Apr 22 2013 2:50pm

Comedy Central Cancels Futurama, Finale Will Air Sept. 4

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Futurama, the only animated show brave enough to tell us the truth about weird the 31st century really is, will air its series finale on September 4th on Comedy Central.

The sci-fi show began on Fox but was axed in 2003. Comedy Central revived it in 2008 with two new seasons split across four years. The cancellation doesn’t come as a shock to showrunner David X. Cohen. “I felt like we were already in the bonus round on these last couple of seasons, so I can’t say I was devastated by the news,” Cohen told Entertainment Weekly.

The final episodes will begin airing on Comedy Central on June 19th, with the finale airing on September 4th. The cancellation is sad news, but was anyone still watching the show? Is it finally time for it sail into that good night? Everybody do the Bender?

1. tbob21
Lord, it's about time. I loved the original but the straight-to-DVD movies and the Comedy Central seasons were painful to watch.
Theresa DeLucci
2. theresa_delucci
Every time I happen across Futurama, it's always a Fox-aired episode. I don't know that I've ever seen any of the recent seasons.

(Yesterday I saw "Luck of the Fryrish" and shed a tear at the ending for like the hundreth time.)
Christopher Bennett
3. ChristopherLBennett
There have been some good episodes in the CC seasons, but overall it just hasn't been on a par with the original. Better to go out while it still has some quality rather than tiredly plodding along far after it should've ended like another Matt Groening show.
Cain Latrani
4. CainS.Latrani

My favorite prime time animated show.....

Screw you, Family guy. You'll never be Futurama.

rob mcCathy
5. roblewmac
I still like Simpsons a bit but it looks better than it should surrounded by 19 versons of Family guy.
6. Errith
This is the greatest show ever, we own all 7 seasons and still watch them all the time. this is sad to hear this
j p
7. sps49
What is with Comedy Central? With the reduction in South Park production, I think they should get MORE Futurama.
Christopher Bennett
8. ChristopherLBennett
@7: It's not the networks alone that decide whether shows survive, it's the viewers. If ratings fall too far, then the network can't afford to keep making it even if they want to. And the ratings for Futurama have been falling -- frankly, for good reason.
David Kilman
9. DaveAK
On the bright side – when civilization collapses I won’t have any reason to miss television.
10. Mndrew
With my dying breath; I blame Zoidberg!
Andrey Yakushin
11. mtvietnam
Say what you want, but SF concept, heart and humor in such a ratio can only be found in Futurama. And season 6 was good (I haven’t seen 7th yet) — Rebirth, Attack of the Killer App, Benderama — just off the top of my head.
And the Moon will rise again!

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