Feb 7 2013 5:15pm

Hindi Superman is Baffling, Beautiful

Released in 1987, the B. Gupta directed Superman doesn’t so much draw upon the mythos of the Last Son of Krypton but more mashes-up slapstick comedy with a kind of Grand Illusion meets Last Tango in Paris vibe. (Grand Illusion because people randomly start speaking in languages other than Hindi, Last Tango in Paris for a batshit drunken kidnapping scene towards the end which evokes Marlon Brando from that film. I mean, Brando was in the American Superman...) And now, some brave soul as uploaded the full movie to YouTube. For best results, head to 1:16: 29 for what I can only refer to as the “Superman Song.” 

Ryan Britt is a staff writer for and is mild-mannered blogger, supposedly.

Rancho Unicorno
2. Rancho Unicorno
You say "some brave soul," I say "what appears to be the distributon rights holder for several older Bollywood movies and a company with a bizzare website."
Rancho Unicorno
3. Charles William Coulter
Bizarre, beautiful, enlightened - falls into that category that I do not understand but do adore; like watching Nacho Libre after holding your breath underwater in a tank (upside as only in Fear Factor could such a things play out) and then waking to see toast slide under a nun's door, only to think: ah yes.
Rancho Unicorno
4. RhoOphuichi
...What is happening?

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