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Is Clara Oswin Oswald Destined to Be Rose Tyler 2.0?

Doctor Who Clara Oswin Oswald Rose Tyler The Doctor

The problem with being properly introduced to a new Doctor Who companion like Clara in a Christmas special (plus one episode beforehand, of course) is that we have to wait before we get to know her. It means that regardless of our theories we have very little to go on, that is, minus a few quirks and oddities. One could argue that it’s the hardest part of Who, adjusting to new companions, particularly because it happens far more often than the Doctor’s regeneration. Still, there are ideas cropping up everywhere, from a living meme theory to Clara being the Doctor and River’s daughter. (Let’s hope not, because of the kissing stuff.)

But the odd thing is that, dying and re-dying aside, Clara appears to be shaping up into a brunette version of Rose Tyler. The details are almost too specific to ignore.

Doctor Who Clara Oswin Oswald Rose Tyler The Doctor

While I’d argue that the loss the ninth Doctor suffered was infinitely more acute than what Eleven went through following “The Angels Take Manhattan,” the trauma that they both sustained was very real and very powerful. The Doctor’s actions in the Time War and his inability to do more than stand by and watch as Amy and Rory were snatched away from him took an alarming toll. The Doctor lost family, and the grief it caused made him aloof, angry and cold. While Nine was not actively avoiding the universe, he was certainly not looking to share until Rose showed up.

However, Rose gets a trial of sorts when she starts traveling with the Doctor. Instead of aiming to dazzle and entice, Nine takes her to a space station to watch the Earth turn to dust, billions of years in the future—he literally forces her to undergo the same loss that he did, the destruction of her home planet. She passes the test by keeping her head and actively volunteering to end his loneliness, proving that she can’t be shaken off by something so simple as worldwide destruction.

Doctor Who Clara Oswin Oswald Rose Tyler The Doctor

Doctor: I’m left traveling on my own because there’s no one else.

Rose: There’s me.

And then we have Eleven, and his curmudgeonly withdrawal from friendly contact following the loss of the Ponds. (Apparently, River doesn’t count as much as we were led to believe.) He shuts himself away in an effective bell tower, observing from on high, but not keen on interacting. When Clara needs his help, she has to go through Madame Vastra, and lo and behold, she also has a test to pass. Granted, Madame Vastra is the one who designed this particular test, but it serves the same purpose; Clara has to prove that she is worth a break in the Doctor’s melancholy streak, has to use the right words to get him back in the game.

Doctor Who Clara Oswin Oswald Rose Tyler The Doctor

The attraction element is an easy connection to make as well. We’ve had plenty of companions who have found the Doctor handsome, worthy of a smooch or their affection, but the Doctor actually seems to be reciprocating this time around, in a way that he has not since Rose’s departure. It’s not surprising, exactly—it’s hard to have a lead character who is never romantically attached, and River practically doesn’t count in this capacity; while there is clearly a relationship going on, their connection was foisted on the Doctor as a result of future knowledge, and as an audience we never really get to see him fall in love with her. It’s all, at best, a lot of flirty talk and some married-couple spats. By that meter, it’s been a long while since the Doctor got truly cozy with a companion.

So Clara might be shaping up into a new proper love interest, which would give her even more in common with Rose. And then there’s that revival theme….

Doctor Who Clara Oswin Oswald Rose Tyler The Doctor

The Doctor would have thought Clara was lost by the end of “The Snowmen,” but for a choice phrase that she impossibly repeats: “Run, you clever boy. And remember.” With those words, he received a message of sorts—the realization that he had met her before, that she had died before, that she is destined to die but always return somehow, a perfect puzzle to get him back into the universe. And then there’s the funny coincidence that her command to him—Run!—is the very first word the Doctor ever said to Rose Tyler when he grabbed her hand in a retail store basement and dragged her away from homicidal shop window dummies.

There was a choice phrase that heralded Rose’s many returns as well: “Bad Wolf.” Over and over again, bringing her back to him when he needed her most.

Doctor Who Clara Oswin Oswald Rose Tyler The Doctor

The parallels are bleeding through all over, making a good case for Clara operating in the same fashion as Rose, serving the same sort of counterpoint to the Doctor. Steven Moffat himself has made the point of saying that the Doctor we saw in the the 2012 Christmas Special was actually meant to be reminiscent of the ninth Doctor in his approach to the universe, so the connection becomes an even more solid bet. In a similar emotional state, the Doctor craves the same kind of companion; someone resilient, who renews is sense of wonder in the universe, who returns to him despite all odds. Someone he might be able to fall in love with.

