Apr 10 2013 1:50pm

C.J. Cherryh’s Morgaine Cycle Novels Optioned for Film

CJ Cherryh Morgaine cycle movieExtremely prolific and beloved author C.J. Cherryh may have a series of her novels adapated into a series of films. Variety is reporting that producer Aaron Magnani has optioned the four-book cycle of Cherryh’s Morgaine stories and with screenwriter Peter Arneson, hopes to make it into a film franchise called “The Gates of Morgaine.

The Morgaine cycle chronicles the high fantasy sci-fi tale of Morgaine, a mysterious woman who can travel between distant worlds and times through a series of gates. Morgaine also holds the ability to destroy these gates and is sought after by a variety of interests. Notably, the series always depicts Morgaine through the eyes of others, allowing the reader a variety of interpretations as to her actions.

[News via Variety via The Mary Sue]

james Pope
1. jim162065
One of my favorite series. Would be a intersting movie.
Michal Jakuszewski
2. Lfex
Very exciting news. I love Morgaine novels. I can only hope something will come out of it.
j p
3. sps49
I would love this, and it shoudn be reasonably suited for a movie, but I am concerned that I've never heard of Aaron Magnani and his imdb is nearly bare.
4. WOL
I'll be interested to see what comes of this, if anything. If it gets made, and if they get the right cast, right screenplay, and shoot it right, it could be killer, but then again it could end up as a damp squib and nothing come of it, or it could be a piece of schlock. Won't hold my breath in any case, though.
5. Michael E. McClendon
As a long time fan and avid reader of all Science Fiction, I am overjoyed to see CJ Cherryh's work finally on the way to the Big Screen. A multiple Hugo award winning author, CJ's work is of the highest quality. Her thousands (and thousands!) of fans are solidly behind her. I can hardly wait!
6. 82Eridani
CJ Cherryh's Morgaine series was one of the first scifi series I'd read and the quality of the story and writing spoiled me for any other author not of her level of sophistication. The universe is so complete, and the characters so believable that this would make a wonderful set of movies.
7. Mark456
I'd prefer the Faded Sun trilogy.

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