Feb 1 2013 3:30pm

Tour Dates and Locations for Cory Doctorow’s Homeland

Homeland, the sequel to Cory Doctorow's wildly successful near-future dystopia Little Brother, will be released on February 5th, and you can catch Doctorow on tour! Information about his signings and appearances are below.


2/5/13: Seattle, WA
Seattle Public Library @ 7pm

2/6/13: Beaverton, OR
Powell's @ 7pm

2/7/13: San Francisco, CA
Booksmith @ 7:30pm

2/8/13: San Francisco, CA
Borderlands Books @ 7pm

2/9/13: Salt Lake City, UT
The Leonardo @ 2pm

2/10/13: Tempe, AZ
Changing Hands Books @ 2pm

2/12/13: New York, NY
O'Reilly Tools of Change @ 9:10am

2/14/13: Crestview Hills, KY
Joseph-Beth Booksellers @ 7pm

2/15/13: Coral Gables, FL
Books & Books @ 7pm

2/16/13: Chapel Hill, NC
Flyleaf Books @ 2pm

2/17/13: Decatur, GA
Dekalb County Public Library @ 7pm

2/18/13: Oxford, MS
Square Books @ 5pm

2/19/13: Memphis, TN
Booksellers at Laurelwood @ 6pm

2/20/13: New Orleans, LA
Octavia Books @ 6pm

2/21/13: Houston, TX
Brazos Bookstore @ 7pm

2/22/13: Austin, TX
Book People @ 7pm

2/23/13: Nashua, NH
New Hampshire Liberty Forum @ 3:30pm

2/23/13: Portsmouth, NH
RiverRun Bookstore @ 7pm

2/24/13: Concord, NH
Gibson's Bookstore @ 3pm

2/25/13: Washington, DC
Busboys and Poets @ 6:30pm

2/26/13: Cambridge, MA
Harvard Book Store @ 7pm

2/27/13: Albuquerque, NM
South Broadway Cultural Center @ 6pm


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