Jan 25 2013 2:30pm

John Dies At The End Sweepstakes!

We've got a super fun sweepstakes for John Dies At The End by David Wong! Now that this novel has become a motion picture, we've got our hands on five posters for the film and five books to go along with them. That quite the set, and you could be one of five to win it! Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) January 25, 2013. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET January 29, 2013. Void outside of the 50 US, and DC where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Rosanne Trask
1. Rosanne Trask
Ooh that sounds amazing! Hooray!
Marcus W
3. toryx
I've never read it, so what the heck, I'm in.
Shaun Duke
6. Arconna
I can't wait. Giamatti is always a thrill to watch, and this one looks like yet another of his great films.
Rosanne Trask
7. Aaron Muguerza
I want one. Love you TOR!
Rosanne Trask
8. Wendy Edsall-Kerwin
This sounds like it's going to be crazy! I have to read the book now.
Rosanne Trask
10. BumbleBob
I've been eyeing this book for a while!
Jack Flynn
13. JackofMidworld
I know a guy who'd love to have this on his game-room wall!
Rosanne Trask
16. bmfrosty
Sounds good to me!
Rosanne Trask
22. Hoot'n'Toot
yes yes yes!!!
Rosanne Trask
23. Vanye111
Would love to have the first book to go with the second one that I won...
Rosanne Trask
24. Nicoletort
Sounds awesome!
Rosanne Trask
25. BP
Sweet. Still have to read the book, but the movie is coming to my local art theater on 2/22.
Rosanne Trask
28. Another Sarah
This has been on my list for a while, I'd love to win a copy.
Rosanne Trask
30. dwndrgn
Very cool giveaway! I want in.
Rosanne Trask
31. Alarpup
Cool! Would love to win!
Rosanne Trask
29. kamandi
Cool! Hope I win.
Rosanne Trask
32. RLBrown
A book to die for?
Rosanne Trask
33. Michael Habif
yes please
Rosanne Trask
34. MadxHatter0
I'm so in.
35. EM42
This is an amazing book and I can hardly wait to see the movie!
Andy Kilby
36. adk2639
I need to read this book before seeing the film!
Rosanne Trask
37. zenspinner
Oh, yes please!
Rosanne Trask
38. schatzfam
I wonder if this book will have a surprise ending.
Rosanne Trask
39. Craig L
SPOILER: I have read the sequel (without reading the original yet, I am SO out of order) and John appears in page one.
Rosanne Trask
45. madainn
I'm a bit skeptical that the movie is going to capture the book, but I'll reserve judgement until I see it!
Chris Long
46. radynski
I read it years ago, as it was released online, but I'd love to get the novel in one piece to read again.
Rosanne Trask
47. Joshua S. Fields
Awesome Sauce!
Frank Nagy
49. fjnagy
John Dies at the Beginning would be an awfully short book (and probably not too interesting)
Rosanne Trask
50. Jumperfan007
Gotta love the sauce...
Rosanne Trask
53. Kyle W.
The first book is better than the second, and I have high hopes for the movie.
Rosanne Trask
54. Kylar Stern
I'd love to read the book and I can't wait to see the movie!
Rosanne Trask
56. Herb99
Pretty please.
Rosanne Trask
58. chaosprime
Yeah, I'm in. :)
Rosanne Trask
60. GameCouch
This has been on my to-read list for so long . . .
Johannah Brookwell
62. Johannah
Talk about "no surprize" endings (smile)
Steven Cole
63. scole66
Yes!!! I've wanted to read this since I finished the sequel. (Which was a heck of a lot of fun.)
Rosanne Trask
64. Shirley Cochran
Wow--the book would be enough but the poster too!
Rosanne Trask
66. Starlon99
John dies at the end? where was that spoiler warning? Can't wait to see how!
Sam Brougher
67. Azuaron
I've been wanting this for a while now, just never ended up getting it. Here's hoping!
Rosanne Trask
71. Andrew S. Balfour
I must have these things.

@Starlon99 Ha. Ahahahaha. Ha.
Jeff Tufano
72. profchaos
Oh please please please. Somehow I won a copy of the sequel book even though I don't remember entering. I have been wanting to get a copy of JDATE for so long but am so broke. I just finished a book and am looking for a new one to read and this would be awesome.

