Feb 20 2013 5:10pm

Cumberbatch & McAvoy-Flavored Neverwhere Radio Drama Reveals Airdate, Cast Photo

The Radio Times has just reported that BBC’s Radio 4 will begin airing their audio adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s popular novel Neverwhere starting on March 16th! The voice cast of this “audio film” features Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, Natalie Dormer, Sophie Okondeo, David Harewood, Christopher Lee, and Bernard Cribbins. The series will air in six segments from the 16th-18th with the first part being 60 minutes and the subsequent installments all 30 minutes. Will we be able to listen to anything else that weekend? We will not.

[News and photo via The Radio Times]

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1. Garakds9
This just so cool. Neil Gaiman's work is just incredible. He has a great voice himself. It sure would be cool if he was a part of the cast as well.

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