Mar 14 2013 10:00am

Get Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings Ebook for $2.99 (or Win It Right Here!)

The Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson ebook $2.99You can now purchase the ebook of The Way of Kings, the first volume in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series, for only $2.99! (U.S and Canada, and many other nations.) Get it from Apple, AmazonBarnes & NobleDragonmount, or any of your favorite retailers. 

We’ll be kicking off a reread of the book on March 28, so the price drop should hopefully give new fans plenty of time to see what all the fuss is about and for other folks to get reacquainted with the world of Roshar and its various oddities. (Remember how there are crab-dogs? There are crab-dogs.)

Along with the reread, we’ll also be releasing news on book 2 Words of Radiance, cool stuff, and commentary on the series and its world, which you can keep track of on the Stormlight Archive index page.

Don’t feel like going the ebook route? Try your luck at winning a copy of the print edition from us!

We’ve got 50 copies of The Way of Kings, the first book in Brandon Sanderson’s acclaimed Stormlight Archive saga, and one of them could be yours! Comment in the post to enter! 

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) March 14, 2013. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET March 18, 2013. Void outside of the 50 US, and DC where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Rabid Android
1. Rabid Android
Do we know when the price will drop? Amazon and B&N still have it listed for $8.99.

Rabid Android
3. IsaacFowler
I'd also like to know when it'll drop. I'll be buying it as soon as amazon shows 2.99 pricetag :)
Rabid Android
2. Lou64
I'd like a copy. Thanks!
Shaz Taslimi
5. shaztaz
Oh, I'd love to get one! May I, please?
Chris Lough
6. TorChris
Retailers institute the price drops on their own in-house production time tables, so we don't know the exact hour. It should be at some point today, however. We'll keep an eye on it and let folks know through Twitter et al.
Rabid Android
7. Robert S.
Just finished "Legion" by Brandon Sanderson. I would love to read more of his work!!
Rabid Android
8. Herb33
I think I need to enter this contest for my back's sake.
Rabid Android
10. CathyKJ
Damn you, Tor! How dare you tempt me into reading another massive book series with this ridiculously good deal? Curse you and your marketing department.
Rabid Android
11. JimY
Going for the free book!
Rabid Android
12. Amanda E.
I loved this book! Unfortunately, I loved it while eating, and I got chocolate on my husband's hardback :/
Mike Lanser
14. MikeLanser
I've heard great things about this book from friends, and I'd love to check it out. I'm already partway through A Song of Ice and Fire, and The Wheel of Time, so I may as well add another fantasy series to my rotation.
Rabid Android
15. dreadbeat
Well, free always beats cheap so count me in!
Rabid Android
16. Hedgehog Dan
I'm in! :)
Rabid Android
17. reportingjosie
Cannot resist the urge to read this any longer.
Rabid Android
20. LarryB
Now this would be an awesome win count me in
Rabid Android
22. thekenn
your contests are always great
Rabid Android
23. Aaron The Ardent
Rabid Android
24. Danthebookman
I'm new to Sanderson (have read Legion & Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians) and can not wait to read more, especially his adult Fantasy!
Rabid Android
25. DonnaH
Free book? Yes please!
Rabid Android
27. robin D
My Kindle has been dying for this!!!
Rabid Android
28. BubbaCoop
I'll watch for the eBook price to drop, but if you want to give me one of the 50...that's okay too
Lisa Grabenstetter
29. magneticcrow
Sure, I'll give his new series a shot. I admit to curiosity.
Rabid Android
30. John John
I'd love a copy!
David S
31. janson
This is a great book. I can't wait for the next one.
Rabid Android
32. M.C.
Does the ebook still have a lot of typos?
Rabid Android
33. Joe McP
Loved this book, I will be getting the ebook but certainly would love to have the hardback as well. Can't wait for book 2!
Rabid Android
34. Mark Lindberg
This, is awesome. With that many copies, I might even have a decent chance of winning one. Here's to hoping!
Rabid Android
35. Tom T
I'd love to win a book.

Daniel Jackson
36. 13drjackson
It's probably one of my most favorite books, also are the printed editions hardbound or paperback?
Rabid Android
37. IanP
I am currently refreshing Amazon waiting for the price to drop. Somehow I lost my hardcopy, and I have been waiting for a chance to pick up the kindle version!
Rabid Android
38. Trevor Florence
I've been meaning to read this one, a physical copy would be great!
Rabid Android
40. SKH
I absolutely love this book and Brandon sanderson! Can't wait for the reread.
Nicholas Bonnema
43. Nvb
Great reason to start this series, hoping to win!
Rabid Android
45. Brooke S
I love Brandon Sanderson. He's amazing!
Jim Johnson
46. wamegojim
I think participating in the re-read will be cool.
Rabid Android
47. Kaladar
I would like to see Amazon drop the price to 2.99.
Would still also like a physical copy for home use as well, tho =D
Rabid Android
48. Shariq
Count me in for a free copy. ;)
Rabid Android
49. NoAliasIsAvailable
Rabid Android
50. MVE
Hooray for print! Boo to ebook!
David Pomeroy
51. mrpalmtree19
would like to read this without having to carry it :)
Rabid Android
52. Nobojo
Love Sanderson's stuff and would love a copy of the book.
Matthew B
54. MatthewB
Bought @ $2.99 from Amazon! If this entry wins a free copy, give it to someone else!
Rabid Android
55. Speck
I could use a new copy. Someone else ended up with mine, and the sequel is coming.
Rabid Android
56. Big E
Just borrowed it from the public library and would love a copy! SO GOOD SO FAR!
Rabid Android
57. PhilVogel
Price has changed on Amazon... have at it!
John Broky
58. frienetic
Maybe it's time I set aside a month (or several) to finally get this read?
Rabid Android
61. rucci14
I enjoyed The Way of Kings from the library. Would love to add it to my collection.
Rabid Android
62. Ria
I wanted to wait until I had all three, but this is too good to miss.
Rabid Android
63. Skippy
Eager to jump in on this series at such a great time.
Rabid Android
68. Crimson
I loved this book! Can't wait for book 2!
Rabid Android
70. ThomasSieb
Best book I've ever read besides the bible. I want a physical copy of my own though.
Rabid Android
71. DavidH
Got the E-book but would love to have a Hard Cover to get signed!
Rabid Android
72. Scott L
One of my favorite books in the last few years! I'd love to win a copy.
Brian M
73. BrianMM
bought the ebook when it was first released, wish I had picked up a physical copy as the artwork in the digital edition isn't all that great. On the bright side, after contacting Peter Ahlstrom about the topic he directed me over to inkthinker's deviant art account that had quite a bit of really nice images.
Rabid Android
74. Petros
I have been super excited to read this book. I loved The Way of Kings (honestly more than the rest of his works, though Elantaris is a STRONG second) The writing of his own is better by far than the finish of Wheel of Time. I like Brandon with his free reign.
Rabid Android
75. Groen DJ
I live in netherlands, Europe but stil love to win a copy.
Rabid Android
76. Jorge De La Vega
I heard about Brandon Sanderson when he started work on WOT. Since then I have been voraciously consuming his books. I have read this book, but would love to have a copy of my own.
Rabid Android
78. Jared Buchanan
Borrowed this from a friend and LOVED it!!!!
I would love to have a physical copy of my very own. Such an amazing writer.
Rabid Android
79. TheMightyOkra
I don't have my own copy, so I would love to win. Here's hoping!
Rabid Android
80. Drummgurl
I'd love to win one of these books!!! :D
Rabid Android
81. Scott Cox
Lets check it out
Rabid Android
82. Bob Crang
Looking forward to this series continuing!
Rabid Android
84. E Page
More to add to my collection
Stephanie Stein
85. stephaniestein
I would love a copy! Can't wait to read it (and the many more fantastic Sanderson books to follow)!
Rabid Android
89. Rancho Unicorno
Some people may be able to read on their phones, I can't. As I have no ereader or tablet, I would welcome a "proper" copy.
Rabid Android
90. BrianD
Enter me to win please. thx.
Rabid Android
91. James Marsh
The most important words a man can say.
Rabid Android
92. Charles D
I would love to win a copy of this! Brandon Sanderson's books are awesome!
Rabid Android
93. Julie G
I'd love to win a copy!
Rabid Android
94. mirsulli
I LOVED this book!
Rabid Android
96. Wade Stockton
Would love to win this book
Sean Holland
98. Akaihyo
Always happy to have new books to read.
Rabid Android
100. Dana Siegel
I'd love to win a free book
Andrew Lee
101. Ti99er
Great book. I would love to have a hard copy.
Rabid Android
102. aethiopica
Ooo pick me! My husband needs to read it :)
Rabid Android
104. Pokaia
I'd like a copy.
Gregory Swift
105. xaethios
This series is amazing. I'm anticipating the next book more than I did most of the WoT books (except the last of course).

