Mar 19 2013 3:30pm

Iconic Sci-Fi Movie Images with More Thumbs, Less Guns

A great new blog called Thumbs and Ammo has taken on the challenge of removing guns from the hands of action stars and replacing them with a big thumbs-up! From The Matrix to Star Wars to Looper to Star Trek, the results are totally hilarious and actually uplifting! (We’re not saying Han still didn’t shoot first, nor would we want Ripley to lose her awesome flamethrower for real, but maybe Greedo did give the thumbs up first?)

But perhaps these photo manipulations really depict an alternate universe where all these characters are hitchhiking and/or have a really supportive view of their friends.









All credits can be found at the Thumbs and Ammo website, plus tons more images, and instructions are sending them your own!

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Tor.com and would pick up all these hitchhikers.

Sharat Buddhavarapu
1. spinfuzz
That pic of "The Ah-nuld" just makes me shudder about an alternate universe where the thumbs up is the sign of the muscle-bound, sunglasses-at-night, douchebag crowd. Please, please never let that happen!
Martin Jarvis
2. Boscot
See now, this is nice. They're all friends.
3. Dianthus
I was actually a bit more disturbed by Spock giving a thumbs up, but this is neat.

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