Feb 7 2013 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Lincolnstein is Alive! He’s Alive!

Don’t worry, this Lincolnstein is TOTALLY a real toy you can buy! He’s part of a line of Presidential Monsters, in which various creatures have been mashed-up with some of various leaders of the free world. Fear the bite of Baracula! Hear the song of the Phantom of the White House! Watch out for the webbed digits of the Monster from the Watergate Lagoon!

Your collection of daily offsite links have executive monster powers. Highlights include:

  1. Spaceballs is becoming real!
  2. Mark Millar thinks the Justice League movie is DOOMED.
  3. Is George R.R. Martin wasting our time?

Star Trek 

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby was once the President of all the Monster Rockets. But don’t tell. It will be our secret. Plus a toy version was never released and that makes Stubby bitter.

Hedgehog Dan
1. Hedgehog Dan
Last time I saw the Sun it revolved around Millar's ego.
(Even if I, as an Eastern European, liked his Red Son.)
Hedgehog Dan
2. Flickering Myth
Thanks for the link!
Corey Sees
3. CorwinOfAmber
It's always important to remember that GRRM is not your bitch.
Hedgehog Dan
4. Andrew S. Balfour
So...a Justice League movie won't work because the characters are decades old and have funny costumes? Makes perfect sense; there's never been a wildly successful superhero movie focused on decades old characters in garish attire.

What's that? Avengers? Nonsense. John Steed never wore anything garish.

Why does anyone ever believe Millar knows what he's talking about?
Douglas Freer
5. Futurewriter1120
That Justice League article is both hilarious and head banging. The part about Aquaman was strange for him to complain about since their is this new-fangled way to talk underwater, it's called CGI. And The Flash, as long as he is wearing red with yellow accents and has a lightning bolt somewhere, who cares. Green Lantern was even weirder. And his complaints that the movie would be over in a couple seconds don't make sense. The Hulk could've punched everyone and Avengers would've been over in the first two minutes. Thor could've used his god-like powers to end the movie in two seconds. And yet they didn't so its possible to make a movie with Green Lantern and The Flash without it ending in two seconds.

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