Dec 24 2012 11:40am

Watch a New Stop-Motion Doctor Who Christmas Special!

How the Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas stop-motion by Alisa Stern

While you’re waiting for the airing of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Snowmen,” we encourage you to watch this new stop-motion mini-adventure “How the Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas”!

We’d tell you how genuinely sweet the mini-episode is, but we have subsequently died of cute. Park yourself for a couple minutes and take a look!

This the first stop-motion feature that the Doctor Puppet has starred in, but he and his erstwhile companion Alisa Stern have had quite a few adventures, visiting Baker Street, spooky castles, Sleepy Hollow, and so much more. They even visited once looking for his lost TARDIS!

“How the Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas,” was directed, written, and animated by Alisa Stern, with thanks to the BBC.

Alan Brown
1. AlanBrown
Very nice. A cross between BBC and Rankin/Bass. Merry Christmas!
Nicholas Winter
2. Nicholas Winter
This is terribly cute and even manages to catch the essence of Matt Smith.

I look forward to Matt getting his mojo back on the Christmas episode tonight as I fear Doctor Puppet might be come gloomy as well if Matt's mood is not reversed soon!
Nicholas Winter
3. Cybersnark
Snowflakes as an alien invasion! Perfect!

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