/end rant
Rosanne Trask
73. Kimberly B.
Thanks for the great giveaway! I'd love to win!
Rosanne Trask
74. Big Mike Lewis
I'd be interested in that.
Lish McBride
76. Lishism
Yay! I'm actually reading this book right now!
Drake Stephens
77. MynameisDrake
This is a comment.

I've only heard of this and know almost nothing about it, so this would be a cool way to get in to something a lot of people are talking about.
Tyler Justin
78. Argett
Definitely would like to get in on this!
Rosanne Trask
81. Grace Irelan
Interesting title.
Rosanne Trask
84. pirateslife
Oh, I've beeen wanting this one for a while! It looks like it will be awesome.
Allana Schneidmuller
86. blutnocheinmal
That poster's pretty sweet. I've been meaning to read that book. Also Doug Jones is in the movie! And Paul Giamatti!
Rammy Meyerowitz
87. m5rammy
poor john, but who wins in the end? we'll see ...
Rosanne Trask
88. Laurraine
Count me in!
Rosanne Trask
89. Sybylla
"From the director of...Bubba Ho-Tep." Count me in.
Rosanne Trask
90. JillA
Please enter me in the contest!
Rosanne Trask
91. LarryB
Im about a third of a way in to the book and enjoying every word
Rosanne Trask
92. Mschultz
Can't wait to see this
James Felling
93. Maltheos
Count me in -- I am really looking forward to this film.
Rosanne Trask
94. matkeltri
Sounds really neat!
Rosanne Trask
95. Melinda Jo
Sounds interesting...
Kevin Wadlow
96. eldritchmonkey
Neat! I rented the movie last night on iTunes. It was... Weird. In a good way!
Rosanne Trask
97. sojicopoda
Yes! I've been trying to read this book, but I keep missing it at the library.
Billy Vermillion
98. yetidad
Excited about the film. It looks great. I haven't read the book, but I'd love to!
Rosanne Trask
99. jfreak29
Planning on seeing it in Chicago in 2 weeks or so!
Rosanne Trask
102. Desmond
Count me in, please!
Rosanne Trask
103. harmonyfb
That would be awesome! :)
Rosanne Trask
108. mikeL
I like reading :)
Rosanne Trask
110. SaraC
Sign me up, please!
William Skehan
111. Wskehan
Didn't know movie was a book. How could i be so wong!
Rosanne Trask
112. timothycward
yes! heard great things
Sherri Bailey
113. sherri19
I'm in! Looks like a rollercoaster read!!!
Rosanne Trask
115. Renee G
This sounds outstanding.
Rosanne Trask
116. chris55
looks like a cool prize to win.
Rosanne Trask
118. Prominent Nonentity
Rosanne Trask
119. moonsent
Would love this!
debbie penny
120. debbie
I have been wanting to read this book for so long. I would love to have it.
Tom Hill
122. thill2
Poor John. Maybe if I give him this book for Christmas, he will read it, and not die?
Jacob Marlowe
123. Savior4Hire
Been meaning to read this, may as well do it for free.
Rosanne Trask
127. jonathan cardenas
David Wong is awesome. I love his articles on and the movie was epic. I hope they make one for his second book, "This Book is Full of Spiders, seriously dude don't touch it" another great tittle for a great book.
Rosanne Trask
128. Darth Touma
It wasn't me that killed John, though
Joseph Cook
129. Jobi-Wan
Yes please, I like the look of the poster.
Rosanne Trask
130. SciFiChick
I am Brian of Nazareth.. and so is my wife..
Rosanne Trask
131. imbubbasmom
Whoa! This is fantastic - I've been wanting to read this for a loooong time:^)
Rosanne Trask
133. Linda Peavy
I would love this one!
Rosanne Trask
134. Mike R.
Great contest, thanks!
Rosanne Trask
135. parkerozgood
David Wong is awesome! This is a rockin giveaway! Thanks for the chance
Rosanne Trask
136. Eric's alias
Just don't give away the ending!
Rosanne Trask
137. Desiree S.
Would love to win! Thank you for the chance. :)
Rosanne Trask
138. Victoria Barton
I saw jdate this weekend and absolutely loved it. going to watch it again today thanks for the giveaway!!!
