Feb 13 2013 11:40am

Watch the First Trailer for Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Serving as a prequel to the iconic anime film, Ghost in the Shell, the new four-part series Ghost in the Shell: Arise is set to debut in June and will finally detail the story of how Motoko Kusanagi became a cyborg. In anticpation, here’s the first trailer!

[Via Geek Tyrant]

1. ninjapenguin
Haven't even watched the trailer yet, but I already waaaaaaant.
2. Cybersnark
Actually, given that there are already three distinct GitS universes (the movies, the manga, and the Stand-Alone Complex TV series), are we sure this is a prequel to the movies (and not SAC)?
3. phuzz
Isn't the reason for her being a cyborg explained in the second season of GitS:SAC?

She was in a plane(?) crash when she was very young, and most of her body had to be replaced with cyborg parts.
adrian bellis
4. Nilrem
This looks pretty awesome, I'm a great fran of Ghost in the Shell, and I really hope it's as good as Stand Alone Complex was (I ended up getting the LE's with the OST's etc).
Craig Barnett
5. Ommadawn
GitS is my favourite anime of all time. This brightened my day, completely!

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