Mar 13 2013 1:30pm

Airbender Fans, Watch this Man Waterbend in Real Life

Waterbending real life illusion Brusspup

Waterbending! In real life! Check out the below video by illusionist Brusspup where he uses a simple stereo set-up to bend a continuous stream of water. Just like Katara! Except she didn’t need a stereo she just needed more confidence in her abilities!!!

We’re going to go lay down now, but you should watch the video. Then scroll further for the explanation as to how he did it.

Ready to know how it was done? IT’S A TRAP TRICK. The effect can only be seen through a camera and not in real life (although you can effectively freeze water in your vision with a properly calibrated strobe light while feeling it running over your hand). The camera that is shooting this trick is running at 24 fps (frames per second) and the speaker attached to the hose is set to a frequency of 24 hertz, thus vibrating the hose and water at the same frequency. This syncs up the sine wave of the noise with the frames being shot by the camera, making the water appear like it’s bending.

Check out the video page for a detailed explanation of how you can do this at home!

[via Gizmodo]

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby the Rocket once bent water around a black hole to create a ring of ocean in space. Then it went SWIMMIN’!

1. Shinolahead
It's mindblowing until you realize that it's just the speaker making the hose wiggle and not the water. Really noticeable in the slow mo shots.
Houston Armstrong
2. Kalak
I thought I was about to be rick-rolled but that was pretty cool.
3. Zizoz
Very cool! Also, I want to note I really appreciate the explanation; I hate it when magic tricks are not explained, as it tends to be both less interesting and more frustrating.

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