Feb 7 2013 4:45pm

Entertainment Weekly Thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is Playing Khan

In what is possibly the most innocuous spoiler of all time, Entertainment Weekly may have just accidentally revealed the real name of Cumberbatch’s Star Trek Into Darkness villain. The latest issue of the magazine will feature two different covers: one with Kirk and Spock and another with... Kirk and Cumberbatch’s John-Harrison-but-also-maybe-Khan?

Like nearly everything concerning Star Trek Into Darkness, it is unclear if anything has actually been revealed, accidentally or not.

If you want to buy this issue of Entertainment Weekly directly, you can go to this site. Once there, you’re given two options. Either the cover with Spock and Kirk or... the cover with Kirk and Khan. Yep. Right there, in the “back issue” section of the magazine, EW is saying that’s the Kirk and Khan cover. Check out the screen shots below so you don’t think we’re being crazy.

Meanwhile, AICN is reporting they’ve seen the print issue of EW, which only refers to a rumor that John Harrison might also go under the name of Khan and doesn’t outright reveal Cumberbatch as Khan.

The real identity of Cumberbatch’s Trek character has been more elusive than Ahab’s white whale, and after all the Khan denial from J.J. Abrams, Simon Pegg, Benedict Cumberbatch, The White House and more, this seems like we might finally be at an end of this wacky quest. If this is the case, a lot of things start to make sense, based what we’ve seen in the trailers. 

Khan was exiled from Earth on The Botany Bay because he was a tyrant/terrorist. The Enterprise (or somebody) wakes him up on accident, and then he starts taking revenge on Earth. The most recent, “I’m better at everything” line from the Superbowl trailer just adds fuel to this theory. He’s better at everything because he’s a product of late 20th century genetic engineering! (The question now is: will he be limited to two-dimensional thinking?)

Mordicai Knode
1. mordicai
More likely someone at EW just put that Khan in as a placeholder/private joke, & it never got scrubbed out.
Brandon Daggerhart
2. BDaggerhart
Yeah - I still can't help but think that JJ & crew are smarter than this, and wouldn't let this slip. Not to mention, JJ's been known to screw with us before. I think (and hope) it's Gary Mitchell.
3. shp2109
They've changed it to say Kirk & Spock even on the Cumberbatch/Pine issue on, now. Maybe they are trying to fix the reveal...
4. Csgrady78
Not going to lie, if after all this it is Khan I will be sad. I'll still watch it, and will most likely enjoy it but it will be while under protest.
5. Kirk Alderfer
While I am a semi-devout Trekker and will go see ST:ID, I am getting really tired of the whole Trek revenge movie francise.
6. Robby the Robot 34
I think in this universe Khan did not make the trip in suspended animation. The new guy, "John Harrison" was one of the genetically altered beings that survived while the others didn't on that ship. You have to remember all of those people on Khan's ship were born and designed to be leaders . Or perhaps in this universe Khan and John Harrison had a fight and Harrison won. Trek fans have to remember this is a different universe where Khan (I'm speculating here) is not the leader.
7. Tim Capehart
Is there anyone who doubted he'd be Kahn from the moment they started filming? Come on! Old news.
steve davidson
8. AmazingStories
In summation: Yawn. Bleh. Yawn. I mean really. Can't they go and find their own universe to play in? I was perfectly happy with Shatner & Nimoy; now the filmmakers have demonstrated that they can't write their way out of a wet paperbag by using a hoary old alternate universe ploy, complete with "red matter". What a joke. But then I suppose if you can make a (good) living with lens flare and hackneyed plots, all the more power to you. I'll wait for the DVD, wait for someone I know to buy it and then watch it at their place so I can honestly say I didn't contribute one thin dime to this appropriation of MY show.
9. JESilverstein
We've already seen the Khan storyline and I can't imagine doing it any better or any other way. I'd love it if this were Gary Mitchell instead; now *there's* a story worth revisiting! Given the hints at telepathic powers, it would make more sense. Keeping my fingers crossed!
11. AlanD
If the split between this TrekVerse and the one from TOS happened when Nemo came back at the beginning of the last movie, then the comments above about Khan not being the leader, etc. are invalid.

If that's not the case, then who knows...
12. SueQ
Whatever, I just what them to put the movie up on the screen, crank up the sound, and KNOCK-MY-SOCKS-OFF!!!

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