Feb 15 2013 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Voldemort’s Heart Will Go On

What’s the key to unlocking the riddle of Voldemort’s sweet heart? Celine Dion. The dark lord cannot get enough of Celine Dion and is partially responsible for bestowing upon her the the magical power of the siren which allows her to destroy everyone in her path. Also, Jack will paint Voldemort now.

Your daily collection of offsite links didn’t even bother make James Cameron joke there. Highlights include:

  1. Neal Stephenson’s Reamde heading to Fox.
  2. Ronnie the Bear will become a superhero.
  3. Battlestar Galactica and Bryan Singer “news.”

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby doesn’t know any icebergs personally.

1. dhg
Stoked to see Reamde becoming a series!Amazing book with all kinds of good stuff for a series.
Kit Case
2. wiredog
Jack will paint Voldemort now.
Ew. Just. Ew.

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