It would seem that when the Doctor retreats from us, what gets him back to playing form is simply a matter of the right kind of woman.

Emily Asher-Perrin still misses Rose, if she’s honest. You can bug her on Twitter and read more of her work here and elsewhere.

Dr. Cox
1. Dr. Cox
Interesting! From the other 'net stuff I've read about the story arc of the discovery of Clara's identity, I've been getting this "another Amy Pond" vibe, and I've been thinking "Well, can't something different be come up with?" I kinda miss the Classic Who's focus on series-of-adventures-one-after-another episodes combined with story arcs.
yo sil
2. catperson
Oh God please no. Can't we have a companion that isn't in love with the Doctor?
Percy Sowner
3. percysowner
I agree with catperson. I don't need another companion in love with the Doctor. One of the reasons Donna and Rory are my favorite of the new Doctor's companions is becausse they aren't all in love with him. I hope Clara isn't a romantic interest.
Dr. Cox
4. Nicholas Winter
Do we actually know that Elventh Doctor fell in love with River Song? All we have is her word on what happened. And I for one find her at best an untrustworthy narrator as regards their history.
Douglas Freer
5. Futurewriter1120
@4 You are right Nic. It seems like the Doctor only married her to keep their history, and thus her timeline, intact when he meets her in the library. He probably thinks of her more as an ocassional friend but she probably does love him, despite how implossible it was in the episode showing her fall in love with him. I guess the wedding clenched the deal for her but not him.
@3 I would throw Martha in there too since she liked him but wasn't in love with him like Dull Tyler was. I've only seen her in her comeback episodes after she left and wasn't impressed with her at all.

It'd be really nice if we had a companion without any lovey-dovey attached in some way like the classic companions were just friends. I even took that initiative with my original companion, never might the fact he's a guy, and made him someone that has to work to get the Doctor to trust him. A big reversal for the Doctor's character if there ever was one.
Dr. Cox
6. lalo
@2 - heck no. that's virtually impossible in dramas today. People expect it--especially if the leads are young and (relatively speaking in Matt Smith's case) attractive. Granted RTD started the trend for the New Who with having the Doctor show more than ordinary affection for his companion (and downright romantical towards a few characters like Madame de Pompadour).

By the Doctor's reckoning he knows that even River leaves him (again through circumstances he couldn't control or fully undo), so maybe that's why he's avoiding her. He can see, in a way she can't, that as she grows older she grows closer to that inevitable last meeting and he wants to avoid that pain. For his linear timeline all the Ponds are 'gone' and in essence the only 'family' he has had in longer than he cares to think on.
Ashley Fox
7. A Fox
Mmmm I'm not so convinced that River is so easily dismissed, or that she and Clara are not related in some way.

Our present is the 51st centuary's past.

Thing is, I rather suspect that River is now a data ghost.

I'm going to try and order this but, you know, timey whimey.

Turning points in narrative: River earning her pardon from the Stormcage. This was not simply down to good behaviour but also becuase the Doc had been wiped from the system. This gives us two parralel points.

'Flesh & Stone'- trys to earn pardon, Amy meets her for first time.
'The Wedding of River Song'- She visists Amy, and Rory, having just been to the Byzantium (set in 51stC). Between the end of 'Flesh & Stone' and this visit (whilst still wearing the same clothes) she becomes convinced of the Doctors continued existance, whereas before she suspected.

She is now pardoned for her crime of killing the doctor due to Darlek Oswin Oswald's tech-genius-sacrifice in 'Asylum of the Darleks'. Anyone spot any clues here as to the era?

Becomes a professor of arceology, dates her husband, inc 'First date, Last Date', and has her own adevntures, 'Angels in Manhatten'. The last time Amy, and Rory, see their daughter.

At some point the Doc also gives her an upgraded screwdriver. Will Clara have anything to do with it's construction?

The comes 'Silence in the Library/Forrest of the Dead' where the Doc meets her for the first time. As she leads and expedition and sacrifices herself for the future they will have. The modified sonicscrewdriver ensures that she is not dead dead, but saved as a data-ghost in it and then CAL.