Rosanne Trask
139. T_Lawson
I've been meaning to check this one out. Sounds good!
Rosanne Trask
140. rogerohio
Sign me up!
Rosanne Trask
140. Josh Walsh
Amazing book! The sequel is excellent as well.
Rosanne Trask
141. Ryan Grady
great contest, I'm in!
Rosanne Trask
142. Victoria Barton
I saw jdate this weekend and absolutely loved it. going to watch it again today thanks for the giveaway!!!
Rosanne Trask
143. strangerwmancandy
Super Sweet... you can all go home... I already won
Tucker Lockhart
144. EskimoJockey
This movie isn't showing in my area, so fingers crossed fot a poster!
Rosanne Trask
145. Daniel Lanham
I never win anything so it would be nice to win something for once, I love to read.
Sam Cosby
146. Samcozb
I previously read the ebook, but would love a physcial copy. Plus a poster? Hot damn!
Rosanne Trask
147. HMaximus
i want free things!
Rosanne Trask
148. Ryan Schremp
I really want to read this book. I loved the movie!
Rosanne Trask
149. Jeremy Boreske
I got the privilege to see an early screening of the movie and am reviewing it for a site I work for. I'm dying to read the book and would live to win this contest bc in my opinion this is the best cult movie to come out in ages. It's a must see!!
Rosanne Trask
150. cyndi br
sound great
Rosanne Trask
151. J. Stone
Sounds awesome! Would love to read the book and own the movie!
Rosanne Trask
152. bluesoda
Loved this book and movie, read it as a serial on the internets years ago
Rosanne Trask
153. Melissia Lindemann
Would love to win this! Got all my friends hooked on this book!
Rosanne Trask
154. MeanMark
Give it here!!!!!
Rosanne Trask
155. AndyByrd
I can't wait to finally see this movie.
Rosanne Trask
156. Phillip M
Yes please
Rosanne Trask
157. Deaner
Gimme gimme gimme!!
Rosanne Trask
158. Jeff M.
I'll toss my hat into the ring for free stuff!
Rosanne Trask
159. Scott Hutcheson
let me in on this sweet goodness.
Rosanne Trask
160. krycekno
Forget kittens, this will make my sad go away!
Rosanne Trask
161. evilbutters
Been wanting to see this movie and or check out the book for awhile now.
Rosanne Trask
162. Beansac McGee
This book is AMAZING! Fear the penis!
Rosanne Trask
163. chris bartschi
me rikkey me want
Rosanne Trask
164. CitizenH
Can't wait to see Giamatti in some good Scifi, movie looks awesome. I've been with Coscarelli since Beast Master!
Rosanne Trask
165. derrick casady
Being a fan of Don Coscarelli ever since I saw Phantasm I will enjoy this bizzare ride...
Rosanne Trask
166. Tyler Turner
Can't wait to see this film!
Rosanne Trask
167. Austin Chamberlain
This is soooo awesome! Coscarelli and Scrimm! I love these guys! Can't wait to see the movie and read the book!
Rosanne Trask
168. John Russell
Waiting for this to be screening at my local theater! Cant wait!!
Rosanne Trask
169. Eastwood Almazan
I'm a huge fan of the novel and would love to get a new copy! JDatE roks!
Rosanne Trask
170. Genital Healer
Turns out I need another book, considering I gave mine away to a friend and am going through withdrawals! Also having that poster would be rad.
Rosanne Trask
171. Zac White
JDATE was a great movie, I perchased the book as soon as i heard that Don C. (creater of phantasm) was making it into a movie. He is the absolute best, and i owe a lot of my horror influences to him. Thanks for this contest. I would love a copy of a poster. none the less, just glad that this forum was set up for people to read and promote JDATE!
Rosanne Trask
172. Perfect Tommy
My penis and I we would like to win=)
Rosanne Trask
173. Michael Cote
I would like to win very much. Thank you.
Rosanne Trask
175. Jerry Macdonell
This is a must see for me...
