Jan 18 2013 12:30pm

First Trailer for Red 2

Oscar-winning actors, critically acclaimed actors, and Bruce Willis are teaming up again for a big tongue-in-cheek action flick. If you liked comic-book inspired Red, it seems like Red 2 will be more of the same. Helen Mirren still looks awesome! John Malkovich is hilarious! Anthony Hopkins!

Sadie Mason-Smith
2. Sadie_Awesome
When I watched "Red," all I could concentrate on was when they pronounced Mobile, Alabama as "Moe-bull."

Such a stupid little thing, but all I could remember thinking was "Really? Not one of you guys have heard of MoBEEEL?"
Nathan Love
3. n8love
Oscar-winning actors, critically acclaimed actors, and Bruce Willis...
Surely you meant McClane, Teddy KGB and some old people...

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