What if Clara is/sent by River? River is known for intercepting the Docs timeline in interesting, and often useful ways. As it seems Clara is now doing. Their personalities are not that far apart....or the things they say. Clara does seem to be using the Docs history to grab his attention...and provide clues?

Old Darlek in asylum being one that appeared in an ep with 3rd Doc and his Victorian companion. GI and the crossed timestreams within the lunchbox. Becuase in the 51st centurary knowledge of the Doc has been erased....and yet River, reading her blue diary, exists within CAL.

In the 51stC where Clara first has an impact. Where, also, we meet Jack Hartness, Octavian &Co, K9....and the Ice Warriors. Whom we know are making an upcoming return. We also know we're gonna meet some furturistic Cybermen.

Hmmm. I dont know, it just seems as if River and Clara's timlines interersect and continue from one another, and that the point of intersection aso seems to be one that touches many diff parts of the Doctors various incarnations. what with a multi-doc anniversary on the horizon...anything there?
Mordicai Knode
8. mordicai
Um, counterpoint, what if she actually actually is Rose? Or a kid of "theirs" from the parallel?
Sky Thibedeau
9. SkylarkThibedeau
Counter counter point. Clara is a future transmortification of the Doctor.

or she is Susan's Mother.

or Susan

or Romana

or or or never mind
Zayne Forehand
10. ShiningArmor
@5 Completely disagree about Martha. That to me was the worst season because of the overplayed Companion in love with the Doctor but him not ready to reciprocate becaues of losing Rose. It just never felt believeable to me and seemed put in just so they could have a romantic tension subplot. It was very disappointing to me because I loved Martha's introduction episode, and then it devolved into moon eyes and cheesy lines. By the time we met her again in Season 4, she'd moved on and that's when I was finally able to really like Martha.

I liked the sexual tension with Rose. It felt believable to me. Hated it with Martha. Donna's sibling-like relationship with him was fantastic. Loved Amy, but hated the small pieces of her in love with the Doctor. Liked that he never remotely reciprocated and always saw her as a sister/best friend. Finally, Rory rocks my world.

That being said, I LOVE the romantic tension because Oswin and The Doctor. Something about their banter really works for me and I believe that he could be attracted to her. Now, I don't want them to get together and start having little Time Lord babies, but I'm quite alright with saucy banter and the occaisional kiss.
Dr. Cox
11. Tumas-Muscat
@5: That's the vibe I got from their marriage as well. I even went as far as to feel that their marriage itself was the Doctor placating River to get her to listen to him or to have her remember the detail he whispers by tying it to her strong emotion.

Both the Doctor and River get to have quite a few adventures that may bring them closer together (leading, perhaps, to the Doctor reciprocating River's feelings) which, unfortunately, only happen off-screen. By the time he takes her to her last outing, as seen in First Night/Last Night, he does seem to have come to care for her to some degree, but we never get to see how much.

Unfortunately at this point I don't think we can ever know the Doctor's true feelings for River. Even if he did cry at the Singing Towers of Darilium, was it really for losing her as a person, or was it the fact that she was the last link to the Ponds/Williamses, or that he finally realized he had to let someone die for the sake of maintaining the timeline once more? We may never know until the Doctor himself talks honestly about it to a person other than River Song.
yo sil
12. catperson
*beginning rant* I never found the 'love story' between Rose and the Doctor to be believable. Her love for the Doctor seemed more like obsession to me, and from the Doctor's end it seemed forced (not that there's anything wrong with Tennant's performance, just the fault of the writing). Will be very disappointed if Clara turns out to be just like Rose. Why does the Doctor have to be 'redeemed' by a romantic relationship with his companion? Can't there be a better way to get him out of his depression? Clara as is, is intriguing enough as a character - adding a romantic subplot is unneccessary! *end rant*
I agree with the above posters that part of what made Donna and Rory such good companions was the fact that their relationship with the Doctor wasn't romantic. Regarding River, I think that their realtionship is a complex one, and that's what makes it interesting.
Mordicai Knode
13. mordicai
9. SkylarkThibedeau

