Mar 27 2013 5:15pm

This Stephen King Universe Flowchart Explains It All

Gillian, also knows as the artist Tessie Girl, has created an impressive flowchart called “The Stephen King Universe.” Here you can track where and when different stories and novels take place, and where the various characters all end up. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge the image in all of its glory, of course. And check out her other work here.

1. Ka
Either my eyes deceive me or this artist has forget the face of their father. The Dark Tower is the Stephen King Universe...
2. driceman
This looked so cool, and then I realized Ka was right... Where's The Dark Tower?
Thomas Simeroth
3. a smart guy
She said on her website that she just read the Dark Tower series, but she has already started to edit the flowchart to include that series. It will be awesome once it's finished
4. driceman
@3: Oh awesome! Now THAT would be impressive.

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