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Announcing the Sookie Stackhouse Reread on!

The Sookie Stackhouse Reread on

On May 7th, the thirteenth (and final) book of Charlaine Harris’s long-running urban fantasy series, Dead Ever After, will be released. In honor of this momentous occasion, is kicking off a reread of the entire series, starting with the first novel, Dead Until Dark.

The series chronicles the adventures of our heroine, Sookie Stackhouse, a small town girl from Bon Temps, Louisiana. She’s a waitress at the local bar with a pretty normal life...or it would be, if she wasn’t telepathic. Oh, and did I mention that vampires have just come out to the world? Sookie's unusual abilities and natural curiousity, along with all the vampires and other creatures who start suddenly showing up in Bon Temps, lead her into all sorts of adventures, which we’ll follow over the course of the thirteen novels.

Each Thursday, I’ll take a look at an individual book in the series, following Sookie’s story all the way up from Dead Until Dark through Dead Ever After. Please be aware that these posts will contain spoilers!

If you’re new to the series, I’d love it if you read along...and if you’ve watched the HBO series, True Blood, but never the books, you’re missing out! Of course, if you’re a longtime reader, I hope you'll join in and discuss your favorite moments in this fabulous series!

We begin with Dead Until Dark.

Becca @ Lost in Thought
1. Becca @ Lost in Thought
Great idea. I'm currently watching season 4 of the show and had 10 books in the Sookie Stackhouse collection for my birthday last year so really need to get around to reading them. I'm looking forward to seeing how the two differ!
Becca @ Lost in Thought
2. Virginia
I started reading these when they first came out, but I haven't picked up the more recent books in the series because I haven't enjoyed them as much. Maybe this will rekindle my love of the series enough to finish it out (I hate leaving a series partly unread). Thanks for doing this!
Becca @ Lost in Thought
3. blossom
I LOVE this series! I'm sad to see it end with the 13th book, but excited to see what comes next for Ms. Harris.
Becca @ Lost in Thought
4. cubicleblindness
I am so in! I was planning to do this because I fell behind with the last 2 books and want to rediscover this world. I absolutely love all of Charlaine Harris' books.
Glad I subscribed to the emails so I could see this post because it would be great to have people to talk to as we read...LET'S GO!
Becca @ Lost in Thought
5. Yodamom
I'm in. I love this series and Ms. Harris' other works and can't wait to see what's next !
Becca @ Lost in Thought
6. Kansas Reader
I re-read the series every time a new book is coming out! I'm bummed out this will be the last one.
Becca @ Lost in Thought
7. Petch48
I have enjoyed the series and have re-read them all as the new book comes out. I am sorry that the series is ending, but have read other books that Ms. Harris has written and have enjoyed them as well. Looking forward to Lucky 13 Dead Ever After. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment.
Becca @ Lost in Thought
8. Patty Wilderman
I love the series. Read them all at least three times. I started reading them when there were only 9 and everytime a new book came out I would start at the begining of the series and read them all again. Can't wait till the new book comes out and I can see how it all ends. I also can't wait to see what Charlaine puts out next.
Becca @ Lost in Thought
9. Victoria29
Just finished reading "Dead and Gone". I've enjoyed all the books...especially when Eric is involved ;) but after this book, I'm starting to vote for Bill again :)
Becca @ Lost in Thought
10. Catherine O'Neill
Just started re reading them all last week, I'd forgotten how wonderful the are
Becca @ Lost in Thought
11. Mtspratz
Nothing beats the visual of Eric in spandex during the orgy scene! What book was that anyway?
Becca @ Lost in Thought
12. marygrace
Love these books reread whenever a new one come out. Can't wait to see how it all ends.
Becca @ Lost in Thought
13. Darla
I love the Sookie and Eric dynamic of these books. You can read about them over and over again!

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