Jan 18 2013 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Here Captain Pike, Hold this Spaceship

This super rare photo of Gene Roddenberry handing the Enterprise to Jeffrey Hunter surfaced just days after an old interview with Jeffrey Hunter popped up on the Internet, also! You’d think Captain Pike was trying to tell us something. Like maybe we’re meant for something better. Something special. 

Your assortment of offsite links might be illusions put in your mind by the folks living on Talos IV. But they might be real too. Highlights include.

  1. Gay Yeti Attack!
  2. All about the Zombieland TV show.
  3. Will Gremlins return?

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John R. Ellis
1. John R. Ellis
On the 9th Doctor thing, as the BBC recently signed off on the idea that Eight eventually ditched the Doc Holiday-esque duds for something a bit more low key.

(Really, listen to Big Finish's Dark Eyes boxed set, Whovians. You'll love it!)

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