But whats up with not having the $2.99 price on dragonmount???
Rabid Android
106. dot double
Way of Kings is so detailed that rereading is a must. It's the next epic fantasy novel.
Rabid Android
107. Dana Siegel
last comment was before 12:30 EDT, so I'll post again that I'd love a free book
Shad Mecham
108. cyphear
This is one of those books that just has to be seen in physical form to get the full effect.

Would love to win one.
Rabid Android
110. Garms
Pick me! Pick me!
Rabid Android
109. KyleRoss
Sweet! I'm pumped for the reread
Rabid Android
112. jaredmcg
Enter me for a chance to win please!
Rabid Android
114. M S Casassa
so, a comment.........well what to write as i sit here waiting for 12:30 EDT, the time specified to post a comment in order to enter. I see that there are already 92 posted comments, I guess some people just don't read directions?
Any way, I already own a E copy of the book, and am waiting for the second book in the series, but would love a hard cover copy to add to my Library.......... thank you, Mike C.
Rabid Android
113. T.J. Bronley
Barnes and Noble is still at $8.99. But I definitely wouldn't frown at winning a copy.
Nate Ostman
116. n.ostman0225
Great book! I would love a free copy. When will you give away shardblades?
Rabid Android
115. AJ Olson
I'm so excited! I love rereads.
Rabid Android
117. Colink
Would love to have this Brandon Sanderson book on my shelf, and on my Nook!
Rabid Android
118. WeileMom
Haven't read it yet, but its on my list!
Lisa Keefe
119. fledge
I'd like a free paperback. I would also buy the e-book for 2.99 for sure. If I can find it for that price; everywhere still says 8.99
Adam Sundholm
121. asundholm
Would really enjoy reading this book and watch how the stormlight shows its power on actual parchment.
Rabid Android
124. P. Pearson
This is going to be a great series!

I've read a copy from the local public library, so I'd love to have one of my own.

I am greatly anticipating Words of Radiance.
Rabid Android
125. Holly B
I'm a huge fan of fantasy (well, perhaps that's a given since I get the Tor newsletter!), and I have been wanting to read something by Brandon Sanderson for a good while now. I'm definitely going to try and follow the read-a-long! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
Rabid Android
127. BeeDET
Loved this book! A great commentary on leadership and a fantastic story. I can't wait for the second book!
Rabid Android
128. incognitocory
Count me in! Thanks!
Rabid Android
129. Debbie L
Barnes and Noble price still $8.99 .
Rabid Android
131. Dave E.
The author is to be commended for finishing the Wheel of Time.
Rabid Android
130. Ardi Alspach
Brandon Sanderson is awesome! I'm looking forward to reading this series!
Rabid Android
132. Ron Walter
Would love a copy!
Dan Jones
133. Philomorph
I'd love to win a copy of the book to gift to my brother, who doesn't have an e-reader yet. I'm still waiting for the B&N price to drop to $2.99 though, for myself.

Consider this my entry :)
Rabid Android
134. Adam Huddleston
I'd love a free copy. Thanks!
Rabid Android
135. Leslie HW
Amazon is 2.99 now. Still prefer paper though. :)
Rabid Android
136. Edgelaw
I have been looking forward to tackling this book.
Rabid Android
139. Martin C.
Wooo! Can't wait to do a reread myself!
Rabid Android
140. BenjaminJB
If I keep entering these contests, I'm bound to win sometime, right?
Rabid Android
141. JordanW
What a great book!
Rabid Android
142. Jamie S
Haven't read it yet, but I read the mistborn books and loved them.
Rabid Android
143. Thornsnag
This is one of the Sanderson's I haven't gotten to yet. I'd love to win one of the copies. His work is always amazing.
Rabid Android
144. Timothy Risi
Would love a physical copy
Daniel Sahlman
145. Lazlo
I would love the chance to get the first Stormlight novel! Elantris and the Mistborn trilogy were amazing, and I enjoyed BS's 3 Wheel of Time novels (how I learned about him in the first place). Need More Sanderson!
Rabid Android
146. mynameisluke
Who doesn't want a hard copy of a book? No matter how much I like the convenience of my Kindle I still love real books more.
Rabid Android
147. kujagirl
Been waiting for him to finish his other projects ever since I finished Way of Kings the first time...
Rabid Android
148. Lynn D. Walker
I tried to buy the book through iTunes, but it's still $8.99. I read a copy of the book from the library when it first came out and loved it.
Rabid Android
149. Matthew Healy
Love the $2.99 price point, but free would be even better.
Rabid Android
150. Debbie H
I would love to win a copy!
Rabid Android
151. ibeeeg
I would love to win a copy. I can think of several people in my life that needs to read this book.
Rabid Android
152. a-asi
I'd love a copy, yes I would.
Rabid Android
153. Todd S
Please include me in the drawing. Thank you.
Rabid Android
154. Ty Wilson
I would love a copy. The book looks amazing.
Rabid Android
155. dieseldoll
Any book I can win is a good book to me!
Tim Novak
156. Spiderbox
I would like to follow along with a free copy. Maybe if it wasn't free, either.
Rabid Android
157. DiscipleN2k
Commented and crossing my fingers!
Rabid Android
159. Jojohoser
Hooray for physical copies of books! Even if they are as weighty as this one, I still want a copy.
Rabid Android
160. Patrick R
Gimme that fillet o brandon
Rabid Android
161. Pro-Anti
I wants it please. I like a book I can bludgeon someone with. I guess you can do that with an e-reader, but it's just not the same.
Rabid Android
162. Kristine M.
I would love to have it!
Rabid Android
163. Casey Britton
Would love to win this. Thanks for the chance!!
Aaron Nuttall
164. Ichthyarch
The Way of Kings slapped me to the ground and stepped on my neck last time I tried to read it--by which I mean I gave up after three or four different narrative strands opened up without any payoffs (around 100 pages in), so I'm glad of the re-read prompting me to try again. So, I'd love to win a copy! Please enter me in the drawing.
Rabid Android
165. speshalspartan
Really, really want a book. Thanks!
Rabid Android
166. Philosophizer
Love this book. I listened to the audiobook, but I would really appreciate a physical copy. There was just too much going on to keep in my head!
Rabid Android
168. Renee Tyre
I love getting these notices from TOR, thanks for the head's up! Even if I don't win, I have plenty of room to fill up my new Kindle :)
Rabid Android
169. Amy B.
Physical copy is much easier for husband-sharing, so I would love to win one.
Rabid Android
170. Ryan Cart
I would love to win a copy!
Rabid Android
171. Rychek
I've listened to the Way of Kings audio book several times now, but I've never read through the print edition. I miss the maps when it's audio only.
Neil Hagre
172. nhagre
Brandon Sanderson knows how to write! He's on my very short list of authors that require all my attention to anything they do.
Rabid Android
173. Alarpup
I'd like a copy! Been meaning to read this since it came out...
Rabid Android
174. SurDin
Awesome book! :)
I hope to hold it in my hands, but even more I wish for the second one to come out already
Rabid Android
175. william H. bunn
love this book. the second cannot arrive fast enough.
Rabid Android
176. Prune
I'd like to try my luck...hmm...Wish I could start reading him by winning a copy here! :)
Rabid Android
177. Dcoty
Please award me one of the copies of this book! Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author! I love all the details and character description his books always include.
Rabid Android
178. LianneB
Thanks! I just slipped over to and bought my 2.99 copy
Rabid Android
179. Joel C
I won a copy of The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks about 10 years ago, so hopefully I can repeat that here with The Way of Kings.
Rabid Android
180. Glowingdark
A chance of winning a book? Add me to the drawing.
Rabid Android
181. Nick Fontana
Rabid Android
183. Jbreach
I love physical books!
Rabid Android
184. Toren
Would love a copy, really enjoyed his other books and haven't yet read this
Rabid Android
185. TShoe
Definitely worth entering.
Rabid Android
186. DJ Erfquake
Pick me! Pick me!
Sarah Peach
188. peachsj
LOVE this book - but still need a copy (thank you public library for the first read!)
Rabid Android
187. DJU
Looks interesting... Will have to check it out.
Rabid Android
189. Malinda
Oh my goodness, I would love my own copy!
Rabid Android
190. Matt MacGlashan
I've been devouring all of his writing that I can get my hands on...Brandon Sanderson has quickly become one of my favorite authors!
Rabid Android
192. Eadon
I've been meaning to read this one for ages!
Rabid Android
193. Tien's Ghost
I keep checking his site to see what percentage is done. I'm going crazy with all the waiting...
Rabid Android
194. mosaix
The way of Mosaix! - Yes!
Rabid Android
195. Darin Costello
Sweet, book. hope the sequil comes out soon
Rabid Android
197. Ryan D.
Very excited for Words of Radiance!
Rabid Android
198. Scott Swedo
It would be cool to win. I was introduced to Brandon (literally) at the Book Signing for "A Memory Of Light". I was only there to hang out with a friend and ended up gaining a new favorite author. :-)
Deana Whitney
199. Braid_Tug
I'll try for one. Said I wouldn't since I didn't want to wait 20 years again after WoT. But I'll try. Had a lot of fun on Leigh's re-read.
Rabid Android
201. R.
I've been meaning to read Way of Kings recently--thanks for the chance!
Rabid Android
202. Isabellabasil
I love everything Brandon Sanderson has written and when I finished The Way of Kings I simply couldn't wait to read the next installment. I will definitely reread book one before book two comes out.
Adam Schwer
203. schwizzle
Would love to win a free copy! WOK is one of the best and I'm having a hard time waiting until November!
Todd Johansen
204. Gher06
At this point, there are ~200 comments, so I've got about a 1 in 4 chance of winning!

