Mar 30 2013 11:11am

The Tenth Doctor and Rose Will Return for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary!

David Tennant Billie Piper confirmed Doctor Who 50th anniversary

The BBC has confirmed that David Tennant and Billie Piper will return in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special to reprise their roles as the Tenth Doctor and Rose, alongside Matt Smith and Jenna Louise-Coleman. The release also mentions that actor John Hurt has been cast in an unidentified role for the special.

A more detailed version of the announcement will appear in next week’s issue of Doctor Who Magazine, although Bleeding Cool has an early copy that you can see a snippet from.

This is wonderful news for Doctor Who fans, who have been hoping to see some sign of previous Doctors in the 50th anniversary special. And it sure gives more weight to Emily Asher-Perrin’s assertion that new companion Clara Oswin Oswald is basically Rose Tyler 2.0!

Ashley Fox
1. A Fox
This sounds promising, also had a Rose induced chuckle re the Tor post when read this earlier!

Oooh excitemnt. Half hour till it starts...just enough time to pop to chip shop!
Alan Brown
2. AlanBrown
This news makes me VERY happy! Can't wait!
Jenny Thrash
4. Sihaya
Hmm - the Original Doctor, or CloneDoctor? It will be interesting to find out. Gonna be awesome, either way.
6. Tumas
Glad to see David Tennat as the Doctor again, but not sure how to feel about Rose. We've already had her being overused in the past.
7. Ryan H
I can't help but feel that the title is a spoiler that should have gone after the cut. Not a surprise now :(
8. JohnElliott
But Rose came back, the very next day, yes, Rose came back, we thought she was a goner, but Rose came back, she just couldn't keep away...
yo sil
9. catperson
@8 - You made me chuckle :)
My first reaction when seeing the article's title was - David Tennant! YAY!
Rose - awwwww.....darn....couldn't they bring Donna back instead?!
11. Hahahah
I am actually really excited to see Rose come back, but I also want to see River, Clara, and the Doctor interact.
12. Lillie james
I can't wait for Rose to come back, I have missed her so much and am looking forward to seeing how Billie Piper will bring life to the characetr again. Rose is one of the most loved companions and (in my eyes) was the best, I loved the way she interacted with the doctor and David Tennant and Billie will most likely remain my favourite doctor and companion for all time.

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