent Ender, although his deeper voice shocked me a little at first (I don't know what I was expecting, he's 16 after all)! Can't wait for the trailer.

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