Or the Doctor's Mom from that one time. Or Valeyard. Or River. Or or or.
Drake Stephens
14. MynameisDrake
I have no idea who Clara is (though the theory floating around that she might be Captain Jack's daughter is an interesting one), but I think "the question" pertains to her, not the Doctor.
Alan Brown
15. AlanBrown
There are some parallels, but I don't see Clara Double-O being another Rose.
Regarding River, it is difficult to parse out exactly what her relationship with the Doctor was, is or will be. We are told that her timeline is running in reverse with the Doctor's, but that often is not the case. For example, when they meet in Angels in Manhattan, for both of them The Wedding of River Song is in the past.
I myself think that trying to retrofit Clara into some other character's story is probably an exercise in futility. I think she is someone entirely new. But then again, only time will tell.
Dr. Cox
16. Retep
Or Clara IS River regenerated after the events in the library. Without or without some memory loss from time as a data ghost.
Personality changes are known to go along with regeneration.
The time as a Dalek could then be part of getting out of CAL's computer world.
Dr. Cox
17. mackie
Ugh. Please no. Can we please have a companion that isn't attracted to the Doctor? Please? Give us another Donna or Sarah Jane Smith. Something. Or a good male companion or something to distract me from the shitty writing going on.
P Bradley Robb
18. knownhuman
Rose was bad enough the first time. Let's not do that again.
Erica Collier
19. scifibard
@15 Yes, I agree about the timeline. The claim that her timeline is running in reverse from the doctor's is a vast oversimplification. They repeatedly have the same events in the "past" even as recent past for both of them, periods where their timeline's sync up for a while. Even outside of those I don't think it's linear enough to to even be reverse linear. So I find it frustrating when they make pronouncements like that that are simply not true.

@16 I certainly hope they don't make something like that the answer. They've re-written the rules here and there enough that I wouldn't put it past the writers. But by all rights it shouldn't happen that way. The body regenerates. If it's destroyed, it won't regenerate. Thus there is always a chance in all the risk-taking antics of the doctor that he may really truly get himself killed. So far he's been lucky enough to only get himself mostly-killed, and his body can regenerate, and so the show goes on. To introduce a plot with another timelord (sort of) who could regenerate out of being a data-ghost, or out of being a blown-up-dalek, would be an aggrivating change to the way the universe-as-written works. I'm hoping they have something far more clever in mind.

As for folks who can regenerate...I keep hoping they'll eventually loop back around to the issue of the doctor's daughter. They have all these recurring plots with River et al, but the doctor's daughter regenerates after he thinks she's dead, takes off in a spaceship...and we've never revisited her. (Speaking of regeneration inconsistencies, they had her appear the same. But let's be kind and presume she shortly thereafter ended up with a new face and they just didn't want to nail down the actress yet.)

And I think bringing Romana back would be interesting--she wasn't in this universe exactly when the Time War happened, so by all rights she at least could still be alive. On the other hand, I feel like that has the potential to be a much more serious plot line. Recent writing has been more towards frantic energy with some high pathos thrown in. I feel like introducing another survivor should come with a more serious doctor, one who can do more than rapid fire banter.

Another old-plot tie in they could explore one day and haven't would be the possibility of mostly-human slightly-timelord decendent of Susan. After all, we last see Susan settling down with a nice human bloke. It is strongly implied that Susan dies in the Time War if not before along with any child/ren the doctor may have had before that. But descendents of hers might not have been Galifreyan enough to get pulled into the Time War. And they would have been totally without any form of time travel and thus would have been firmly embedded in Earth's timeline. So, if she had children, the children and children's children would likely still exist in their respecive timelines. Now, those timelines might be problematized insofaras it involved a reconstruction period after dalek invasion. We've established that despite the Time War locking away (almost) all the daleks and (almost) all the timelords, there is still some sense of memory of both, just a memory that comes with the sense that they are now "gone." So presumably all the old series dalek conflicts we saw still "happened"... timey wimey indeed!

As for the actual question of Rose 2.0, I really liked Rose. I liked her with both doctor's. The follow up plot was rather weak, but never mind that now. I think far too large a proportion of the new series companions have had some degree of the "romantic tension" thing going on. I do rather miss the Sarah Jane Smith and Ace etc companions...but they've sexied up the show, and the doctor has been getting fairly steadily younger (including old series) as we go along, aging backwards like Merlin (surely there's an episode there waiting), and so it's natural that all these young women are going to look at this apparently young guy who's asked them to come see the universe and make some sort of call on attraction.

