Feb 15 2013 2:10pm

Harrison Ford Will Play Han Solo Again. No One is Surprised

Coming from the often-correct Latino Review, Harrison Ford is rumored to definitely be coming back as Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII. This news claims to have been “triple checked,” but really, wouldn’t we have been more surprised if a sequel to Return of the Jedi didn’t feature the franchise’s most popular actor?

No word yet on the fake rumor we just invented about Shia LaBeouf playing Jacen Solo.

[Via the Latino Review]

marian moore
1. mariesdaughter
Is he playing "The Lion in Winter" version of Hans Solo, at least? It might be interesting to see what that cynical character turned into.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
2. Lisamarie
Okay, this actually did make me kind of excited.... ;)
Rich Bennett
3. Neuralnet
ugh... I am sorry, but how many times has Ford said he wanted them to kill Han solo off at the end of Return of the Jedi because he hated being typecast as the character... and now he is going to reprise the roll?!?! Ford is a total sell out. Seeing an old Han Solo will be like seeing old indiana jones in crystal skull.
4. SueQ
Han & Chewie forever!!
Michael Johnston
6. JohnstonMR
Harrison Ford has had a very successful career and has not been stereotyped. He can afford the social and artistic capital to return to the role that made him famous, and IMO, he doesn't deserve the title of sellout.

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