Mar 4 2013 11:35am

Watch the Extended Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer—Now With More Bear Fight!

HBO has released a slightly extended version of the Game of Thrones season 3 trailer, peppered with new stuff. There’s a lot more of Stannis and Jon Snow (including some almost-NSFW stuff), nice interplay between a dour Tyrion and Cersei, and an extended dragon flight, but perhaps the most important addition is that of Brienne and her bear fight! Take a look below.

Whoops, sorry, here's the trailer.


1. RichfromPA
When is Dyneries on a boat? (in book 3?)
2. Drunken5yearold
She doesn't fly to Astapor from Qarth.
Scott Silver
3. hihosilver28
The first Daenerys chapter in ASoS is her on a boat. The last chapter of ACoK is her at the docks.
4. Megaduck
"There’s a lot more of Stannis and Jon Snow (including some almost-NSFW stuff)"

Is it terrible that I instantly thought Stannis/Jon Slash?
Drake Stephens
5. MynameisDrake
Yeah, she hires the boat near the end of A Clash of Kings when she meets Arstan Whitebeard. Her first chapter in A Storm of Swords is her voyage.
Theresa DeLucci
6. theresa_delucci

I'm so stoked for this season. Been humming that song all morning.
7. tkThompson
What's the song in this trailer?
8. LarryK
Remember GRRM does not write in a linear timeline fashion. HBO had some element of book 3 in season 2 because of this "delightful" literary traight of GRRM.

Please GRRM, write like the wind!
Drake Stephens
9. MynameisDrake
Yes, but a good deal of content from Book 2 hasn't made it to the screen yet. A lot of Bran's developments from A Clash of Kings are going to be used in Season 3, what with the introduction if the Reeds, and Dany's last couple of chapters from Clash haven't been covered yet. I don't think we'll start to see content from The Winds of Winter until Season 8 or 9, if the show makes it that far. George can write at his own pace- for now.
Drake Stephens
10. MynameisDrake
Also, I would really love to see an adaptation of The Tales of Dunk and Egg done, maybe on an HBO affiliate on Network. It would make a fun weekly series.
Genevieve Williams
11. welltemperedwriter
The song in the trailer is "Bones" by MS MR. They/she (?) have an EP out called "Candy Bar Creep Show" that is really quite good.

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