But I'm guessing by the end of the competition, my odds won't be quite so great...
Rabid Android
205. JamesD
I would love to read this book.
Rabid Android
206. ageless
The ebook will be great for vacation but the beautiful artwork shows up so much better in the hardcover.
Rabid Android
207. Br00ce
I read it once and it was AMAZING! I would LOVE to win my very own hard copy!
Rabid Android
208. jtibble
My odds are 1:4... not too shabby! (Fingers crossed!)
Rabid Android
209. GregW
I really enjoyed the book, and I would love to win a copy.
Rabid Android
210. Andy M
I cannot wait for the next book!
Rabid Android
212. Stefraffel
This is totally new to me so I am hoping to start a new obsession!
James Lehr
213. katfan97
Please let it be me. I'm collecting Brandon's works. A hardback of WoK would be awesome.
Rabid Android
214. Antonia
I'd love to win a copy :) Amazing book!
Rabid Android
215. VikramS
I'd love to win a copy. I still need to read this book!
Rabid Android
216. Branin Lippincott
I am interested in a copy of The Way of Kings!
Rabid Android
217. Chales
Loved the book. Gave my copy to family to get them hooked. Would love to have a new copy!
Brian M
219. BrianMM
just bought a kindle copy @ 2.99 for a friend to read, glad to share the love that is way of kings
Rabid Android
221. Colaverde
This is totally sweet. Can't wait for Words of Radience!
Rabid Android
222. Nataly
I would love a copy as well!! Awesome book
Rabid Android
223. Calidoc

The international dibs protocol has been evoked.
Rabid Android
224. daviddm
i MUST HAVE A COPY!...and i will get a copy of the ebook for my sister :)
Rabid Android
227. neomachina
I would like a copy as well, please.
Rabid Android
228. steveisbig
Time to toss the dice!!!
Elias Rangel
230. erangel
Great book. I don't mind having a dead-tree format :D
Rabid Android
231. tyrhone
time and chance
Rabid Android
232. Beau D
This book was loaded with awesome sauce! :D I can't wait for the next book. Please send me a copy, so I don't have to hoard my local library's copy again.
Rabid Android
233. Deb2010
B&N & Amazon are now posting the ebook @2.99. I love ereaders for bedtime reading but nothing beats the physical book whether it is hardcover or paperback!
Nicholas Bonnema
234. Nvb
Got trigger happy and the first post was before 12:30 EDT, so posting again
Rabid Android
235. dwndrgn
I'd love to win a copy! While $2.99 is a fabulous price, I currently have a $0.00 Book Buying budget and thus it wouldn't fit. Free works though ;-)
Rabid Android
236. bmfs
Fingers crossed, I would like an analog copy of the book.
James Manly
238. jmanly
I never win But would love a copy, i loaned my first copy to a farmer friend. note to self, don't expect your book back in good condition if you load it to a farmer frend.
Rabid Android
240. chrisw63
Read this in ebook form - having a hardcopy would be icing on a very delicious cake. Can't wait for Words of Radiance!!!
Rabid Android
241. RLBrown
It's always good to start at the beginning.
Rabid Android
242. andfes
Love Brandon!!! Knew him from our church. Such a great guy. I would love to win cause I lost my first copy. Loaned it to a neighbor and then moved. It was a bad idea. This is such a great book. Excited to read it again.
Rabid Android
243. Mattw
If I comment will it make Brandon write faster?
Rabid Android
244. Stubs
Win or Lose I loved this book. I'm dying for #2. Please ;)
Teresa Morin
245. tam9960
Thank you for having this sweeepstakes!
Carolyn Shuford
246. sockcreature
I don't have an e-reader at the moment, so I wouldn't mind having a physical copy :)
Rabid Android
247. TomW
Sign me up please!
Rabid Android
248. John Dedrick
Always like free ebooks!
Rabid Android
249. Chris Schaeffer
You like to giveaway stuff? I like to win.
Rabid Android
250. MattC
Just in case they were serious about that 12:30 contest begin time ;-)
Rabid Android
251. RAReplogle
I need to replace my copy after ther person I loaned it to loaned it to someone else, who subsequently destroyed it. Grr. Library rules have been changed.
Patrick Mosbacker
252. Patillian
I would make excellent use of this. I have become a Sanderson fanboy.
Chris Conley
253. TheSupremeForce
This is one of my favorite books of all time. Of course, I already own a copy, BUT in the event that I win, I'll pass a copy along to a friend or family member.
Rabid Android
254. HayStuke
Really been looking for an excuse to get into this series.. Love real books
Rabid Android
255. GhostOverlord
This is my all time favorite book (to-date anyways).
Rabid Android
257. Jburg
Already have the e-book copy, but I would love a physical copy of my (current) favorite fantasy book!
Rabid Android
260. William Jardine
WOuld love a copy of the book. Thanks!
Dustin Cramer
261. DreamweaverMirar
I love this book! Gave away my copy to a friend and they never returned it, however.
Rabid Android
262. Rachael Brown
I have been reading Brandon since the first mistborn came out and the books just keep getting better!
Rabid Android
263. LibraryOne
Can I have a copy? Please.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
264. Lisamarie
I'd love to win a copy! But 2.99 isn't bad either!
Rabid Android
265. Homer Chen
The Second Ideal

