Feb 21 2013 12:30pm

Download Our Nebula-Nominated Stories For Free!

Download Our Nebula Nominated Stories For Free!

Though all of our stories are always available globally to read on for free, we’re now offering a limited time FREE Ebook download of our three newly Nebula-nominated stories! The stories are:

Note: Some retailers may take longer to discount than others—keep checking back, and the correct price should display soon!

Rick Kersten
1. rkersten
That's funny, the B&N links are all $0.99.
3. larryB
For real for free ! SWEET ! Thank You !
Colleen Palmer
4. arianrose
Thank you! I was just realizing I hadn't read them yet, but I wasn't looking forward to reading them on the web. They're now nice and safe on my Kindle for when I get home tonight.
Joris Meijer
5. jtmeijer
And interestingly this time (for now?) they are actually also available through the store from the Netherlands.

Might be a glitch if they were only supposed to be free in the USA
6. Adam Bowie
And they're also free on right now, whether or not they should be...
7. Mak
Thank you! Looking forward to reading these!
Chris Lough
8. TorChris
@rksersten, some of the online retailers are slower to update their systems than others. Keep checking back with your preferred provider.
9. Kwhopper88
Awesome to have all these… although I'm Canadian, they're available to me free through iTunes Store… usually I'm screwed out of this stuff.
Wicked ;)
Dru O'Higgins
10. bellman
Amazon Canada also has them showing for free.
Joris Meijer
11. jtmeijer
Ah, it seems you have removed the small letters that apologized for the US only release. It does make some of the previous posts seem a bit senseless now :).
12. rinib
Thank you so much!!
14. Banner
Thank you very much. I got all three!

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