Whatever they do, I hope they write it well and try for a little more internal consistency. I feel things have been getting a bit *too* "wibly wobly" the past few years. I can live with some Rose parallels as long as they write it in a fresh clean way.
Dr. Cox
20. encyclops
it’s hard to have a lead character who is never romantically attached
Actually, it's easy. I know a TV show that managed it for 26 years, with one brief, arguable Aztec exception.

I'm not a "no kissing" Who fan. I can deal with the fact that it's practically a rule now for every Doctor to smooch ALL of his companions provided they're well under 40. But this rule is a deliberate decision and not a narrative inevitability.

I do think that there are lots of shows out there that already do romantic attachment. I don't think it would kill this show not to. Or to focus it on the companions, which is frankly far more interesting territory that you can take a lot farther -- Mickey's complex relationship with Rose, or Amy's rather too simple relationship with Rory, for instance. When one side of the romantic attachment is to the Doctor, it's actually harder to have it, because it can only play out in certain ways without breaking either the premise of the show (and the means of its longevity) or our sympathy with its lead. I think we haven't seen all those ways explored yet, and I hope there's a new one set to happen with Clara, but answer unclear, ask again.
Dr. Cox
21. Louisa
..but the doctor's daughter regenerates after he thinks she's dead, takes off in a spaceship...and we've never revisited her.
@19, I want to know more about her, too! Kinda hoping she's got something to do with the Clara situation, because it would be nice for her to be brought back, simply becasue she only got 1 episode, and that the Doctor believes her gone...yeah, I just want to see more of her!
Dr. Cox
22. Mercury
>>It would seem that when the Doctor retreats from us, what gets him back to playing form is simply a matter of the right kind of woman.
I would agree that the right kind of companion is necessary to keep him at his best, but I don't think that means that all such companions are necessarily interchangeable as people. I mean, Martha also kisses him, also comforts him after an import loss, and is also surrounded by a repeated phrase ("vote for Saxon"). Does that make Rose and Martha, or Martha and Clara, the same?
Dr. Cox
23. crgreen
Re: the "Run" connection - I'd remind that that word also has a connection to another young woman, who also died - Lorna Bucket, the girl from the gamma forest who gave Amy the gift (baby Melody Pond's name in the language of the forest) in "When a Good Man Goes to War" - as Lorna died in the Doctor's arms, she asks him "you don't remember me?" and his answer was "of course I do - the forest...and we RAN."
Ashley Fox
24. A Fox
@22 Oh yes I woud much prefer that Clara was her ownself/had own agency....
Dr. Cox
25. Blackguard
My guess (a long shot, I know) is not that she is Rose 2.0 but rather The Doctor 12.0. She could be Romana 3.0 also. It is the 50th anniversary and this demands something more than a 3D episode or just an multi-Doctor episode (it has been done after all). Moffat takes too much delight in fooling the fans to let this be as straightforward as it appears. He is looking for the Big Bang of Doctor Who episodes here and a female Doctor would certainly be the ballsiest choice.
Stephanie Padilla
26. DN10
No, I think it's most likely that Clara is some sort of trap set by the Silence (or possibly the Daleks) to somehow prevent him from getting to Trenzalore. Seems like exactly the sort of overcomplicated ruse they love. And it will, of course, fail.
Dr. Cox
27. stubbyfan
I don't really understand all the hate for Martha Jones. The actual stories in her series weren't all spectacular successes, but as a character I really like her. Unlike some of the other companions, she isn't damaged or incomplete in any way, but is a daring, competent adventuress in her own right even capable of acting for the Doctor when he can't act for himself (e.g. when his Time Lord essence was kept in the pocket watch, or when he was kept as a pet by the Master). And of course she is as gorgeous as all the other New Who women.

I'm hoping the Clara will be in the same mold.
Dr. Cox
28. Margaret Garside
I too hope that Clara isn't another 'love interest'. We know the Doctor will never settle down, so there's no real point to another quasi-romance that goes nowhere.