"...Do you know the words?" - Syl

"I will protect those who cannot protect themselves!" - Kaladin
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn
267. montsamu
And if you get the $2.99 Kindle edition, you can add the Audible audiobook for $7.99. For 80 hours or whatever it is of audio. (Maybe it's more like 50, anyway, it's a month, easily, of listening.)
Bruce Arthurs
268. bruce-arthurs
So I can get an e-book version loaded onto my smartphone for only 2.99, AND a chance to win a hardcopy for my wife to read? A two-fer!
Nick Maddux
269. gothofbaal
Sweet deal really getting into ebooks lately but a physical copy would be nice.
Rabid Android
270. Susan S.
I would love to win.
Rabid Android
272. Arzvi
Would love to read it with the smell of real book in hand
Rabid Android
273. Ramin
I would LOVE to read this book and start the series!
Rabid Android
274. jbForte
One of my favorites! Definitely looking forward to Words of Radiance!
Rabid Android
275. Apollo's Crow
This book is at the top of my to-read list, and I'd be thrilled to win a copy. Sanderson is a great writer, and he has really become a blessing to the genre. Besides his own work and his work with WoT, he does a lot of teaching in person and online. As an aspiring author, some of his insights have really been invaluable to me. We need more like him!
Rabid Android
277. Mary Yang
oh I must win a copy! I bought my husband a first edition hardcopy for Christmas, but then my cat threw up all over the jacket and to add insult to injury, my new puppy chewed off the corners while we slept! Please please please, pick me pick me! We are avid Sanderson fans, Way of Kings being our absolute favorite so far!
Rabid Android
278. Dick S
Crab-dogs? I'm in!
Rabid Android
279. Stormlight
I loved this book and can't wait for #2!
Rabid Android
280. Mukund
My favorite new series! I'd like a new copy!
Rabid Android
281. MiakaYuuki79
I would love a copy of the book!! :)
Rabid Android
283. PeteC
Sanderson is excellent.
Rabid Android
284. Richie L.
Eagerly looking forward to Words of Radiance!
Rabid Android
285. Ryan Hughes
I loved this book. Sanderson is simply an amazing writer. Hopefully I win this book so I can read it again before Words of Radiance comes out!
Rabid Android
286. Hybridan
Post FTW, thank you for DRM free e-books! Good luck to all.
Rabid Android
287. Kimball Larsen
If I don't win one of the free books, I will buy it. I went to school with Sanderson, and he's a great person. If you haven't read his work yet, you owe it to yourself to start. I'd recommend Elantris or the Mistborn series to begin.
Rabid Android
288. Reiko
This is an amazing opportunity, both for the physical book and the ebook. And the reread will be just the thing to go deeper into the story and get ready for the next one. Looking forward to it!
Rabid Android
290. Phester571
Would love to add a physical copy to my library.
Rabid Android
291. dan buroojy
a paperback copy would be nice!
Rabid Android
293. Thatedeguy
I've been bugged by a certain friend to read this book for ages. I will probably like it, it just hasn't made it's way up my list yet. This might be the perfect time to move it up!
Rabid Android
294. Eagle
I love this book so much! Even though I haven't actually read it. I got the audio book and listened to that on my kindle and would love nothing more than to get a copy and let my eyes drink in the goodness just like my ears were able to do a year ago. I bet there are a lot of things I missed I would be able to pick up on in the text. The book is so detailed and that's one thing I love about it most.
Rabid Android
295. Bcinkoske
I am always looking for a good book to read. There is something better about paper.
Rabid Android
296. PiLover
You know, this is one of the few of his adult works that I haven't read. I really feel the need to though.
Rabid Android
297. WiseCookie
I've read it on kindle. Wouldn't mind having a nice hardback edition. Good book.
Rabid Android
298. Jared Saltz
I LOVE this book!
tatiana deCarillion
299. decarillion
This has been sitting in my cart at Amazon since I finished (and fell in love with) the Mistborn series.
Rabid Android
300. JK1
Would love a copy!
Guy Byars
301. guybyars
Fantastic book, amazing author; I will gladly accept a copy!
Rabid Android
302. William M.
Read the Mistborn series. Looking forward to this new epic!
Rabid Android
303. morningbell17
I'd love a copy! :)
Rabid Android
306. CathyG
Yes, I'd love to read this book.
Rabid Android
308. Stone
This is Dope.
Rabid Android
310. Cmdrchristof
Well I'm always interested in Free even more so if it's Brandon Sanderson :)
Rabid Android
312. Minjammben
I love this book!!!
Rabid Android
313. aurace1095
I love Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy, and have been looking to read more of his works. I hope I win!
Houston Armstrong
315. Kalak
I have the audio book but there is something special about reading from a real book and would love to do a re-read with the smell of the pages taking me to Roshar!
Rabid Android
317. Umbra
I'm told I need to read this, though I do prefer a paperback to an ebook
Rabid Android
318. Skysecho
Love this book and have been meaning to pick up a physical copy! It would be awesome to win one!
Rabid Android
319. Todds
I just purchased it via Amazon but I'd give away the e-book version as a gift if I won. :)
Rabid Android
320. mike amos
I'll likely buy a softcopy anyway but a free hardcopy would be nice.
Rabid Android
322. Dianna H
Would love a copy as well...I am such a fan! Thanks :)
Danny Bunch
323. dbunch25
I've read it twice, and it has amazed me both times. I would love an actual paper back copy.
Rabid Android
324. HallowMarauder
Would LOVE to add this to my B. Sanderson collection! The only one I don't have is this one!
Matt Hurdle
325. radardog
I'd like a shot at one of those ebooks. ^_^
Rabid Android
326. Lisakb15
I want to win a copy! I rented it from the library the first time.
Rabid Android
327. Amy bailey
Thanks! That would be awesome!
Christopher O'Neil
328. Vaegrin
It would be great to win a copy of the paperback!
Rabid Android
329. ExtraordinaryBen
A chance to win a free book by Brandon Sanderson? Count me in! :D
Brandon Sanderson's work is excellent, I plan on reading more his books this summer.
Rabid Android
331. Llewinidas
Awesome book. Beyond well worth the $3 sale price!
Rabid Android
332. Joseph A. Gervasi
I just had massive new bookcases built in my house, so I need this doorstopper to take up a few inches of my space (both on the shelf and in my brain).
Rabid Android
334. Greg DiVilbiss
Really looking forward to the next book coming out....The reread should be a blast! Can't wait to go more in depth.
Rabid Android
335. Johnny Leyenda
I'd definitely love to win! Sanderson is one of my favorite authors.
Rabid Android
336. JohnHJohnH
I would love to add a free book by Mr. Sanderson.
Rabid Android
337. Tom D
Please enter me in the book drawing! Thanks!
Rabid Android
338. Mr. Dan
This is the next book on my reading list!
Rabid Android
340. skradepa
Great book!
Rabid Android
341. Crispy82
Great deal for a great book.
Mike Scobee
342. mscobee
I would love a free copy, I absolutely love this book.
Rabid Android
344. velinath
Oh my goodness, I would love a free copy of this book. I already have the e-book, but would love to have a print version!
Rabid Android
345. Jerf
winning this book would be fun
Rabid Android
346. Daniel Sorensen
I fell in love with Brandon's writing on a flight back from asia. Finished The Way of Kings in 3 days(some veery late nights). Here's to Brandon Sanderson and the chance of winning!!!!
Rabid Android
347. Wyrm
Comment! ....and I'd love a physical copy of the book ;)
Rabid Android
348. Mythomage
I love all of his books! Wouldn't complain about getting this one for free :D I just finished the mistborn trilogy and started the alloy of law and I'm loving it. $2.99 is a really good sale for the ebook, but I love that smell of a brand new book...haha. Anyways I highly recommend any of the books written by Brandon Sanderson. Such an amazing author.
Rabid Android
349. Calamon
Stormfather! I will protect those who cannot protect themselves.
Rabid Android
350. Sam Ann
I haven't read this yet, as I was waiting for him to be done with WoT. I was impressed with his writing there; he seems to have grown a lot as a writer since Elantris. I'm excited to see what he does in his own epic so I would love to win a copy!
Rabid Android
351. Christopher D. Barnes
Read The Emperor's Soul on the way to the book signing @ Quail Ridge in Raleigh (3 hour trip) with my best friend. What an awesome story! Loved the Q&A with Mr. Sanderson and Ms. Harriet. It was great even for someone who hasn't read WoT! It inspired me to read on a regular basis again. My friend says I can definately read his signed copy of WoK if I want, but as slow as I read, It would be best to have a copy of my own! Lol :-)
Rabid Android
352. 82HP
Have this on audible - one of my favorites.
Jonathan Cowles
353. Navaron
I have loved every book of Brandon Sanderson's that I have read. I am so excited to get an ebook copy of The Way of Kings for only 2.99
Rabid Android
354. Bethany Schull
Stormfather, I would like a copy. Way of Kings is currently my favorite book of all books under the halls. I am on my 16th reread of it (audiobook). And would love a copy in the physical realm, by shear coincidence I am listening to it right now. :) at kaladin's first bridge run after his near suicide.
Rabid Android
356. RyanC
I've been getting it from the library...awesome book but I havn't had time to finish it yet!
Rabid Android
357. Nicko
Can't wait! I love this book. Took the place of WOT. I can't wait to read it a third time!
Rabid Android
358. ChandlerN
Awesome! Brandon is a great author!
Rabid Android
359. Andrew L.
One of my favorite authors! I'd love to win this one!
Drake Stephens
360. MynameisDrake
This is a comment! I'd like a book! That's why I'm commenting!