Jeremy Young
176. JohnSith
Oh man, I love this book! Can't wait to go on a J-Date binge! wait no
Rosanne Trask
177. Edoesnotexist
I've lent my copy of the book to everyone I know. If I had a second copy, I could spread the sauce twice as fast.

I enjoyed the movie on Amazon before it was released in theaters. It's a fantastic book, the perfect mesh of adventure, immaturity, and twistedness.
Rosanne Trask
179. Jason Golden
I would have this book's babies, if such things were not frowned upon in polite society. The movie was excellent, as well, but I think it would just not call me back in the morning.
Rosanne Trask
180. Nicole Tomala
Oh my god I would die if I got the novel!!!! :D
Rosanne Trask
181. Tucker Christine
The movie was great. Looking forward to the book.
Rosanne Trask
182. Daniel J Pool
This comment is full of spiders.
Rosanne Trask
183. J.Stinnett
This book is full of spiders was so much fun.The Movie(Jdate) was so much fun.Winning would be so much fun. Thanks for the chance at fun.
Rosanne Trask
184. Michael Powell
I love books, I love posters & it's kind of obvious by this post that I love JDAE.. going to see the movie in theaters on the first!
Rosanne Trask
185. MattG
I'd love a poster, or even another book! :P
Rosanne Trask
186. Andy N
Awesome! Great movie.
Rosanne Trask
187. Mcdoogledork
I wanna win.
Rosanne Trask
188. Rob G
Consider this my entry! I have not been able to stop talking about the movie since I saw it Friday night on the big screen. And I just bought the book, but if I win I will share the wealth and give it to a friend!
Rosanne Trask
189. PKRK
I love this book and that poster
Rosanne Trask
190. Amanda T.
I so want this book! I looked for it forever and could only find the digital version a few years ago. I need the copy for my library. The poster would be a bonus!
Rosanne Trask
191. Luna Tristan
I want a poster!
Rosanne Trask
192. Zim Khan
That's the axe that beheaded me!
Rosanne Trask
193. Noel B.
This movie was great...saw it at the Philadelphia Film Festival and I implore all of you to see it, however you can (legally). Support originality!
Rosanne Trask
194. AdricM
I love the book, had to buy it again in ebook format, because my dead tree one sprung to life and tried to kill me, then ran off with my ex girlfriend.
Rosanne Trask
195. Andrew Cassady
I'd love to win the book+poster!
Rosanne Trask
196. The Bri-Man
Love the look of that poster
Rosanne Trask
197. mrpeanut1
This is amazing!
Rosanne Trask
199. V. Huynh
Oh, it'd be nice to finally own the book!
Rosanne Trask
200. Kup
I've seen this movie three times already and read the book twice (though I've lent it out so many times it's in pretty bad shape, and I'm in serious need of a new copy). Also, look for the sequel, This Book is Full of Spiders!
Rosanne Trask
201. Chris McCormick
such a cool prize package and a cool easy way to win.
Rosanne Trask
202. Benjamin Bauer
Dayuuummmm, having a poster for a Don Coscarelli movie? Schwayte
Rosanne Trask
203. billno
Can't wait to read the book and then to see the film.
Rosanne Trask
204. Seth B Doe
sweet! Sign me up!
Rosanne Trask
205. Jacob Plumb
I actually really want to read it since I like David Wong from Cracked!
Rosanne Trask
207. bolen
Serve Korrok, dude.
Rosanne Trask
208. Mutedsanity
Read the book and the sequel, saw the movie when it was out to rent, saw the movie in LA twice (going again on Tuesday). Don Coscarelli said that if everyone saw the movie three times and bought four copies of the DVDs they'd make the sequel into a movie on opening night; so SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY DON COSCARELLI. (Also, there should be a kickstarter for it; might help raise funds. I know I'd donate.)
Rosanne Trask
209. CleanBobby
it would be incredible if I actually won this!
Rosanne Trask
210. Dingus
I DID see the movie 3 times (actually 5), and if it means getting "Spiders" made into a movie, I'll buy as many damn DVD's as I can...
Rosanne Trask
211. Nerdwit
I've read the book(s) and seen the movie. Now I want the poster!
Rosanne Trask
212. Miscellaneous Steve
Count me in!
Rosanne Trask
213. Mike V.
The movie was great! As are the books!
