Jan 25 2013 1:15pm

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Heading to Broadway in Waiting For Godot

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Heading to Broadway in Waiting For Godot

So apparently our dreams have begun manifesting in the real world because it has just been announced that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen will be performing Waiting For Godot on Broadway in fall 2013! The production will be a two-play repertoire, with Godot being paired with Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land. Professor X will play Vladimir in Godot and Hirst in No Man’s Land while Magneto will play opposite him as Estragon in Godot and Spooner in No Man’s Land. And then they’ll show up together again the following year in X-Men: Days of Future Past because we are just that blessed.

Director Sean Mathias’ approach to the production sounds fairly high-concept, as well. And while we don’t actually expect him to give either play a sci-fi twist, you’ll forgive us for initially thinking he might, given his description:

In Waiting For Godot, two men exist in a universe that is both real and imagined—a place where time does not always advance towards a future. And as the two men wait, two outsiders enter to disrupt that universe. In No Man’s Land, two men inhabit a land that is neither here nor there—a land where time and memory play unreliable tricks. And as these two men converse, two other men who are both familiar and unfamiliar enter this same land with unnerving effect.

Performance dates and a theatre have not yet been announced but Stubby will be first in line, you can gaurantee it.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of It turns out Godot is actually a living planet.

1. Sanagi
Wow. That's even more perfect than Patrick Stewart vs. David Tennant in Hamlet.
Genevieve Williams
2. welltemperedwriter
I am contemplating flying across the country to New York to see this. Seriously.
alastair chadwin
3. a-j
I was lucky enough to see them doing Godot a few years back and can definately say, if you can, get to see them. Jealous that you're getting No Man's Land as well. Hey ho.
4. dejadrew

I'm nowhere near New York, I'm unlikely to GET anywhere near New York, for the love of all that's holy, do a live broadcast to movie theatres the way they've been doing with the metropolitan opera! Digital recording available for purchase and download like they did with Tennant and Tate in Much Ado About Nothing! ANYTHING!

I love live theatre, I know a recording isn't the same thing, but for many of us, due to location, budget, scheduling, a recording is all we can manage, and I would LOVE to see this damn play.

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