Mar 29 2013 1:30pm

Get Tor eBooks for $2.99 For a Limited Time

For a brief time, a few Tor titles will be available for 2.99 in ebook form in the US, Canada and many other countries. If you’re looking for magical realism or literary historical science fiction, check out these titles!

Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis

Can British secret service agent Raybould Marsh solve the mysteries of seemingly magical people on the wrong side of WWII? Can his secret group of warlocks save the day? Find out in this epic supernatural alternate history novel. The first in a trilogy, read the excerpt from the latest installment here.

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Flying in Place by Susan Palwick

When twelve-year-old Emma has nowhere to turn, she finds an unlikely ally in the ghost of a sister who died before she was born. And this sister, Ginny, has the ability to fly. In the bittersweet tradition of The Lovely Bones, Flying in Place is tender magical realism at its best.

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David Lomax
1. dlomax
Thank-you. Read 'em both already, but as you also had a good price in Canada, I snapped them both up. Thanks for going cross-border.
2. crowley
Flying in place doesn't seem to be available on kindle, the link directs you to the US amazon page but with no kindle edition available, no luck on the UK page either

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