Mar 25 2013 5:00pm

Wolverine is Furious That He’s in The Wolverine

The Wolverine movie’s okay, Hugh Jackman. The Wolverine cannot possibly be as bad as Wolverine: Origins was a few years back, right? And you had that awesome cameo in X-Men: First Class that was totally boss. And you were in that musical where you stole bread and were French—things have been going good for you! Also you’re going to be in X-Men: Days of Future Past so even though the new poster for your upcoming movie makes you look like a very scary stripper we’re sure you won’t have to scream to the sky for much longer.

Or maybe we’re not so sure. Take a look at the new movie photos released by Entertainment Weekly, featuring a new friend and a new enemy, and Wolverine dressed like Johnny Cash for some reason....


Also there's this ninja poster of doom!


And here is 6 seconds of teaser trailer... Jean Grey appears for a split second!

4. borry
Wolverine: Origins was awesome. I do not understand the hate for that movie. What is there to possibly not like about that movie? You got the origin story for Wolverine (and I have never met an origin story I did not like) and you have Wolverine being awesome. I have never read the comics, so I do not care if it was not true to the comics if that is the complaint.

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