Rose was never one of my favorite Companions anyway. That honor still goes to Sarah Jane Smith, with Amy and Rory running a close second.
Dr. Cox
29. phosphor
Her character was born on the 23rd November, this is also the date of the first ever doctor who episode. I presume then that the anniversary special will be about her birth and since it will include Rose Tyler and Tennant, I think it is likely she could be their offspring, from a parallel world.
Dr. Cox
30. gingersnap303
Ew. I hope she's not 10.5 and Rose's offspring, because ew! Eleven and Clara kissed.
Dr. Cox
31. Susan Nihg Charthaigh
The episode where River kisses the DR goodby and he blushes and thanks her is the final phase of the River story. It was the first time for the Doctor that he had been kissed by River. If anyone can remember if he was in his 900's or 1000's at that time it would be helpful to put a period to River's influence in the Doctor's life.

Just because we see the beginning and end of their relationship doesn't mean we see the full extent of their relationship. Remember, they can travel through time. It's merely a matter of River showing up in the right window of time. She can lead a full lifetime with her doctor without ever going past those years. Keep in mind, Amy and Rory weren't with the Doctor all the time. They often took breaks or were stood up by the man and his blue box.

As for Clara, I don't see her as a ".5" anyone. Most of the suggestions were somewhat incestuous anyway. She's already a love interest! The Christmas special took care of that. Except for spotting her twice throughout history, what clues does the doctor have to nail down her birth place/time? Either we get another chance spotting, or Clara shows up on her own, or a piece of information we hadn't known comes to light to kick off the anniversary episode.

One last thought to put a cracker jack down your collar: what if Clara is a child of the Master?
Dr. Cox
32. rae
There are hints to rose and amy in regards to clara rose was the name of the bar she worked at that fact that she keeps dying and looks the same afterwords like captain jack my theory is someone made her to be the ultimate companion for the doctor for saving the universes and she is somehow imbedded with the traits of many of his past companions the number 23 is repeated 23 different companions
Dr. Cox
33. Joey1013
Wow, we have alot of people being quite ridicious complaining doctor may have another love interest LOL. First of all, Rose was the only companion prior that I could see as love interest for the doctor. Let Clara be a love interest, it will make the show not ruin it. 9th/10th doctor were the best with Rose. I think Clara will bring somethign special to him as well. As for River, she was totally ugly and terrible character. I never understood how she was daughter of Amy. And no Clara is not River/doctors daughter lol. Enjoy the show and stop complaing of love interest. I bet half of you watch those terrible Twilight movies but complain when the Doctor has love. Let the Doctor be happy for a change.
Dr. Cox
34. Faith jason
I think Clara is the doctor. I think so as she can navigate the tardis better than him. The tardis gave it away as she put herself as Clara as the person Clara hoped to see. Clara is the doctor. I think the fob watch was used. Hence she said....run u clever boy AND REMEMBER.
Dr. Cox
35. unipeg
During the episode of Journey to the center of the Tardis. Did anyone notice the clue in the Library? The person who likely wrote the gallifrian war book was the Doctor. He probably would not have wrote it in English. They did not show the pages. So you might let it slip by you. (Some people have mentioned it and think it was a mistake, but I dont think so).The tardis does not translate Gallifrian. But she read the book. So could she be Gallifrian? Also they played an audio clip from the first doctor when he was talking to his granddaughter Susan. Whatever happened to Susan? She was a timelord as well.
Dr. Cox
36. Coolcat
All these comments are making me laugh; Clara a love interst, yeah right if you all haven't forgotten riversong has loved the Doctor since FOREVER and Clara hasn't known the doctor to long so we can't really compare it and calling Riversong ugly is totally out the question and Clara being regenarated lets forget she dies two times and not each time has she regenerated
Dr. Cox
37. dog person
I can't watch doctor whith out dr. Who number 9 and rose
Dr. Cox
38. dundunduuunnn
Lol ok ok. Here are some theories about Clara that I have accepted:

1. She is jacks little one. Why? Because everytime she dies she comes back to life.

2. She is the 10th docs and rose ' child ( why) all the hints moffats. Been dropping on us.

_______Stupid theories _________

1. She freaking is rose tyler

2.shes amy - just what the hell Pol what the bloody hell.