Rosanne Trask
214. Eric Windsor
I would love to win!
Rosanne Trask
216. Fred Meier
Can't wait to see it.
Rosanne Trask
217. james page
Haven't sewn the movie yet but loved the book!
Rosanne Trask
218. loarfy
oh man oh man i hope i win!! i love the book, but i only have a ebook copy... i feel like this is so good it deserves to be a print copy, hahaha

put it on display and all
Rosanne Trask
219. Leanne@Strewth-Tiger
Count me in!
Rosanne Trask
220. The Eiffel Plower
Thanks to these books one day I'll have a dog named Molly.
Rosanne Trask
222. Brian Cross
I want to win
Rosanne Trask
223. Loreja
Great title. Hooks you in right away. Looking forward to seeing the film.
Rosanne Trask
224. Rachel Biedenbach
Yes Please! I so need to read the book, and the poster is a great perk!
Rosanne Trask
227. Garrett Schneider
If I win, I will read this to my first born child as a bedtime story everynight. If I decide to procreate.
Rosanne Trask
228. Matt Oh
I've been dying to read this book (no pun intended)!
Rosanne Trask
229. Isaac Davila
Genius book and film. Would love a copy of the book/movie poster.
Rosanne Trask
230. brian durrence
Sooooo how about a poster
Rosanne Trask
231. aaron k
Cool. Would very much like.
Rosanne Trask
232. Adam Skarnes
I'd love to own these!
Rosanne Trask
233. Myles gosmire
One of the very few books that took me on a wild ride through absurdity.
Rosanne Trask
234. Leslie Davis
Rosanne Trask
235. Greg H
I love free stuff.
LYNETTE thompson
236. LYNETTE52
I just want to make sure that my name is in the drawing, looks like a great book. You always have the best giveaway.
Rosanne Trask
237. sick60sixxer
Would love to win these! Loved the movie, haven't read the book yet though.
Rosanne Trask
239. KilltheBrain
oooooooooooh!!!!! pick me pick me! (^:
Rosanne Trask
240. Margaret Rushton
I would love to win! This is a prize to die for!
Rosanne Trask
241. Blaise M
Saw a pre-screening at the Drafthouse and I was dying with laughter. Picked up the book shortly after, would love to get poster to commemorate such a great film! Don Coscarelli!!!!!
Rosanne Trask
242. DavidFier
Sign me up!!!
Rosanne Trask
243. jian
I need a copy of this book to give to my brother in law so he can get his man card back. I had to revoke it after he asked me if I've read the 50 shades trilogy.
Rosanne Trask
244. Josh Utermohle
I hope I win. I havent really won anything before.
Rosanne Trask
245. nevsky
I would be delighted to win that poster and book. Planning to read it and see it regardless of whether or not I win, of course.
Rosanne Trask
246. Ryan Curran
Pick me, pick me!!
Rosanne Trask
247. Farrell
Hook me up!
Rosanne Trask
249. Lord Auch
I love John Dies At The End. I just now started reading This Book is Full of Spiders I hope it is as good as the first.
Rosanne Trask
250. Mr. Self Destruct
I love the Phantasm films and heard rave reviews of the novel from fellow humans!
Rosanne Trask
251. Pittmo
Good movie, great poster!
Rosanne Trask
252. Aine
I've been raving about the book since it came out. I haven't been able to hold in to nt copy because I've literally gotten it bank and loaned it to someone else the same day. Everyone should experience the epicness. Super excited for the movie!
Kristoff Bergenholm
253. Magentawolf
I've been meaning to read this for a while. Sign me up!
Rosanne Trask
254. Meagan D
Awesome. I've got the ebook version but I wouldn't say no to a hard copy. :)
Rosanne Trask
256. E_Hilburn
This door cannot be opened!
Rosanne Trask
257. Jeremy C.
I just watched the movie on iTunes this weekend with my girlfriend. Easily the best movie I've seen since Birdemic! ;) I've got a soy shirt on the way, now I just need to read the book and put up a poster. C'mon, hook me up!
Rosanne Trask
258. Heather_Lee
Oh! A poster! I don't have a poster yet. Or the movie version of the book!