(That should be read as if it's a song. Something like the tune to the Unforgotten Realms Placeholder comic.)
Andrew Hendela
361. Zelkathak
Would love a copy of my own. It is definitely one of my favorite books.
Rabid Android
362. gman
I have a hard copy but I'd love to win a free e-book too!
Rabid Android
363. Leah Z
Great book! Can't wait for the sequel, and would love to have a copy to give to my boyfriend :)
Rabid Android
364. Niablis
I would love a copy! what a great book.
Rabid Android
365. Paul C
Free books are shiny. Regardless, a reread of the book that introduced me to Sanderson's amazing writing? I am definitely joining in.
Rabid Android
366. Adam V
My girlfriend read this after we went to see Brandon at a signing. She said it was great! I'd love to read it :)
Rabid Android
368. Leah T
Bought the kindle version! Hope I win :)
Rabid Android
367. Lisa Mercer
I have loved Brandon Sanderson's work with The Mistborn Series and the finishing work of WoT. I look forward to starting another series by him.
Rabid Android
369. Leezy
Mistborn was great. I look forward to reading this as well!!!
Rabid Android
370. Zine
Love this series and would be thriiiiiiilllled to own it. What a great giveaway!
Rabid Android
371. Devin Ahern
I loved this book! It was an amazing book! I can't wait for the new one to come out!
Rabid Android
372. Eric Harville
I loved this book. It was by far one of the best books I've ever read and I can't wait for the sequel.
Rabid Android
373. Joshua Kutterer
Pick me!
Marshall Morehead
374. Marshin
I love Sanderson--he's so young yet already well on his way to becoming the greatest epic fantasy author of our generation. He's a great figure to look up to and aspire towards. Can't wait for his books coming out this year!
Kayla Beck
375. kaylabeck
That is a very generous giveaway - thanks so much Tor!
Sam Brady
376. lewaah
Please and thank you are the magic words...
Rabid Android
377. Ianray
I would love to win a copy to give my gf for her bday! And then I can get my copy back too! :P
Rabid Android
378. Amey
Let's see if my luck changes and for once, I win one of these. *Calling all the Luckspren*
Rabid Android
379. SpencerJ
I will be eagerly anticipating every new release in this series!
Rabid Android
381. @t
Brandon Sanderson is among my favorite authors. I would love to add this to my collection.
Brian Hendrix
382. iasa
I have been putting off reading this until I finish Wheel of Time. Getting a free copy would push it to the top of my reading list very quickly.
Brendan McIntyre
384. Lure
Would love to get a copy of Way of Kings and can't wait to read the new book! Thanks TOR
Megan Hungerford
385. marchingbando
Been wanting to read this ever since I read the Mistborn books. I may buy an ebook copy, but I would love a physical book that I can share with my brothers :)
Rabid Android
386. Andrew Hunter
I hear great things about Way of Kings.
Rabid Android
387. SaraBeth
I'm going to buy the ebook but I'd love to have a hard copy to give to my dad to read - I think he'd really enjoy The Way of Kings.
Rabid Android
389. jw71
I'd like to win.

And if no one has told you Happy Pi Day!!
Rabid Android
390. Vizeroth
We can always hope
Micaël Martel
391. lirao
I would love to have my own physical copy of the way of kings. I will definitely buy the ebook version. From the first moment I read the book I was completely hooked. I can't wait to read the next one. I will wait impatiently until it comes out and reread the book again in the meantime.
Rabid Android
392. Scott D
I've read and enjoyed everything I could get my hands on by Brandon Sanderson. Great Author! =D
Rabid Android
393. Martie
Picked up my copy of the ebook but I'd love to have the hardback. Looking forward to the re-read.
Rabid Android
394. Melissa D
Sounds great!
Rabid Android
396. Brandon T
This book is finally near the top of my reading list, I'm really looking forward to jumping in. Winning a free copy would be icing on the cake.
Rabid Android
397. Nick DC
Sadly, the ebook of The way of Kings is still nearly $10 in the U.K..

I don't understand why these TOR 'offers' don't apply worldwide. Actually, it seems rather unfair.
Rabid Android
398. janele
I'm still old-fashioned and prefer books over e-readers. I'd like a chance to win a copy.
Rabid Android
399. T. Roland
I am so happy he is working on the next book.
Rabid Android
400. Mary Haroldsen
I love this book! Definentally want me a free copy.
Rabid Android
401. Chris Y
Here's hoping for a paperback to go with the hardcover and audiobook!
Lee VanDyke
402. Cloric
I just bought the discounted E-book, but would LOVE to have this in print, as well!
Rabid Android
403. Julie Kellum
I would love a copy of this book!
Rabid Android
404. Amy R.
I would love a copy of this book! Just finished reading "Mistborn" and would love to try out Sanderson's new series.
Rabid Android
405. matt stearman
Would love a physical copy of this one
Rabid Android
406. Bri W.
Oooh, yes please!
Rabid Android
408. Adam L.
Would love a copy
Rabid Android
409. Lisa Murry
This series is on my list to read. It would be awesome to win a copy of the first book!
Rabid Android
410. Daniel D.
I would love a copy, my friends keep telling me all about this series!
Rabid Android
411. Lemonhead
One of the few Sanderson books I've yet to read.
Rabid Android
412. iGaucho
I'd love a copy! I can't get enough of Brandon's work.
Rabid Android
413. JGH
Would love to have a copy of The Way of Kings. Great book!
Rabid Android
416. Matthew Garcia
I just can't wait for Words of radiance. I have read every book Brandon Sanderson has written and have never been disappointed even by the ones for younger readers.
Rabid Android
417. Siada
Fantastic book, already told my friends to pick it up at the sale price. :)
Greg Lincoln
418. glshade
I'd enjoy having a physical copy of he book...
Rabid Android
420. DaveDaveDaveDaveDave
Yes, please! I'd like to check out the paperback version, then share it with a friend to get him into the series!
Rabid Android
421. JLax
Book please!! One of my favorites already and lent my copy out to someone but can't remember who...I sure could use a new one! :)
Rabid Android
422. Bric D. Balmforth
This is a fantastic book! I haven't read anything by Brandon Sanderson that hasn't been amazing.
Rabid Android
423. Matt Westover
Awesome I've been looking at getting this for a while. Like the sale, but hope I win the hard copy though. Awesome thing to do TOR.
Rabid Android
424. Rich Harrington
me too
Nicholas Bright
425. mistborn1
I can't wait for Words of Radiance to come out. Winning would be awesome.
Rabid Android
426. Austin Gunderson
Way of Kings is the only high fantasy I'd put up against Lord of the Rings. And it ain't even a fifth of the way through yet.
Rabid Android
427. Kenderkim
Yes please!
Stephen Lyon
428. skaftafell
Fierce and deadly storms;
Hunting through the hostile land
Ancient shards to find.
Rabid Android
429. Marcia Berbeza
Sounds good. Hope I win!
Rabid Android
430. Chamlyn
I love this book and can't wait to read the next one!
Rabid Android
431. Silverhand
Have and love this book, would love to win another copy to give to a good friend.
Rabid Android
433. krmaples1
I would love to win this book!
Rabid Android
434. Brian Parker 4001
You can't win if you don't comment!
Rabid Android
435. skim
Loved the book! Read it 4 times, would love to get the physical copy in my collection! :)
Rabid Android
436. Aaron Lee
Booyakasha this would be awesome
Rabid Android
437. Nicolas Johnston
I need to get a copy of this. I have listened to the audiobook 8 times now, but I need a physical copy to look lovely on my bookshelf.
Rabid Android
439. Arycca Brothers
Yes please! I'd love to have a copy of this one!
Rabid Android
442. Nicole A
I love Brandon Sanderson and would LOVE a copy of Way of Kings!
Rabid Android
443. NickSwaine
Fantastic contest! Would really like a copy of the book!
Rabid Android
444. zappafrank
One of the best books I have ever read!
Samuel Rooke
445. Samuel94
I would LOVE a copy, the Way of Kings is one of my favourite books of all time!
EDIT: Scratch that, only available to people in the USA, not us poor Australians. Oh well!
Rabid Android
446. Nick27
Storm it all, I want this book!
Rabid Android
447. Eryn
I've heard nothing but amazing things about this book from my other Sanderson-loving friends. I just bought myself an ebook version, but I hope I can win a paperback, too! Can't beat the feel of a real book!
Rabid Android
449. Mary Hoffman
Whootwoo! So excited to have my own copy!
Rabid Android
450. Aaron Robbins
He is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.
Rabid Android
451. Alamo Al
I'd like to buy it for $3 but I only see it in kindle and apple format - is it available in ePub?

