Dec 5 2012 1:30pm

What About Elevensies?

When The Hobbit meets The Breakfast Club

Dear Mister Sauron, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Sterday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did was wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us… In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is:

…a gardener…
…and a Knight of the Mark…
…and a ringbearer…
…a Guard of the Citadel…
…and a burglar…

Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours, the Second Breakfast Club. 

Second Breakfast Club” image by Kyle Price; commentary by Mordicai Knode.

Juan Avila
2. Cumadrin
"...make us write an essay..."

Other than that, sufficiently amusing.
Mordicai Knode
3. mordicai
2. Cumadrin

I was too busy trying to Middle-Earthize all the proper nouns to see the typo right in front of my face!
Bridget McGovern
4. BMcGovern
As I've already told Mordicai, I will now have an imaginary-but-still-epic version of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" as covered by Tom Bombadil (or maybe Glenn Yarbrough) running through my head forever.
Mordicai Knode
6. mordicai
4. BMcGovern

Hey! Come merry dol! derry dol! My darling! don't you forget about me!

Dol dol dol dol!
Bridget McGovern
7. BMcGovern

YES. Nailed it. New Wave Bombadil is the best; the "I said-a dol, dol, dol, dol, dolllllll" part at the end goes on for at least 25 minutes.
William Carter
8. wcarter
@BMcGovern and Mordicai,

Curse you both. Now there's going to be a twisted, Bombadiled-up song playing in my head for the next day at least and I cant even buy it on iTunes.
Mordicai Knode
9. mordicai
7. BMcGovern
8. wcarter

I'm pretty sure this is how "filk" got invented.
Bridget McGovern
10. BMcGovern

I promise that we feel your pain...although I have a feeling that if we actually tried to translate it into reality, we'd end up with something even more bizarre than "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins." Nobody wants that :)
Mike Conley
11. NomadUK
Confuzzled@5: See here.

Great film; one of my favourites. And, BMcGovern@4, et al., that is absolutely priceless.
12. clvseven
This so needs to be on a t-shirt.
William Carter
14. wcarter
So there is a t-shirt but still no song, looks like I'm going to be spending this weekend playing on Audacity. Though with my luck Frankenstein's Monster would be less of an abomination against nature than anything I'm able to create.
Still, worth a shot, shots? OK Vodka will now apparently be involved. Someone please stop me before it's too late...
Bridget McGovern
15. BMcGovern
@wcarter: DO IIIIIIITTTT. And post a link! This is exactly what technology (and vodka) were created for :)
16. HelenS
Elevenses, surely? Elevensies would be mutant-baby shirts or something.

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