Mar 12 2013 1:15pm

Benedict Cumberbatch Confirms We’re Getting Sherlock Series 4

Sherlock series 4 confirmed Sherlock season 4 confirmed

Even though Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are both on their way to becoming massive film stars, Cumberbatch inadvertently revealed that he is confirmed for Sherlock series 4.

“All I know at the moment is I’m doing these three [for the upcoming series three] and another three,” the star said at the South Bank Show Awards. He also mentioned that he “could get into trouble saying that.”

For fans of the show and Sherlock Holmes in general, this is fantastic news. The only question now is which (if any) stories from the Doyle canon will be next up. Last summer, Moffat revealed three words that will comprise the episodes for Sherlock season 3. But what of season 4? Shall we see adaptations of The Valley of Fear? “The Sussex Vampire”? Or perhaps one of the adventures they’ve already mentioned offhandedly, like “The Speckled Blonde”?

What are your hopes for the 3rd and now 4th series of Sherlock?

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Sheila Kitzmann
1. Sheila Kitzmann
When is the new season of Sherlock going to begin? I understood it was to be early in 2013. Looking forward to the season. Thank you.

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