But winning a free copy would A-OK too!
Rabid Android
452. JredV
I loved the Mistborn trilogy. Can't wait to read this one!
Tyler Bridwell
453. goodLose
This book is so good. I can't wait for the next one.
Rabid Android
454. Eloewien
I have yet to read this one, but I want to. I have loved everything else Brandon Sanderson has written. I started with Warbreaker as an audiobook and got hooked!
Rabid Android
455. Shannan
I'm looking forward to the reread and would love to win another copy to share with friends!
Rabid Android
457. armageddonvi
I'd sure like a copy
Rabid Android
458. Justin Time
Best book I've read in years. Can't wait for the rest of the series.
Rabid Android
459. Acyn
Really? First volume? How can that be? I never hear of the good stuff 'til book 7 appears. Count me in!
Rabid Android
460. Teuta
Read the first book after Brandon Sanderson took up the WoT series and loved it.
Peter Bryan
461. Jp.Bryan13
I'd really like a copy of the book—read it about a year ago, can't wait for Words of Radiance!
Rabid Android
462. DavidB
Brandon is amazing....I live in Utah and have met him many times. I would love to win this book!
Rabid Android
463. Justin Heyer
Even though I have the Hardcover, I just bought the Kindle Edition on Amazon for $2.99! I can now read it with one hand now.

Thanks for the price discount.
Rabid Android
465. MrQ202
I'd love a paperback copy. I usually listen to the books on CD. I have very few actual hardcopy books. This would be great.
Eric Tedj
466. erictedj
I'd love to have an actual copy of the book. It was an amazing book. Thanks!
Rabid Android
467. Patrick M
2.99 and no DRM? Woot! Instant buy!
Rabid Android
468. Brian Doetsch
I have read the book several times now. It has seen better days. When I handed it back to my friend a year later, his only comment was What the heck do you do to it?" It went with me EVERYWHERE. Work, bars, All-you-can-eat buffets, the park. I would love to own my own copy and reread it.
Rabid Android
469. Schwartz the Younger
I would love me a copy of this book. I have heard great things about it.

Plus, I would love to follow along during the Reread. Unfortunately, the family budget does not leave much room for books. :-(
Rabid Android
470. Shandon R
Been following Brandon since Elantris. He gets better with every book. I can't wait till Stormlight 2 comes out.
Rabid Android
471. Nagy Balázs András
Yeah, price still at $6.34 for me at Amazon, and the other ones don't offer their services here. (Hungary) Shame, as I actually preferr Dragonmount. One of the friendliest lil' eBook stores around.

That said, I'd love to get my hands on the copy of the book. I did read some chapters, and I have to say: best book yet from him.
Rabid Android
472. Fanraeth
Contests are cool. I enter contests now.
Rabid Android
473. Nono
I've never won one of these types of contests before. Here's hoping my luck changes just this once.
Rabid Android
474. Will SJC
I've been wanting to read this book... Hope I win the contest!!
Rabid Android
475. toadyh7
Favorite Sanderson book. Can't wait to participate in the reread.
Rabid Android
476. ForShore
Sanderson's writing is always fun to read. Haven't been disappointed yet!
Rabid Android
478. Taytay
Super Excited! count me in!
Rabid Android
479. BrettM
I don't want to win a copy - I'm happy to pay for one. Unfortunately, TOR don't sell ebooks in Australia, and I'm not inclined to work around that. I guess I'll never read it.
Rabid Android
480. TimPendragon
Well, Brandon Sanderson is my best friend's favorite author, and I've yet to read anything by him. I guess this is a good place to start. Off to the bookstore, or the library, whichever comes first. :)
Rabid Android
481. Josh B.
Yes, please...
John Richards
482. wanderingoutlaw
I'd love this book to add to my ever-growing pile of books to read
Rabid Android
484. fantesyjunkie94
i"d love one please
Rabid Android
485. cwertz
I'd like a copy!
Rabid Android
486. Silageman
If there's any justice in the world, I'll win a copy!!! :)
Kendra Cowart
487. kendra
I'm so excited! I can't wait to get started!!! :)
Rabid Android
488. lordofthelowlands
lost my copy of the book. must get new one!!!! let me just jump out my window absorb some stormlight to lash myself to the building....NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Rabid Android
489. Mo Gilbert
At long last - the series continues!!! I am so excited, and will love
the re-read. Good way to refresh the memory
490. Deddinty
I'd love to win a copy as well, but I'm more excited about Words of Radience!
Rabid Android
491. Matt Calton
This is probably my favorite book! I'd love a free copy!
Rabid Android
492. CarolynW
Brandon Sanderson has written some amazing stuff (especially the "Mistborn" trilogy), but "Way of Kings" is far and away my personal favorite (check out my Goodreads review of the novel). I don't give 5 star reviews to many books, but "Way of Kings" has really earned it. The world-building in particular is phenomenal! It is a book I recommend without reservation to anyone and everyone who enjoys epic fantasy. I would love to win a print copy!
Rabid Android
493. Benjamin C
Thank you for the giveaway and the sale. Very interested to read this author's books!
Rabid Android
494. Mallory Heart Reviews
A great deal for a great read-Tor/Forge always delivers the best!
Rabid Android
495. Shawn O
Loved this book!
Rabid Android
496. Jared B
I'd love to get my hands on that book. Thanks for doing the giveaway!
Rabid Android
497. Ron P
Thanks for giveaway and sale. I would like to be considered for the free book.
Rabid Android
498. Joshua P
A great addition to the epic fantasy genre and proof that Brandon Sanderson has what it takes.
Rabid Android
499. Joshua K
HUGE thanks to Brandon Sanderson and Tor for their work in creating/producing such excellent literature! Keep up the great work!
Rabid Android
500. Reveriee
Fingers crossed for winning this novel. :) Of course...I'll buy it for my Kindle even if I don't win. I loved his Mistborn Series to pieces!!!
Rabid Android
501. Cherlindrea
OooOoOoOh! Posting to win the novel prize! I've always wanted to start this series!
Rabid Android
502. Brett S.
My wife would be thrilled to win this book, and it saves me money on a birthday present. Cheap? Maybe. >.>
Rabid Android
503. Nick Campbell
Gotta say, impressed with the number of comments since this post went up on Twitter. He's certainly got a strong following. Loved Mistborn. Intrigued by his new series.
Rabid Android
504. Aksel A.
I'd love a copy of this book on my shelf.
Rabid Android
505. Markus von Steinfort
I read and very much enjoyed "The Way of Kings" shortly after it was published - one of the best beginnings to a fantasy series that I've ever read, in my opinion - and I'm really looking forward to the second book of this series. In fact, I've been thinking about re-reading the first book and, because I loaned it out and never got it back, I certainly wouldn't mind winning another copy (though, as others have written, I'm likely to purchase it again in some format sometime in the coming months even if I don't win here).
Rabid Android
506. Josh Bennett
I'd love a copy to gift to a friend. I've read it and loved it, but would love to convert a friend as well.
Rabid Android
507. Janet GD
I listened to the audiobook and have been meaning to get a paper copy... I'd love to win one!
Rabid Android
508. alinosa
I'd love a copy of this behemoth as well. Have enjoyed it twice so far and a print copy would be glorious to read.
Rabid Android
509. Adam A.
Pick me! I want a print copy!
Rabid Android
510. Elizabeth K.
I would love a print copy!
Rabid Android
511. David Welden
Looks very cool, can't wait to read
Rabid Android
512. DavidEsmale
I like big books!
Rabid Android
513. matt d
how does this book compare to the mistborn series? I LOVE those!
Rabid Android
514. John Pearson
Ooh, ooh, pick me! I love Sanderson's books!
Rabid Android
515. R Ferguson
I look forward to reading this series, hopefully via a free copy of the print edition!! I want one please!
Rabid Android
516. Max B
Can't wait for Words of Radiance!
Rabid Android
517. Jen Harrington
I love the Way of Kings and have read it twice. I'd love to own a copy.
Rajesh Vaidya
518. Buddhacat
Not sure I want to start a new big'un, but here goes anyway.
Rabid Android
519. Amanda Mac
Me Me Me!!!
Rabid Android
520. Cindilou19
I'd love a copy! Pretty please?
Rabid Android
521. V. M. B.
I'd be interesting in reading this.
Rabid Android
522. RHWright
Would love to have a copy only B.S. work we haven't read.
Rabid Android
523. Ken Konczal
This would be a welcome addition to my library
Rabid Android
524. LeAnn Taylor
oo I want to win a copy I love this book and have it on my Nook!
Rabid Android
525. Hans Anderson
Hans want book.
Rabid Android
526. ChrisD
Hardcover is the way to go! I'd love one!
Rabid Android
528. PaulineS
Thanks for the contest!
Rabid Android
529. SamuelH
Great book, I'm excited for the next one!
Rabid Android
530. Fritz
Definitely a book I'll read again.
Rabid Android
531. Frederick Chen
love this author, love this book. hope i win
Rabid Android
532. Christine Bell
Been meaning to read this for a while; a free copy would certainly bump it to the top of my list :D
Rabid Android
533. Tanek
Going to buy the ebook version either way, but winning a copy will give me a good way to get other people hooked on the series. :)
Rabid Android
534. Charles P. Shingledecker
I surely wouldn't mind having a free copy!
Rabid Android
535. KnightRadiant
Favorite book of his. Would love to win a dead tree copy!
Rabid Android
537. hloupy74
I listened to it, I would love to have a hard copy!
Larisa LaBrant
538. MsGodiva1
Have never read this, would love to win a copy.
Rowan Shepard
539. Rowanmdm3
This has been on my library list forever!
Rabid Android
540. TheGreatCampino
Yes please!
Kyle Shirley
541. Auerhan
This has little or nothing to do with Way of Kings, but I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone:
Beware the Ides of March!
Rabid Android
542. Deadjack
Yes please!
Rabid Android
543. therton
Very interested in The Way of kings. Would love a copy. Thank you for the offer!
Rabid Android
544. Valette M.
Thanks for the giveaway!
Joan Boose
545. joan.boose
I really appreciated how he was able to stay true to Robert Jordan's form when completing the Wheel of Time. I would like to try one of his books and see what he is really like. Please and thank you.
Rabid Android
546. Arowrath
Might as well try my hand, crossing my fingers.
Rabid Android
547. Jon B
I would love to have a physical copy of this book. I'm planning on re-reading it as soon as my master's thesis is completed.
Michael Starks
548. gorgonfish
*crosses fingers* Can't wait for the WoK reread and the release of WoR!
clifford hamilton
549. shadowlord3
We’ve got 50 copies of The Way of Kings, the first book in Brandon Sanderson’s acclaimed Stormlight Archive saga, and one of them could be yours! Comment in the post to enter!

