Jan 8 2013 2:30pm

New Pacific Rim Trailer

New Pacific Rim trailer is like a live-action Robotech

Is Pacific Rim this century’s Robot Jox? Or is it live-action Robotech? Transformers with people inside? We can’t decide...here’s the new Pacific Rim trailer.

1. thehost55
Man, I wish he had directed the Hobbit.
Keith DeCandido
2. krad
This not a new trailer, as I saw this exact same trailer weeks ago.

Still, looking forward to seeing the Sons of Anarchy and Stringer Bell take on Godzilla.......

---Keith R.A. DeCandido
Jeff Youngstrom
3. jeffy
Saw a very similar trailer before The Hobbit the other day. My wife was dozing off through all the monsters and mechs, but she perked right up when Idris Elba came on screen ;-) Smart casting there.
Shelly wb
4. shellywb
It looked like the human operators were someplace else, like these are puppets or drones. It would be cooler if they were riding inside a la Escaflowne and other anime, so here's hoping I'm wrong.
Alan Brown
5. AlanBrown
To use a phrase I learned from my granddaughter, this movie looks like it is "made of awesome."
jazz tigan
6. tredeger
Well, it's got the Inception horns, so it must be good. I learned that from Tor.
jazz tigan
7. tredeger
Also, with two human operators side by side, am I the only one who's reminded of Dance Dance Revolution?
Michael Grosberg
8. Michael_GR
subliminal advertising / product placement at 1:04
Tristan Henry-Wilson
9. TristanHenryWilson
@tredeger I thought the same thing. "BRAAAAAAAAAAAM" I'll never look at a trailer with them the same.
10. Minchy
Whoever created this trailer watched a little too much of the Prometheus trailer. This is stupidly similar and actually ruins my enjoyment of the trailer.
11. Tim Thraeryn
"Today, we are CANCELLING the Apocalypse!"

This is OUR Independence Day!
12. OgreMkV
This really looks like a poor clone of a Neon Genesis Evangelion episode. The one where the two kids have to fight perfectly in sync.

I really don't understand the need to have two people in the suits doing teh exact same thing at the same time. Those suits are huge, surely they could put enough processing power in them so two humans aren't required.

I'm still thinking more RobotJox than anything good. Unless it gets stunning reviews from people I trust with science fiction, I'll pass until it's on Netflix.

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