Jan 11 2013 6:00pm

Winter Storm “Gandolf” Shall Totally Pass

A large snowy mess which will impact the Intermountain West region of the United States this week has been named “Gandolf” by the Winter Storm Team at the Weather Channel. There isn’t much of an explanation on the Weather Channel’s website as to why they did this, but we can only assume it has to do with the amount of GREY and WHITE the storm will precipitate on the effected areas.

This storm is not trying to rob you, it’s trying to snow you in.

no, the other Gandolf
1. no, the other Gandolf
still to come: Winter Storm KHAAAAAAAN and Winter Storm Q. You know, some of the name explanations on that page are not very convincing.
no, the other Gandolf
2. Syllabus

They couldn't at least get the name right?
no, the other Gandolf
3. Nicholas Winter
Actually there's a detailed reason why the Weather Channel is doing this at their site: they believe, and likely correctly so, that giving a storm a name will make it easier for viewers to follow its progress. And that in turn will help their raings.
no, the other Gandolf
4. Nicholas Winter
Syllabus, they spelled it corrected and attributed it correctly. The other spelling cannot be used for commercial purposes which this is without paying Dane geld to certain concerns that do not allow usage to go unnoticed.
Andy Thompson
5. Andy_T
I'm surprised it's not Gandolf® or Gandolf© protecting their own special name and special spelling in relation to storms. (I think this winter storm naming thing is lame)
no, the other Gandolf
6. (still) Steve Morrison
Tolkien, of course, did not invent the name "Gandalf"; it's from a list of dwarf names in the Poetic Edda! Still, I don't blame the Weather Channel if they're trying to avoid legal complications.
D. Bell
7. SchuylerH
The name "Gandolf" also turns up in "Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair" by William Morris, held by some to be the first modern fantasy novel.

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