already have the audio and ebook version would love to have the hardback :)
Rabid Android
550. Christopher Honey
Been wanting to read this since I finished the Mistborn Trilogy
Rabid Android
551. Wesley Womack
One of my favorite authors.
Jeremy Weyer
552. JDub
This is the greatest book EvER!
Rabid Android
553. Feasoron
I'd love a physical copy!
Rabid Android
554. Dainin
Love it! Look forward to the reread posts!
Rabid Android
555. Chris Schafer
Shamelessly posting only to have a shot at a free copy. That's me.
Rabid Android
556. wsperry
Elantris was great, can't wait to read this.
Rabid Android
557. nk
After finishing Wheel of Time and being caught up with GoT, I'm at a loss. I could use another large read and I hear this is going to be what I'm looking for - also, pretty please.
Rabid Android
558. Daniel Larsen
I'm a big Brandon Sanderson fan. However, I haven't read The Way of Kings yet (I'm cheap, OK!). I need to grab it from the library sometime, but can't pass up a chance for a free copy! :)
Rabid Android
559. EM42
Send me a copy! Mine was lost when I moved :-(
Rabid Android
560. DanGerousMcB
I bought the e-book, but I'd love a dead tree version! and as of right now my chances are about 1 in 11!
Rabid Android
561. Zach Brannan
Really enjoying Mistborn Book 2 right now. I'd like a chance to read The Way of Kings!
Rabid Android
562. Brian G
Words of Radiance can't get here soon enough. Would love a free copy of The Way of Kings!
Rabid Android
563. Nastytang
Mine Mine ALL MINE!! :)
Rabid Android
564. KHS
Please enter me.
Rabid Android
565. Christopher Waldron
The Way of Kings is an awesome book, and I am eagerly awaiting book two. I will probably do my own re-read if I win a copy of this!
Rabid Android
567. DanielSBoothe
Already barrowed the book from the library and read it. I bought the Ebook and I'm hoping to win a hard copy too! Brandon Sanderson is the best author of all time. If you disagree, meet me at the flag pole.
Rabid Android
568. shaad zaman
enter me
Rabid Android
569. JoeKeller
For some reason, this is the only book by Brandon Sanderson that I don't own.
Rabid Android
570. Moridin
I'd like a print copy of the book.
Rabid Android
571. Jeshua
Hmm, the rules link is for a contest that already happened last year. Does this mean there are no actual rules for this contest?
Rabid Android
572. Bobby Litton
I'd love to get a copy! Loved the book!!
Rabid Android
573. Zilliput
I haven't read this yet. I would love to win a copy!
Rabid Android
574. Jinayeel
I would like a copy!
Heather Perkins
575. HPerkins
Oh, I would love to be one of the 50!
Rabid Android
576. MDHillman
Please count me in, I am a big Brandon Sanderson fan and would love to win a copy of this book!
Rabid Android
577. Adeodadus
Copy Please :) Finishing the Mistborn Trilogy and want to read this new series _
Rabid Android
578. Rayet
I would love a copy. Thanks, guys!
Rabid Android
579. michael#numbers
This might be my favorite book, it would be sweet to get a copy.

Also real books > ebooks
Rabid Android
580. Kathy Cowley
Very exciting. Can't wait for the second book to come out. And I would love a copy of the first book.
Rabid Android
581. moonsent
Have been wanting to read this.
Rabid Android
583. JavaSama
I've got a copy already, but if I were to win a 2nd, I could loan it out to people and get them pumped for the 2nd book.
Rabid Android
585. StaticReturn
Great Book, I can't wait for the rest of the series to come out!
Rabid Android
586. lestache
Would sure love to win one of your books, I am a big fan of many of your publications!
Rabid Android
587. ses
I'd love to win!
Rabid Android
588. Jeremy842
I've just read his kid's Alcatraz series, so I'd love to look at the "older" works.
Rabid Android
589. reportingjosie
Loved what Sanderson did with taking over WoT. Very interested to see what he does with his own epic series.
Rabid Android
590. Darrell Hillukka
I love this book.Great read.was my intro to Sanderson and boy what an intro!
Rabid Android
591. Justin Clark
Thanks for the discount on" the way of kings " ebook!
I am really excited by the reread opportunity. It is often difficult to find someone both interested and capable of in-depth discussion on fantasy (spoken as "frivolous") writing. This will be a great pleasure!
Thank you, again!
J Clark
Rabid Android
592. Karen in TN
I'd love to win a paper copy.
Rabid Android
593. Lee Pfahler
I'll take a copy.
Rabid Android
594. M'fanwy
I'd love one. :)
Kristy Rice
595. sanfool
Looking forward to the re-read and having my own copy! I checked out from library for the first read. This is panoramic, and refined world-building, characters, theology, anthropologic systems, systematic in seeming randomness, epicologic. Love this book, 5 stars!! Send me my own copy.
Rabid Android
596. Dani S
I'd love to win a copy. Now that I'm done re-reading the entire WOT series, I need a new one to start!
Rabid Android
597. Icabod30
I read this book at my brother's reccomendation and loved it. I would love town a copy. Brandon has become one of my new favorite authors. So I would love to win!! Thanks Tor!
Robert Smith
598. Seraphkin
Would like a physical copy of this also.
Rabid Android
599. Herofly
I have to say the Way of Kings is almost my favorite series (rivaling that of the wheel of time) Im just waiting for the next book to come out, im sure that it will definitly been so once it happens
Rabid Android
602. zoondel
Would love a copy!
Rabid Android
603. Al M.
I always feel like I should say something of more substance when going for freebies...
Rabid Android
604. blatant_fool
Any reason I can't get both? :-)
Rabid Android
606. Miriam1
Hmm, 50/600 is 1/12, so 8.3% chance of getting a copy. Not too shabby.
Kozma Ovadiuc
607. CR055
I would love a copy of my own Way of Kings. It's a great start to an epic series. Kaladins rise from slavery to pure awesomeness is now one of my favorite character arcs.

