Feb 14 2013 11:20am

Peter Dinklage Joins the Cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past

Peter Dinklage joins the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Who will he play?

Director Bryan Singer has been systematically announcing new casting news and items about the forthcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past film through his Twitter account, and Wednesday evening he dropped another bombshell on us: Peter Dinklage has been cast in the movie!

Singer made no mention of what part Dinklage will be playing, although those familiar with the X-Men comics and the larger Marvel Universe immediately envision Dinklage as Puck, the skilled fighter and acrobat from Canada’s premiere (re: only) superhero team Alpha Flight.

There are pros and cons to Dinklage playing Puck.


  • Puck is buddies with Wolverine and constantly needles him. Imagine a Hugh Jackman / Peter Dinklage buddy film inside of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Wolverine and Puck, kicking ass and calling you names. I’d watch the movie if it was only going to be that.
  • Puck is a fringe character in the X-Men universe, but if he’s in the film then that means Singer is committed to bringing in lots of interesting cameos from the X-Men and larger Marvel Universe, much as he did to fans’ delight in X-Men 1 and 2. (Colossus!)
  • The fastball special potential here is... off the charts, according to my fastball special measuring device (PATENT PENDING).


  • Seriously, Puck is a fringe character. You’d eat up time in the movie just trying to explain why he’s important, and he doesn’t really have any cool powers. Or any powers.
  • Dinklage’s stature goes hand in hand with his engaging screen presence and this works marvelously when he’s playing a character as complex and multi-faceted as Tyrion Lannister, but Puck is D-list comic relief and a character who invites mockery. That could get very uncomfortable to watch, very quickly, if handled incorrectly.

At this point this is all speculation, and certainly doesn’t dampen my excitement for the Days of Future Past movie.

What other role might Dinklage play, if not Puck? Maybe a new creation? Or possibly...Cable?

Chris Lough is the production manager of and thinks they should also cast Joffrey, if only so he can be squished by a Sentinel.

Christopher Bennett
2. ChristopherLBennett
It would be nice if Dinklage were cast purely for his talent rather than typecast for his height. Heck, Hugh Jackman's a whole foot taller than Wolverine is in the comics, so why couldn't some other character in the movie universe just happen to be a lot shorter than he is in the comics?
Steven Lyle Jordan
3. Steven_Lyle_Jordan
Puck may be a fringe character, but he could easily be molded into a significant character in the future "freedom fighters" portion of the story. For that matter, Dinklage could play ANY new and significant character in the future segment, which was pretty thin on surviving characters and could use a few more warm bodies to make it more interesting.
4. NormanM
Dinklage as Cable... I could get behind that. Mostly because he has some serious acting chops, and I think he could make me believe it.
Peter Reen
5. pnr060
Considering Dinklage's justified disgust towards dwarf tossing (Martin Henderson- Google him), I doubt they're going to include the fastball special.
6. JoeNotCharles
No, no, in the "fastball special", Wolverine is the throwEE, not the throwER.

So imagine Dinklage as Puck tossing Wolverine at somebody...
Christopher Bennett
7. ChristopherLBennett
@6: The Fastball Special requires the "pitcher" to have superhuman strength. Puck's strength level according to his bio is only 2 on the standard powergrid, while Wolverine is a 4.
Liz J
8. Ellisande
I know Puck's the obvious choice but that seems like it would be practically a cameo and I can't see hiring Dinklage for that. Puck's not in the original story at all, and it seems odd that Singer would add him, when there are already so many characters to deal with.

So my theory is he's going to play Trask, creator of the Sentinels, or possibly a Senator whose assassination leads to the Sentinel future (taking the place of Kelly from the comics, who's already appeared in movie continuity).
Christopher Bennett
9. ChristopherLBennett
@8: Trask has also appeared in the movies; Bill Duke played him in The Last Stand, where he was the head of Homeland Security.
10. Eskmet
I think Variety has already reported that Dinklage was cast as the main antagonist, so I really doubt he's Puck.
Kevin Maroney
11. womzilla
Just as an aside, Dinklage was BORN to play Wonder Woman villain Dr. Psycho. (Yes, that's typecasting because Dr. Psycho is a dwarf. But he's also an extremely charismatic, clever, murderously insane, mind-controlling dwarf.)
Christopher Bennett
12. ChristopherLBennett
My favorite Dinklage role was in the short-lived series Threshold. It was a great role because over the entire 13-episode run of the series, it was never once mentioned or in any way relevant that his character was unusually short. (Although I gather the condition that caused his dwarfism would've become relevant later on, giving him an immunity to the alien mutation or something.) It was so refreshing to see a Little Person cast, not as a dwarf or alien or pixie or some other typecast role, but just as a person, a role that could've gone to any actor. I wish that would happen more often.

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