Rosanne Trask
259. Bryce Vaughters
I LOVE john dies at the end, I bought my friends the book so they can read it and UNDERSTAND.
Rosanne Trask
260. Katie D.
A few years ago for my mother didn't know what to get me for Christmas so I had her buy John Dies At The End for me. Not until after Christmas did I realize what a dick move it was on my part to ask for this book. See my father had recently passed away and his name was John. Oh was a phenomenal book! This and House of Leaves are my two all time favorite books!
Rosanne Trask
261. Evan T
yay I like to win things, I've heard good things about this book
Rosanne Trask
265. oneflewover221b
I adore the book, but I'd KILL for the poster! And I really want to share the book with all my friends. :)
Rosanne Trask
267. Christian Fredrick
The movie looks interesting to say the least. Wouldn't mind reading the book the novel is based on, since as often the case the book is better than the movie.
Rosanne Trask
268. Cole Hayes
Rosanne Trask
269. Larry Edwards
I love the Book, I can't wait to see the movie!!!
Rosanne Trask
270. Dina Williams
I, uh, I NEED IT! I need it!
Rosanne Trask
271. Jared P.
I am commenting on this post.
Rosanne Trask
272. Conor Sanders
Rosanne Trask
273. rachelle
Loved the book! Movie did not do the book justice but well worth the 10 bucks I spent streaming it from Xbox live!!!!
Rosanne Trask
274. John Godoy
You're all just a figment of my c***s imagination.
Rosanne Trask
275. hngkong
Oh god, I would love to win a copy of the poster!
Rosanne Trask
276. Rewind
Feelin' saucey! ..."...he says that when you read the Bible, the Devil looks back at you through the pages."
Rosanne Trask
277. jesse connors
great movie. i need to get me some soy sauce asap
Rosanne Trask
279. Chay
What I wouldn't give!
Rosanne Trask
280. Anthony Emm
Boy howdy, I sure do hope that I can be lucky enough to win such a fantastic prize!
Tyler Bridwell
282. goodLose
This looks awesome. It'll look even better on my wall!
Rosanne Trask
284. Nichole Cicero
Oh this would be awesome to win! Thanks for the giveaway!
Rosanne Trask
285. Madison
I recommend this book to everyone. Already saw the movie via Playstation, plan to see it again in theaters. THE BOOK SO NICE I'LL WATCH IT TWICE wait what
Rosanne Trask
286. Brittany Robertson
Super stoked! C:
Rosanne Trask
287. Cagney Larkin
I am attending a one night only screening of the film in Charlotte, NC on February 14th and would love to have a chance to read the novel beforehand!
Rosanne Trask
289. William Gardner
That may be the best title ever conceived
Rosanne Trask
291. nick holmes
That poster would be sweet framed and hanging on my wall also would love to read the book even if I don't win im going to buy it
Rosanne Trask
293. Buddy Garrett
I haven't seen the movie. The book sounds very interesting. Thanks.
Ross Newberry
294. rossnewberry
Would love one. I've read Spiders, and still need to read this one.
Heather Cowley
295. cowleyh
How have I not heard of this?! Well, I've heard now, and can't wait to read it...then see it. Always in that order, people!
Rosanne Trask
296. Charlene Kuser
David Wong is brillant.
“You know if you walked around the world, your hat would travel thirty-one feet farther than your shoes?”
? David Wong, John Dies at the End
Rosanne Trask
297. Jake P
I'll eventually get around to reading this one. Hopefully before the movie hits DVD.
Rosanne Trask
301. Susan Climan
I just heard about this movie and would love to read the book. Thanks for the giveaway!
Rosanne Trask
303. Evangeline Montoya
This book is on my "to read" list.
Rosanne Trask
304. CRASSpenis
looking forward to this movie.
Rosanne Trask
305. JeffC
Don't forget, the kittens will make your sad go away!!!!!
Peter W. Horton Jr.
306. mosaix
David Wong is great! Mosaix must have the poster and book!
Rosanne Trask
307. derrick casady
I recieved my poster and book today for this constest, thank you the book was in fine shape but the poster was damaged and ripped, the mail man folded up the envelope and shoved it in my mail box and since the poster was flat you can guess what that did to it, is there anyway to get a replacement maybe in a tube.

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