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A Memory of Light Debuts at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List

A Memory of Light Debuts at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List

A Memory of Light, the finale of the epic 15-volume Wheel of Time series, has debuted at #1 on the New York Times Hardcover Fiction Bestsellers list.

Ever since the publication of the eighth book in the series, The Path of Daggers, the Wheel of Time has debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. It is a testament to the artistry of Robert Jordan’s world and the dedication of its fanbase that the concluding volume of Jordan’s defining work was the best-selling book in the U.S. upon its release.

A Memory of Light hit quite a few other milestones after its January 8th release:

It is heartening to see Robert Jordan’s legacy standing undiminished.

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1. MauricXe
The Dragon rides out on top.
2. dreadprtroberts
How many volumes?
3. Marshy
Well-frickin-done, Team Jordan. Just finished today. It makes me sad it's over and Jim's gone, but well done finishing.
Ken England Jr
7. Vambram
This is awesome news, and well deserved news for James Oliver Rigney, Harriet, Team Jordan, Tom Dohtery, Tor, and of course also well deserved news for Brandon Sanderson.

The Dragon rides again on the winds of time.
8. RicFule
15, dreadprtroberts. I'm guessing the article is including New Spring in the count. Even though New Spring isn't part of the main series.
9. graftonio
@2 15 books. They are counting the prequel New Spring in there.
10. aquarius
This book is super awesome and totally just what we have all waited for I laughed I cried I want to see a movie come from thesrs books. It would be a smash!
11. justicarl
Tai'shar, Team Jordan!
13. Freelancer
Like a great symphony, closing with a grace note.

May there be many more kudos to follow.
Tricia Irish
15. Tektonica
Congratulations to all. This really is a miracle. And perhaps a bit bittersweet for Harriet.
16. Backyardbob42
I don't think io9's review was really that flattering to the series, and the commentators tore it apart.
Katie Frey
17. TalithaSedai
Congratulations to Harriet, Team Jordan, and Tor! Well earned #1 Best Seller. =D I loved every moment of the book, even when I was crying my eyes out. A fitting and satisfying end to an exquisite series.

@16 Holy crap, you're right. Neither the writer of the review nor the commentators seemed to have a CLUE about the series. o.O
Mordicai Knode
18. mordicai
We owe the NYT toh, for we have stolen the top slot.
Vincent Lane
20. Aegnor

Or we've taken the top spot captive and it is now gai'shain.
Craig Barnett
21. Ommadawn
My previous comment was removed, oh well. Congratulations then, Tor and Team Jordan, seems to be all I am allowed to say.
Irene Gallo
22. Irene
@21, We have other threads to discuss the ebook.
23. Freelancer
I read all of those reviews. The AV Club is an offshoot of The Onion, so take that with a grain of salt. The io9 review, I couldn't believe was published. Not for the negative content, but because of the amazing number of typographical and grammatical errors. Whoever that was, they ought not be writing for a living, lest they starve.

I get that there are multitudes of people who refused to continue reading WoT books after one point or another. For many of those people, if a story isn't cooking along as a John Woo action-movie pace, it isn't good enough for them. For others, too much scenery-painting in the prose was the limit they would not surpass. Any person's reason for giving up on a story is valid, for them. And I've learned that some people read with less interest in immersing themselves into a good story, and more in identifying any flaw in the prose, the context, the continuity, etc. I truly feel bad for those, they are missing many wonderful adventures which are happening before their very eyes.

I've never been hampered with an intricate understanding of "proper" constructions of prose. As is oft stated, I don't know much about art, but I know what I like. I like the world Jordan created.

I like the variety of cultures.
I like the detailed descriptions which fill in a scene more fully.
I like the amazing foreshadowings delivered early and fulfilled late in the story.
I like the marriage of myriad mythologies, legends, stories, and histories.
I like the clearly defined character traits.
I like the realistic portrayal of interpersonal behaviors and internal dialogue.
I like the shades of honor and dishonor, success and failure, shrewdness and foolishnes displayed by imperfect beings.
I like the humor and the horror.
I like the bleak moments, and the triumphant.

Yes, there are bits about the story, and the writing, which were less engaging than the rest, but on balance there is so much more which is excellent, brilliant, imaginative, etc., as to easily dismiss the rest as unworthy of mention. I suppose most of those who dislike it are happy with Twilight.
Craig Barnett
24. Ommadawn
@22, Fair enough, Irene. I still think my comment was relevant to the news this post was discussing. Regardless of that I am very, very happy to see AMOL in it's proper place.

Valentin M
25. ValMar
Freelancer @ 23

Hear, hear! It appears to me that many of the reasons people stopped reading WOT are the ones which I love the series for.

Congratulations for yet another Number 1 spot WOT! Pity that it's the last one.
Ken England Jr
27. Vambram
Freelancer @ 23 and ValMar @25

I agree completely with you two.

Tai`shar, Team Jordan.
Tai`shar, Harriet
Tai`shar, Brandon Sanderson
Tai`shar, James Oliver Rigney.

The Dragon rides again the winds on the Wheel of Time.
28. Edwin Price
29. redgarlic
@23 The AV Club might be an Onion offshoot, but it's deadly serious with its reviews.

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