Mar 12 2013 12:40pm

THIS WEEK: Tor.com Meet-Up Party on Pi Day! (3/14)

Tor.com party Pi Day March 14

We have a mission for you: Tell us where to get pie and then come eat it with us!

The next Tor.com meet-up is this Thursday, March 14th, otherwise known as 3.14, otherwise known as PI DAY! As usual we’ll be meeting at our regular party haunt in NYC, Professor Thom’s (219 2nd Avenue between East 13th and 14th Street) The whole Tor.com crew will be at the upstairs bar from 6 through 11 PM, and there will be plenty of snacks, free books and swag on hand, as always. Also PIE! (Also pi, because this party takes place within the known universe.)

We'll be heading out this week to go pick them up, so now is the perfect time to suggest great places in NYC to get pie! Have at it in the comments and check out the event page and totally RSVP.

Kirk/Spock DJ illustration by Chris Whetzel

That Neil Guy
1. That Neil Guy
Um, if you guys will fly me to NY, I'll be happy to attend. And I'll bring my ukulele and sing Steven Brust's "New Cover" song.

Just sayin...
Margot Virzana
2. LuvURphleb
I'm thinking you forget NYC as its so over rated and come celebrate PI day with me and my buddies in Vegas. This year our theme is "PI of Sauron" yet will be watching Breaking Dawn p2 with Rifftrax.

Or you could also buy tickets for my husband and i AND 1 and we could celebrate in NYC.
(No one in the office here cares about PI DAY. What is wrong with these people?)
That Neil Guy
3. madainn
Little Pie Co. has awesome pies!

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