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Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss Duel Through Book Signatures

Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss Duel Through Book Signatures

Patrick Rothfuss posted recently posted a photo comparison on Facebook of dueling book inscriptions between him and fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. The battleground? Sanderson’s Way of Kings and Rothfuss’ Wise Man’s Fear.

Rothfuss launched the first salvo by signing a copy of Wise Man’s Fear with “Perhaps more majestic than Way of Kings.” Sanderson responded with “1000% less sex with random goddesses.” And thus did Rothfuss lay down his sword so the two could hug it out.

[Cuteness via GalleyCat]

1. Freelancer
Saw that yesterday. It's remarkable how many people seem to lie in wait for a Pat Rothfuss tweet. Within an hour there's often more than 100 comments, far too many of them telling him to quit playing around and get busy writing.
Debbie Lee
3. dylee10
Ha. Which reminds me, I need to read more Sanderson.
4. DaddyMa3c
Harsh but true! Wish for a verbal poetic debate between the two! Without a doubt my top two favourite authors!!
5. Freelancer
Throw Brent Weeks into the mix, and you get this:

Daniel Goss
6. Beren
From this picture I must posit that Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss are only able to sit at the same table if there's an author between them who is utterly terrible in equal proportion to the rest of the talent at the table.

In other words, I don't care for Brent Weeks' body of work. Seems like a nice guy, glad he's able to feed his family doing what he likes, but finishing the Night Angel trilogy (which my sister got me for Christmas) required the same mental / physical effort that it took to get me through the Twilight series. And I only read that one so my wife would stop telling me not to make fun of something I hadn't read.

7. Juanito
@6 This comment wins. Yeah, I read the Night Angel Trilogy as a part of an Omnibus, so it was like reading a reeeeally long book that ended with six people singing. And that saves the day. Somehow.

And this is twitter feud is like watching the bearded cool-guy in school who everybody says is SO artistic getting into a feud with the straight-laced student who's hit the NY Times bestseller list six times.
9. CmdrAdama
Sanderson is no Steven Erikson, but at least he has measurable talent. Rothfuss's books are steaming piles. ^_^
shomnath bayaca
10. adeodadus
@CmdrAdama: well I hope so, since sanderson actually came up with new novel fantasy/fiction powers and world compared to Malazan series(which uses powers that already been written about and described).

cmon, aside from the first 3 books(garden/deadhouse/Ice), the middle books just drags.
11. English Gent
Please get over the whole fanboy thing. These are books and their authors, not Xbox vs Playstation. They are both great authors with interesting and enjoyable worlds. Unless you have some constructive crtisism please keep the bile to a minimum. Thanks
Anthony Pero
12. anthonypero

You should try working through the Rothsfuss re-read on this site, which is done by Hugo-award winning author Jo Walton. Its amazing what Rothsfuss packs into that story. On the surface, it seems light, and trope-filled. Underneath, its another story entirely.
13. ValAlston
Well I follow all three authors as my main favorites! Particularly; Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive, Brent Weeks's Lightbringer series and Patrick Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronichles.
Many thanks to all of them, but especially Sanderson for being amazing without all the cussing and sex.
14. JimboFitzpatrick
I would agree with CmdrAdama completely. Steven Erikson is by far my favorite in this genre, but I would agree that specifically book 5 of the malazan series, "midnight tides" does seem a little slow compared to the rest... but that's only due to the fact that he introduces basically an entire new cast of characters (all the letharie/tis'day Edor) in that book. (Please forgive my spelling of the names, I'm an audiobook guy.)

But besides that one book being a little tough to get through, the Malazan series is without a doubt the best series I've read to date. I cannot wait for him to finish the Karkanis Trilogy, and to start the Toblakai trilogy! I also can't believe no one even mentions Abercrombie in this mix, but everyone's got differing opinions... out of these guys though, I would strongly lean towards Sanderson, I absolutely love Way of Kings, and Words of Radiance..... but the book i was most excited about coming out this past year wasn't Words of Radiance, it was Rupublic of Thieves. :D So fucking good.
Anthony Pero
15. anthonypero
I've tried to read Malazan three times now. I forced my way through the end of book 3 this last time... just don't have the energy to continue it. I like my fiction to have likeable characters put through the ringer. Abercrombie wasn't to my taste either, although at least it was funny. I don't mind dark characters mixed in, even ones we are supposed to root for... but the Mark Lawrences and Joe Abercrombies of the literary world aren't for me.

Malazan just didn't give me enough of what I'm looking for, I guess. Sanderson and Rothsfuss give it me in spades.
16. kikotaichou
I completely agree with you anthonypero!
Teresa Cumberland
18. Tcumberl
Sanderson "took the ink out" of Rothfuss' pen. The pen IS mightier than the sword : )
Lee S Hawke
19. LeeSHawke
Always liked Sanderson. His worldbuilding is phenomenal. *camps down on the Sanderson side of the line*

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