Feb 4 2013 6:10pm

New Trailer for Community Can Barely Remember Being About a College

Can you count the number of pop culture/geek references in the first brand new trailer for Community, which kicks back on this week? We barely could, but we’re pretty excited! Watch the full trailer below.

(via Comic Book Resources)

Adam Shaeffer
1. ashaef
That truly was epic. Can't wait for Thursday!
3. wingracer
My favorite show ever. I just hope the new team hasn't jumped the shark with it.
Pernilla Leijonhufvud
6. Therru
Damn how I hope the new production team gets the show. But judging from the trailer, I'm carefully optimistic.
J Bizzle
7. wolfkin
gotta love how they region block trailers.. i mean seriously? trailers?

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