Mildly possible theories

1. Shes a trap for the doc.

ALRIGHT. EVERYBODY THANKS FOR LISTENING .....or should I say reading....
Whatever. I'm bloody tired its like 12:00 am I owe a guy. 10 quid. And I have the flu. Kiss kiss goodnight
Dr. Cox
39. missing10
i never understood why everyone loves rose. she's nice, but not really special. donna was my absolute favourite. she was pretty much THE ONLY companion that was not completely in love with the doctor. anyway the eleventh doctor seems much more keen to get kissy kissy with humans than the tenth, so i wouldnt call clara special. coolcat, the tenth doctor got shot by that dalek and channeled the remaining regeneration energy into his hand. river could have done something like that.
Dr. Cox
40. icesk8ergal
@39 I think the reason everyone loves Rose is just that...she isn't special. She's everyone girl and yet she did the impossible. She helped the Doctor redeem himself, she brought him back to life. She was his first and greatest love. He might love River in a certain way, but never as much as he loved Rose!
Dr. Cox
41. monsterie
@missing10 Oh all this hatred for poor Rose is making me sad. Come on, she was great. She saved the Doctor repeatedly and when he died it was through her efforts that Donna was able to reverse what had happened. My only complaint is that they ruined her story. It should've stopped at Doomsday. Journey's End was insufferable, almost painful. An original can never be replaced. Honestly though, they shouldn't bring any romantic interests because obviously the Doctors change and one companion or 'love' can't always be present. The characters keep changing. For what it's worth, I loved all the companions even Martha Jones. I mean how they explained Shakespeare's Dark Lady and that Martha inspired his famous sonnet. Blew my mind.

I agree with what someone said above. Clara just might be a regeneration of Rose Tyler. If River became half Time Lord by being conceived in the TARDIS, well then Rose just might be one too. She did take in the time vortex. Who knows.
Erica Collier
42. scifibard
The parallels certainly did continue through this season, though Rose and Clara are certainly their own people as well. Ok, spoiler alert if you've not seen the most recent season. What I want to know is: if Rose was able to see into and scatter clues throughout space and time for herself and the Doctor to follow (eg "Bad Wolf") and Clara also gets distributed across the Doctor's path across space and time, and neither particularly remembers the experience...I wonder if they encountered each other?
Dr. Cox
43. Menna
I want Rose back. /: I don't want them to give us a Rose substitute, I want Rose herself.. And David Tennant.. He was amazing.
Dr. Cox
45. Happy Dr. Who
Neither Donna nor Amy were in Love with the Doctor. I think is about time. Plus if you listen close by the time Amy and Rory Die The Doctor has aged 300 years. He is now at least 1200 its time for him to love in love again and this time for real.
Dr. Cox
46. Applemint
One idea I have yet to see... Is it possible Clara is Rose's little sister? Remember when Rose says goodbye to the Doctor on Bad wolf bay, and she says her Mum and alternate universe Dad are expecting a baby? We never hear about that baby again. It could explain the rose connections to Clara. As a baby of parents from two universes, she should definitely be classed as 'impossible'. What do others think about that possibility ?
Dr. Cox
47. Madhatter Two
Imagine that Clara is Rose Tyler's daughter with the duplicate Doctor with only one heart
Dr. Cox
49. YoYoYo
I know this is more than a month old, but I just have to say ... @Applemint, Clara is NOT Rose's little sister. At the end of Doomsday, it is stated that Rose has a little BROTHER and his name is Tony :-)
Dr. Cox
50. jrhove
As a long-time American fan (1977), I am surprised by the focus on more recent characters. With only Melody and River as two known regenerations, why can't Clara be another regeneration who never chose a more grandiose name simply because she never (yet) had access to Gallifrey? The identity of Susan's grandmother and McGann's Doctor claiming to be half-human are two quick issues that seem to be issues stil yet not full addressed. It took years to get clarifications.
Dr. Cox
51. skygoddess1832
I've seen a lot of River hate in these comments, and I just would like to say that even though it's perfectly OK to not like one of the companions, hating is not OK. That goes to the people hating on Martha and Rose, too. Every companion had good parts and bad parts. For example, while Rose was amazing as the Bad Wolf, I didn't particularly like her when she showed up in Journey's End (it just felt like they had brought her back too much, that's all). Rory was a little bit clingy in the beginning, but became an amazing companion. Amy also matured into an amazing character. Martha left the Doctor on her own terms, which was awesome, and Donna... Donna was just amazing. Can we accept the good and bad parts of every companion and not spend all of our time hating? You can't really compare the companions to one another, anyways, because they are all very different.

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