Feb 20 2013 3:30pm

Choose Your Ender’s Game Army With These New Battle School Logos

Choose Your Ender's Game Army With These New Battle School LogosHot on the space-heels of the new battle school photo, Lionsgate has released images of four different Battle School Army Logos from Ender’s Game. Each image was disseminated to a different Ender fan site with Endersansible getting the Rat Army, Ender’s Game Fansite getting the Asp Army, Ender News receiving the Dragon Army and with the Salamander Army.

Check out the larger versions of each logo below the cut!

Choose Your Ender’s Game Army With These New Battle School Logos

Choose Your Ender’s Game Army With These New Battle School Logos

Choose Your Ender’s Game Army With These New Battle School Logos

Choose Your Ender’s Game Army With These New Battle School Logos

James Hogan
2. Sonofthunder
Asp Army? It's been a while...but I do not remember Asp Army. Clearly I need to do another read-through...

Yo' ass is dragging!
Rancho Unicorno
3. Rancho Unicorno
I guess an Asp is more aggressive than a Rabbit? Like Sonofthunder, I don't remember an Asp Army - I don't think there was even a Snake.

Not a major problem for me, but it is a little bit of a sticking point - introducing an Asp feel too much like executive or marketing meddling. "Nobody is going to buy a toy for the Fluffy Bunny Army, and we aren't paying royalties to the MP boys for a Killer Rabbit Army!"
Rancho Unicorno
4. Morgan Johnson
I honestly find it hard to get excited about ENDER'S GAME. I really enjoyed the book when I first discovered it. But the author's incredibly toxic views about gay people (short version: gay people aren't born, they convert others by raping them) and his funding of anti-equality causes have ruined ENDER'S GAME.

I can't give this brainspace, or attention, without considering how much Card hates me and people like me. And I certainly can't give him any money knowing it will trickle down to people trying to actively make my life worse.
Rancho Unicorno
5. av willis
If i remember right, the reason no one remembers asp is because we never actually saw them in action in the book they were just mentioned 0n the score boards in the cafeteria. Incidentally, being a cop, for a second I thought they were going in a completely different direction with that.
Rancho Unicorno
7. Ghenjei
@4 Morgan- Agreed, Card's pretty much gone off the deep end. Even those who know him refer to him as getting progressively crazier and more paranoid each year.

That being said, no reason to write off his awesome work (not just the Ender-verse, but also the Worthing Saga, Folk of the Fringe, Tales of Alvin Maker, etc).

Heinlein was a full on fascist by his death, Dick a paranoid schizo talking to satellites, and Nietzsche a syphlitic anti-semite. Doesn't mean we can't enjoy their work.
Rancho Unicorno
8. Kasiki
I thought they would work in the color code for the Armies. These work. Very hard to get excited about something so small that had to be in the movie or the movie could not be even based on the book.
Rancho Unicorno
9. Morgan Johnson
@Ghenjei Well, except that Card gives loads of money to charities that actively seek to take away my rights, like N.O.M.

Whenever someone buys his books, buys the film rights to his books, buys a ticket to his movie, gives him publicity, etc, it has a pretty good chance of funding his extreme hate for people like me.

I wish people would just ignore him, ignore his movie, ignore his Superman comics and let him fade away. By all means, enjoy his work when he's dead and gone.
Matthew B
10. MatthewB
@9. Morgan Johnson
I don't like most of Card's writing so it's pretty easy for me to boycott him, but i have a soft spot for Ender's Game. I plan on buying a ticket to some other movie and sneaking in to see it. ;)
Rancho Unicorno
11. Megan C
Loved the movie. Didn't like the ending as much as I thought though. Battle school seems like it would be fun.

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