Jan 30 2013 5:30pm

Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales Sweepstakes!

We've got ten copies of Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales by Yoko Ogawa, and we want you to win one! This book focuses on the interconnections between 11 unnamed narrators and is sure to chill you to bone. Comment in the post to enter and check out its book trailer below!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) January 30, 2013. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET February 4, 2013. Void outside of the 50 US, and DC where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Produced by Picador’s Creative Director Henry Sene Yee and Senior Designer Ervin Serrano, created for the release of Yoko Ogawa’s Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales, on sale now!

Michael G.
1. Michael G.
Sounds really cool! Would love a copy =)
Michael G.
2. Richard Auffrey
I was already intrigued by this book and so like to win a copy.
Michael G.
3. Teawench
Looks cool!
Michael G.
7. Joseph Diamante
This book sounds pretty sweet!!
Patti Short
9. Mayam
I would love to add this to my collection!
Michael G.
12. Unwaz
Enter all of the contests!
Samuel Kuo
14. srkuo77
Looks interesting, would love to get a copy to read.
Michael G.
15. Splaticus
I would like to read it (*_*)
Michael G.
16. Tuckerc
Japanese author? Creepy vibes? This is my cup of tea, precisely.
Michael G.
17. Worthy Goober
Send one my way!!
Michael G.
18. Desmond
Count me in, please!
Michael G.
20. ViewerB
This sounds really interesting, sign me up!
Michael G.
21. LarryB
Ok I dare ya go ahead scare me
Steven Cole
23. scole66
Chill me to the bone? Sure does sound like a winter tale..
Michael G.
24. RLBrown
Nothing like a scary book to give you a chill in the middle of winter!
Michael G.
25. Juushika
Quite interested.
Michael G.
28. Chris O.
Sounds awesome.
Michael G.
29. Michelle Bitner Smith
Ready to be chilled.
Michael G.
30. Reensters
Sounds thrilling! Pick me!
Michael G.
31. grimrick
I will gladly give one of these copies a good home.
Michael G.
32. B Kehl
Nice! I'm a sucker for short stories that pack a punch.
Joanne Mielczarski
36. jtmswim
This is certainly a different kind of book....
Michael G.
37. Bianca Strathairn
Can't WAIT to read this!!!!!!
Michael G.
38. Nichole Anne
I love scary stories! Thank you for the chance to win!!
Michael G.
40. Shamus
Oh, please please me!
Michael G.
41. jc1960
What a great concept, so interesting. Thanks TOR!
Michael G.
42. kamandi
Would love to give it a read!
Michael G.
43. jere7my
I will have my rewengey!
Michael G.
45. Spaz27616
Sounds interesting.
Michael G.
48. LeighB
Sounds intriguing.
Michael G.
49. Prominent Nonentity
Michael G.
50. Naagin
Sounds very interesting. Please pick me!
Michael G.
52. Ramin
Im already scared!
Michael G.
54. meaghansktch
Would love a copy! Thanks for the opportunity!
Michael G.
55. William Sinister
I'd very much appreciate a free copy of this books. I'm intrigued. Good promotion.
Michael G.
57. Zack Warren
I'd love to win a copy!
Michael G.
58. superunison
Been waiting for this one -- I'd love to get my hands on a free copy.
Michael G.
59. zer0sleep
The reviews of this look great.
Michael G.
60. Dean B.
Yes, please. Have read great things about this one.
Michael G.
64. Susan B. Love
I would LOVE to win a copy!
Michael G.
67. Joel_Lee
I've been craving some seriously creepy writing lately. The book trailer certainly piques my interest.
Michael G.
68. dreadbeat
I'm intrigued. Count me in.
Jeff Tufano
69. profchaos
Bones need some chilling. Count me in, pretty please w/a cherry on top.
Michael G.
70. Alarpup
Sounds interesting, count me in! :)
Michael G.
71. Pats
Would love a copy. Sounds really good.
Michael G.
73. signahead
That does sound like fun.
Michael G.
76. Dick S.
Is this recommended for bedtime reading?
Mark Vanek
77. imp
currently 5 degrees out so I'm already chilled to the bone. A book would be awesome though.
Michael G.
78. bellcross
I must read this book.
Stephen Lyon
80. skaftafell
Deep winter darkness;
Vengence stirs in twisted hearts
Living to destroy.
Tom Hill
82. thill2
Please don't pick me eleventh. Tenth would be nice.
Michael G.
88. Andrea H.
I've heard good things. I'm looking forward to reading it!
Michael G.
89. matkeltri
Count me in!
Michael G.
90. Ed!
Yay, a sweepstakes!
Michael G.
91. AliciaB
Thanks for the chance :D
Craig Piercy
92. cpiercy
Please add my entry. If I win, I'll read while eating a dish served cold, maybe gazpacho.
Michael G.
93. Laurraine
Please count me in.
Michael G.
96. Rita Anderson
I would love to read this.
Michael G.
97. parkerozgood
I love a good bone chilling Thriller! This would be a perfect read for out in the fish house when the fish aren't biting!

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