Feb 13 2013 1:10pm

Harry Potter Getting New Cover Art for its 15th Anniversary

New Kazu Kibuishi cover for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneThough it will still feature the iconic Mary GrandPré lightning-bolt logo, new U.S. paperback editions (from Scholastic) of the Harry Potter series will feature different covers starting in September. The new art is from Kazu Kibuishi who designed the covers for the graphic novel series Amulet. Kibuishi was initially hesitant about the project as he is a big admirer GrandPre’s work. Ultimately, though Kibuishi tried to evoke classic covers of literary novels as well as pay tribute to the Harry Potter series, saying: “I tried to think of classic perennial paperback editions of famous novels and how those illustrations tend to feel.”

The new cover for Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone is the only new cover that has been released so far. What do you think?

[Via The Mary Sue & NPR]

Cameron Tucker
1. Loialson
I like it.

Note to mods: When you click on the picture, it takes you to a page saying "file not found". I intended to click it to see a larger version, so I could have fun pointing out details, but alas! Not a big deal.
2. trunuyawkr
It looks great - the only thing that bothers me is the perceived attempt to make Harry look angelic by positioning Hedwig's wings just over his shoulders........
A.J. Bobo
4. Daedylus
Mostly, I like it. But I have one complaint. It looks like a Christmas scene. Hagrid looks like the Ghost of Christmas Present. I can't remember what he's supposed to be wearing, but it's weird seeing him wearing that coat in July. (That is when Harry's birthday is, right?)
5. Jeff R.
Boo for missing the opportunity to fix the title already.
Luke M
6. lmelior
Their clothing does look weird, though Hagrid's coat was described in a few places as thick, heavy, black, and "seemed to be made of nothing but pockets." I think it's the fur edges that make it look off.

Also, I wish it said, "and the Philosopher's Stone." I'd buy it again if they fixed that mistake. I have the UK blu-ray set for just that reason. :)
7. dwndrgn
I like the image itself as a piece of art - I like how so much interesting stuff is included - but don't like it as a book cover. It doesn't really give us any hints or clues to the action and atmosphere of the story.

I agree that the title should have been redone, I've never liked that font - and it is very much too big.
Ian Johnson
8. IanPJohnson
Holy crap, Kazu Kibuishi! I've always loved his style, especially his use of color. And hey, if the covers had looked like this in 1997 instead of Mary GrandPré's muddy brown crapfests, I might have given the books a chance when I was a kid.

A minor quibble: Kibuishi didn't just design the covers for Amulet. He wrote and drew the whole thing.
9. Action Kate
I dunno. I realize that books get new covers all the time (I've bought a few copies of the same book just for the covers), but this seems like an instances of rebooting before the game is over.

The art above is lovely, but the entire premise seems unnecessary.
Brent Longstaff
10. Brentus
I never cared for the original covers. I like this one better.
12. Pookah
Hagrid is described as twice the hieght of a man, so he's not drawn tall enough. Looking to the movie instead of the book for inspiration is not a good trait in an illustrator.

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