I'm excited for the re-read and reading about other peoples reaction to the story. Can't wait!
Rabid Android
608. Hoid
I'm absolutely dying to get a copy of this book. I read it and, like all of Sanderson's books, I loved it. This book has had me, and everyone else I've convinced to read the book, flipping pages in earnest trying to prove our many theories. To truly understand it you have to read it multiple times. The first time you are carried along by the excitement of Kalidan's life. The second time you pick up on less exhilerating characters like Shallan and Dalinar, and before you know they become exciting too as the wonder grows. By the third time you read it, you find hidden meaning in the obvious ones. It forces you to slow then urges you to think. The book is miraculous. My father has been driven insane by the fact that he can't even get his hands on the copy we have. I could always get the e-book but few things are as beutiful as the rough texture of paper in a fat book. One of my favorite things about this book is how for once we get some real info on Hoid. Since he jumps between books, it's safe to assume he jumps between planets. But how? And the king brings up that he's missing alot, is he traveling to other planets during those times or having freindly fireside conversations with people like he did with Kalidan? Although people describe the book as fantasy and adventure I find that with closer inspection it's a lot more of a mystery. Let me just put something clear: I hate mysterys. But The Way of Kings deserves it's own genre. The book is simply miraculous. If I went into any more detail you'd be able to fit my words around the world twice at font 6.
Rabid Android
609. Mariana Ahlers
I really enjoy Brandon's books!!
Joel Salomon
610. JCSalomon
@Hoyd (608): Sort of like you can with the text of Way of Kings? :)
Rabid Android
611. bigdogsmallcrate
I have the ebook (bought it the day it came out), but would love a paperback to add to my collection
Rabid Android
612. Kendaren62
I, like many others, own the e-book for TWoK, but I'd love a copy to read along with on paper and add to my collection. Thanks for the opportuinty TOR :D
Rabid Android
613. Stephen G. Zoldi
I would like a chance to win as well. I followed his lectures from BYU in 2012 on-line and like his work.
Rabid Android
614. leonara
Most of my favorites sci-fi/fantasy books were from Tor. I've read a blurb about this book from a forum and it sound very interesting. So after some delibration, I finally got the ebook. Having a copy of the print edition would be great.
Sandi Kallas
615. Sandikal
I loved the audiobook, but I hear there were some great illustrations. I'd love to have a print copy.
Rabid Android
616. Tempest19
I would LOVE a copy!!!! :D
Rabid Android
617. MShadows99
I'd love a copy for my library. Anything Brandon writes is worth reading and rereading! Thanks.
Rabid Android
618. TheDarkEli
Would love a copy to go with all the other Brandon Sanderson books I own (both eBook and print)
Rabid Android
619. Vorp
I'd love to start a new series after finishing up The Wheel of Time. Count me in!
Rabid Android
620. Karwyn
I'd love a copy please! ^-^
Rabid Android
621. KevinM
My personal library could use a copy of this book!
Rabid Android
622. Squi
Trying my luck!
Rabid Android
623. Addiction314
Yep, I'd love a free copy as well - plus any others that you want to send my way - he's my favorite fantasy author!
Rabid Android
625. JulianT
Jus the thing I need for my flight! was contemplating bringing along my wheel of time series, but now I can get started on this series instead.
Rabid Android
626. JulieO
Looking forward to winning and reading
Rabid Android
627. RickO
In for winning a new book
628. boywonder
I can tell already -- Aside from the Wheel of Time, this is one of those series that would be worth having in both paper and digital format.
Rabid Android
629. Darth Touma
It Tastes Like Chicken!!!!
Rabid Android
630. SciFiChick
I am trying to get my husband into this reading thing.. Granted.. I have to teach him HOW to read first.. Maybe I can use this as the tool..
Rabid Android
631. Carmen B
Cool contest. Great book.
Rabid Android
633. Gen.R.
Hoping to get this in print!
Rabid Android
634. Drr
Hope I win! Thanks
Kathy Fannon
636. Kathy F
Would love to win so I can join the re-read.
Rabid Android
637. kfj3000
I was just thinking about re-reading this book and don't want to have to go get it from the library.
Rabid Android
638. Kala
Thanks for the chance to win!
Rabid Android
639. Brett B
Just saw this now, hoping it's not too late!
Ian Watson
640. theyoyoman
The Way of Kings is awesome! Brandon Sanderson is amazing! Tor is a great publisher. I cannot wait for more Brandon Sanderson, particularly "Words of Radiance" Please help Brandon write faster if possible :)
Rabid Android
641. NickO
Good stuff. I'd like to win a copy.
micheal julia
643. high fantasy
Alas, I have not come upon this thread until four hours past the dead line.
I do however already own a copy of The Way of Kings that I purchased on pre order several moons ago, but I have yet to crack the book.Waiting instead for the Wheel of Time wrap up to soak in completly. So now with Brandons world comming to an e reader near me I may not have to
thank you Brandon and Tor
Rabid Android
644. steven ng
Book was great, excellent world building would love to see analysis and other things I may have missed.
Rabid Android
645. Dave chen
Me as well!
Rabid Android
646. Kaz
I would certainly love to have a physical copy of this book! My shelf is itching to have some more Sanderson on it.
Rabid Android
647. ashley vorpahl
I WOULD LOVE A COPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rabid Android
648. Davide C
I really want to win a copy of WoK!!! I've it in hardback only in italian and I want an hardback copy for my collection!!!
Rabid Android
649. Arun Srinivasan
Would love an epic fantasy book
Rabid Android
650. Sunnymay
Yep The Way of Kings by Brian Sanderson will look fine in my hands. Can't you see I'm waving?
Rabid Android
651. bisbeer
Can't wait for the second book!
Rabid Android
652. juice
Been wanting to re-read this for like the 6th time, can't wait for the rest of them -_-
Rabid Android
654. Shu
Reading ebook now, but having one to lend would be awesome!
Rabid Android
655. Bob Sivert
Read it when it first came out (library copy.) Loved it! I would love to have my own hard copy.
Rabid Android
656. Jules07
Free copy? Yes please!
Rabid Android
657. T Jeffress
Contest entry
Rabid Android
658. KZhou
Would love to have a copy!
Rabid Android
659. Amy Hintze
I LOVED this book, and can't wait to reread it before #2 comes out!
Rabid Android
660. Valerie Harmon
I had to wait for 18 people to finish reading Way Of Kings before I could read it from the library hold system. I would LOVE my own copy, I enjoyed reading the book so much. I reviewed it on GoodReads and talked about how Sanderson described real heroes. Although his characters were in imperfect circumstances, their strong inner core, and the friends around them, helped carry them to heroic actions. And the world Sanderson created has so many new creatures. Delightful book and I'd love to wi a copy!
Rabid Android
661. BrandiC
Pick me, pick me! :-)
Rabid Android
662. jkrejci
Can't wait for Radiance to be released!
Rabid Android
663. DirkH
Please send me a copy!
Rabid Android
664. Timewalkerauthor
I would love to win a copy!
Rabid Android
665. Kelley Ivey
I would love to win a copy of this book....
Rabid Android
666. ToryO
I need a new series to read. I'll take it!
Glen V
667. Ways
I'd like to win a free copy too. The only BWS I've read is his epically awesome conclusion to RJ's Wheel of Time series. Branching out seems like a great idea. Thing is, I just received the Tordotcom newsletter announcing the giveaway today (3/21), and yet the rules state you must post between 3/14 and 3/18. What's up with that? Did I miss an earlier announcement?

Hi Braid, RobM^2, Silvertip and any other Leigh's Loonies that I may have missed.
Rabid Android
669. ASPSmith
I'd love a copy so I could check this out!
Rabid Android
670. Jeremy Boulanger
Love this book would love to win a copy for my book shelf
Rabid Android
671. Gene Evans
Just missed being comment 666, better luck nex time. Or worse...
Rabid Android
672. jjvh3
Count me in!
Rabid Android
673. Peter Hunt
Ive bought the ebook, but would love a print copy as well. Please enter me in the contest!
Janet Hopkins
674. JanDSedai
I knew there was a reason I haven't already bought this book! Please send me a copy!
Janet Hopkins
675. JanDSedai
Never mind. Contest ended last Monday.
Linda Rodriguez
676. LindaRodriguez
Notice of this contest showed in my email inbox on March 21--for a contest that ended on March 18?????
Rabid Android
677. Kyle OConnor
Looking forward to the second book.
Rabid Android
678. Walt Mason
I'm a big fan of the Mistborn Trilogy. Would love a copy of this book to start reading some more of his work.
Rabid Android
679. Vince Gortho
I read this book the first time two years ago, and it took me a week. Read it a second time a year ago. Looks like it's time for my third read-through. Would love to own it in print, though reading it on the iPad wouldn't be bad, either.
Chris Brown
680. intaglionyx
Aah! I already have a digital copy of the novel, but I'll be sure to spread the word about the price drop.
Jeff Frohnheiser
681. Jeffroh
Just grabbed the Kindle copy for $2.99 along with my Audible version.
Rabid Android
682. SpanishTeacher
I have read the prologue and I can't wait to read the rest, I just need a copy of the book.
Rabid Android
683. Priscilla
Tossing my hat in the ring. :)
Rabid Android
684. Iris M.
I would love to win a copy! I read it in two days and would like to reread it before the second book comes out this fall.

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