Mar 9 2013 8:00pm

Kirk Goes Rogue in New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser trailer 2 Kirk punch it tron helmet

Hot from the leak of possible spoilers for the plot of the film, this new teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness features plently of hints as to what everyone is up to in the most-anticpated sequel of the year. (Also, did Kirk rip-off that helmet from Tron: Legacy? Will the Dude show up?)

Mark Mercer
1. Mark Mercer
Despite the spoilers, including the online video of the IGN guy who saw the 28 minutes, I'm not certain that's the Enterprise crashing into SF Bay. The nacelles are not at all the same. Yes, the earlier trailer shows the Ent falling to Earth, but that doesn't mean it hits. 90 years or so upwhen in the Prime timeline fork, we've seen the E-D smash into something big and get repaired. Only about 15 years upwhen Prime, we've seen the NCC-1701 refit come back from a licking.

Which had nacelles a lot closer to what crashed into the bay than what we see in this trailer's back end of the nacelles on the alt-timeline NCC-1701.

I am getting tired of blowing up ships, and of questioning Kirk's command. Much more of this and they're blowing up the franchise again.
Pirmin Schanne
2. Torvald_Nom
I am getting tired (...) of questioning Kirk's command.
Funny, I'm not. Maybe they'll even admit that it didn't make much sense to give him command in the first place (to a frikking cadet!?!)
Jenny Thrash
3. Sihaya
That helmet looks very uncomfortable.
Kit Case
4. wiredog
How do you see out of a helmet that has the lights inside the glass?
kos eighty
5. koseighty
From this we can speculate as to why they want to blow stuff up so much:

The future is monochromatic with mostly blue-grey worlds but at least one blue-red world. The only way to add color to their boring lives seems to be blowing shit up to get some yellows, reds and whites.
Mark Mercer
6. DS9
I never liked the original series, and correct me if i'm wrong but...

Kirk doesn't go rouge, Kirk goes KIRK.

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