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Morning Roundup: Mortal Kombat Needed More Godzilla Vs. Alien

Where's Christopher Lambert to officiate a smack-down when you need him? (Hey, hey, hey I don't think so!) This image comes to us from Ash Edwards on Flickr, and we recommend looking at more awesome work there!

Your daily offsite links are like a beautiful battle between monsters that ends in a hug. Highlights include the real books you would have to read at Hogwarts, Tom Cruise takes over another spy organization, NASA's big comet, and Wil Wheaton being adorable with his space mom.

Man of Steel cast

Wil Wheaton tweets a picture of himself with his “space mom."

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of 

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Hedgehog Dan
1. Hedgehog Dan
Hmm... I found a little bit weird, that Slytherin pulled Watchmen, while Griffindor pulled A Game of Thrones, because the latter work is even darker and more cynical, than the former.

Yeah, the A Game of Thrones is full of heroic characters, while Watchmen is full of neurotic anti-heroes... at the beginning. But as we read through page after page, we find out, that - so far - Martin's work is about to break these heroes, while Moore's work shows, how these once heroes regain their humanity. Not all of them, mind you, but many of them.

Massive spoilers ahead for both work!

In A Game of Thrones, the overly idealistic Ned is humiliated and executed, while he did the right thing. The other viewpoint-characters (Jon, Arya, Sansa, Bran) became more and more disillusioned and grey, and even characters who are more hardened (Tyrion, Davos, Daenerys) have to learn that there is pain in this world they are not prepared. This is a world full of Complete Monsters, who commit attrocities for kicks, and older characters fondly lecture young ones, that the world is unlike those in the bards' song. If you are an idealist, you have lesser chance to survive, than a peasant shouting to Tywin Lannister's face: "Man, The Rain of Castamere does suck! Can't you come up with anything fresh and original after all these years?"

On the other hand, in Watchmen, the most despicable character, the Comedian is dead before the events start. His colleagues are highly problematic, yet they are either motivated by greater good, or just wish to be happy without harming anybody. Rorschach? He is insane, and his worldview is anything but something to be followed, yet, he fights for something he views justice. And even he is able to act like a human being (when he apologises to Dan for his behaviour or when his tenants kid reminds him of his childhood, not to mention how he chooses in the end). Adrian? He is a delusional maniac with a Messiah Complex, yet he is right in that masked heroes only escalated the problems, and clearly motivated by the greater good, and even he has his doubts. Manhattan is delusioned and can be manipulated easily, but he does not cause harm to anybody out of spite, and despite being detached, in the end, he learns to value the peculiarity of humans and he is happy to see that Laurie found someone. Laurie and Dan? They are fallible, but well-meaning.

And while yeah, there are assholes in the universe of Watchmen, in one of the key scenes, where there is a fight in the street of New York, most of the people rushes to help others (the cop and the psychiater wishes to stop it, the old Bernard covers the young one, and shall I remind, that the fight itself erupted because of the need of love?). Even the Comedian has some small, teeny-weeny redeeming qualities, and in the end, he is more pathetic than hateful.

So, how Watchmen is darker than A Game of Thrones is beyond me.

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