Feb 5 2013 11:30am

New Online Community Bookish Launches

If you’re looking for a new way to pick out books you might not have heard of, there’s a brand new website just launched called Bookish that might help! Spanning nearly every genre, Bookish hopes  to connect readers with great books, but also with each other. Poised to be more than a just a search engine, this site is dynamically created to  books specifically on the tastes of the individual reader.

As fans of reading, Tor.com welcomes Bookish to the web!

Kenneth Sutton
1. kenneth
I tried their book recommender with some SF/F titles, and got only the most generic of suggestions. Has anyone else tried it?
Addison Smith
2. addisoncs
It didn't recognize any of the authors or titles I entered into the "Enter a book" box for recommendations, including books that I was able to find in the Bookish database. Not sure what to make of that, but I'll try again later.

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