Feb 20 2013 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Star Trek Into Pixar

Though Chris Pine is a pretty solid Captain Kirk, we do like the idea of Mr. Incredible, from The Incredibles being the intrepid leader of the Enterprise. The artist, Phil Postma, has rendered all of the original cast as their Pixar-selves, which you can see here! 

Your daily collection of offsite links are all like cartoon versions of your favorite real thing. Which is the definition of the Internet. (You’re welcome)

Highlights include:

  1. Watch in horror as Kathleen Kennedy shirks her dinosaur obligations.
  2. Is the Bat-family getting smaller?
  3.  Bryan Singer is fixing everything.

Bryan Singer

Space Objects

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby is worried that Guy Pearce is an ageless robot who is always the same.

Pascale Maria
1. Pasma
I think that everything that comes of Pixar`s door is amazing. So this is a cool project that I would like to follow .
2. harmonyfb
I loved playing the 'Hitchiker's' game - never could figure out how to get past the part where you had to teach the computer to make tea, though.

I mostly loved it because a) Hitchiker's, b) it reminded me of all those text-based games I played in the college computer lab in the middle of the night. ('Adventure', 'Haunted House', etc. ), and c) the game periodically lied to you. How many other lying video games exist? None, I'd wager.
3. TheMadLibrarian
As a meteorite collector who has been following the Russian bolide story since almost Hour 1, your caption is incorrect. Analysis showed a 10% iron content on recovered fragments, so 'mostly iron' is far off base.

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