Mar 22 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Anakin Turns to the March Madness Side of the Force

Don’t underestimate my jump shot, Master! Seriously, I am going to drive to the hole and if you’re still there, you’re my enemy!

This art comes to us from Mark Rubio, and we think it could only be made better by adding Bill Murray. I mean, whoa, he doesn’t play defense! Your daily offsite links feature Voyager I pushing its boundaries, a five-year-old paleontologist, Downton zombies and more!

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1. oliveramy
If they're "remaking" Pete's Dragon and reinvinting the whole story, how can it be a remake? Why even call it Pete's Dragon if it wont be anything like the orginal? I'll be very disspointed in watching a "remake" of a movie I loved as a kid to discover its nothing like its model.
2. Hedgehog Dan
I am afraid that currently the attitude of Hollywood is 'don't dare to be original'. Now, generally speaking, one could hardly accuse Hollywood for boldness in the past, yet nowadays it seems that we are flooded with remakes.

And I think it is not because Hollywood has run out of ideas, since Hollywood never had a problem to rehash an old idea, revamp a little bit (though this is not necessary), and sell it as something new. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with ripping off previous ideas, this technique is way older than Hollywood. Even Shakespeare did this (which he lampshaded in A Midsummer Night's Dream), and we can guess this is as old as humanity.

So, the real reason behind remakes is, I fear, a major distrust of the viewers. 'The viewers cannot digest anything original or remotely fresh, so, let just stick with established titles! Did you love The Princess Bride? Then you will surely love the reboot, because it is the same as the old one. Only it will be better, because we have better special effects now. And while we love the original, there are some mistakes which we will correct with adapting to the current trends... like, now Dread Pirate Roberts will be like Captain Jack Sparrow, only without Johnny Depp."

That is why they keep producing remakes instead of just using old ideas and come up with something more original.

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