Mar 19 2013 11:00am

Dr. Beverly Crusher Gets Her Action Figure Into All Kinds of Situations

Gates McFadden Beverly Crusher Tumblr action figure 1/8th Gates

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to harbor a secret crush on Dr. Beverly Crusher, actress Gates McFadden has begun posting the “adventures” of her action figure on the Tumblr page of the L.A. Ensemble Studio Theatre, where she serves as Artistic Director.

Tiny Beverly (or “1/8th Gates” as she is known) popped up on the scene in January and has already pined for Picard, been to Orlando, and handed out programs at the Ensemble Studio Theatre. Check out the full range of pics at the link! (Extra credit if you figure out the very specific Beverly action figure she’s using.)

[via Metafilter]

Robin Hildick
1. zabraxus
It looks like the Generations uniform. The ST:TNG action figure of her came with the blue labcoat she would wear sometimes in the series.
2. hblackorby
You're right, it's the ST: Generations movie one.
3. NickM
@1- Correct.. I found one that wasn't on a "Generations" card but is identified as being "As seen in.."

I met Gates at Orlando's Megacon this past weekend, while finishing off my TNG cast autograph pictures. She was wonderfully friendly to talk to. After signing the pictures she asked if I was on Twitter. When I said that yes I was, she gave me a card and explained the Tiny Beverly photo project. I sent a quick shout-out while waiting in my next line, haven't had the chance yet to dig into the site more deeply.

FYI to Tor: I was tipped off to this article from your Thursday compilation email, but the hot link for this article actually goes to the Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellan article.

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