Jan 29 2013 2:30pm

Watch Brandon Sanderson Write the New Stormlight Book in Real Time

Brandon Sanderson Releases Video of Stormlight 2

Brandon Sanderson has released a video of his writing process for the second novel in the Stormlight Archive, the massive epic fantasy series he began with The Way of Kings. In this video we see his outlining process, hear some of his thoughts about future videos, the working title for Stormlight 2, and why that working title “is a little too ridiculous,” plus more!

(Skip to 3:05, that's when the activity begins.)

This video shows Sanderson working on an interlude chapter, one of the short stories peppered throughout the Stormlight books. The interludes to The Way of Kings offered a number of fascinating looks into the untold stories of Roshar, developed Szeth’s storyline, and gave us a stealthy Mistborn cameo. This chapter returns to Rysn, a Thaylen trader who appeared in The Way of King: Interlude 4. In that interlude she and her mentor traveled to Shinnovar, a strangely peaceful corner of Roshar, and one that resembles Earth much more closely than the rest of the locations in the book. Sanderson says in the video that until he writes a scene in a location nothing is canon for him, and he is once again using Rysn’s viewpoint to nail down the details of a new corner of his world, this time the Reshi Isles.

He also confirms that the working title for Stormlight 2 is The Book of Endless Pages, and that this will not be the final title of the series. Sanderson explains that the title “sounded cool to me when I was doing my outlines, but since then I’ve come to realize that having thousand-page novels named The Book of Endless Pages is a little bit ridiculous.” As cool as it would be to continue his tradition of naming novels after in-universe books, this blogger at least is looking forward to a novel with a vast but finite number of pages.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot for Tor.com. Stubby deeply appreciates the Metroid music in this video.

Niall Alexander
1. niallalot
No qualifications at all: this is an awesome insight into the process of a fascinating fantasist.

Anyway, I'm obscenely pleased to see work beginning on book two of The Stormlight Archive, whatever it ends up being called. I admit The Way of Kings was far from perfect, but I enjoyed the hell out of it all the same.
Marcus W
2. toryx
Brandon Sanderson going for the Harlan Ellison look? Interesting.
3. Dennis_H
I, at least, think The Book of Endless Pages is an awesome title, and I hope Brandon's editor will convince him to use it.
Bobby Stubbs
5. Valan
I'm more enamored with the Metroid remixes than the writing process (which would not normally be the case.) They're awesome.
Carl Engle-Laird
7. CarlEngle-Laird
@MerchanterPride: I think the people we're thinking about (who appear during the Purelake interlude looking for Hoid) appeared in both Elantris and Mistborn. Thanks for pointing it out!
8. RLCode
@MerchanterPride & CarlEngle-Laird

While Hoid DOES appear in Elantris & Mistborn (as well as other works), and IS in tWoK, both an Elantris cameo AND a Mistborn cameo are there as well (even in the same segment). Note the article mentions specifically the cameo appearing in one of the shorts/interludes:

"The interludes to[i]The Way of Kings gave us a stealthyMistborn cameo."

(And YES--a very fun overview of his process here!)
9. Geckomayhem
Very interesting to see a little of his planning process. I wonder how much external stuff, such as notes on a world, he links into each planned part (interlude or otherwise), and how much he manually inputs into the same document (such as having those notes on the character from the first book sitting there at the bottom).

Also, you don't have to be a fancy typist to be a fantasy writer. Woohoo!
Michael Viana
10. matrim_4511
Excited to see new work on The StormLight Archive!

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