Dec 9 2012 3:27pm

Tom Cruise Saves Mankind in this Oblivion Trailer

This April, Tom Cruise visits post-apocalyptic Earth to SAVE MANKIND! in Oblivion. I know it’s just the art director in me, but the Sam Weber-esque grey-white pallet makes me want to bite. Morgan Freeman nevers hurts, either. Anyone else interested?

Michelle b
1. fireweaver
i agree completely that the dirty, lived-in grey/white palette is lovely, and that this looks pretty cool...but morgan freeman sometimes does hurt: 'wanted' was one of the worst movies in recent memory.
Carl V.
2. Carl V.
It is visually stunning. And I enjoy Tom Cruise. I'm not a rabid fan but I'm rarely disappointed when he does action films so this one looks like it has the potential to be a winner from an entertainment standpoint.
Marcus W
3. toryx
I like that they seemed to have taken Middle Earth types of images in transplated them into an Old Earth from the future kind of point of view. That was a pretty neat way to go with the art.
Carl V.
4. politeruin
Bleugh, not a fan of tom cruise - in yet another role where he plays... tom cruise! Must be such a stretch for him. This looks nice but to me it has a whiff of scientology about it, at least the bits that the modern cult of scientology tends to ignore.
Carl V.
5. mike-ptda
Ya gotta like the dragonfly like ship...

Now that would make for a nice fun ride to the day job...

Thanks for the heads up - had no clue this film was coming out.

Cheers, Mike
Carl V.
6. Kirshy
Sci-fi: check
Great CG: check
Tom Cruise doing what he does best: check
Not another reboot: check
Hopefully a decent science fiction movie. It's been awhile since we had something good in this genre in theatres that was original and good. Fingers crossed.

As for the Tom Cruise haters out there. My feeling is that as a person he's crazy, but as an actor I think he's very talented.
Scott Silver
7. hihosilver28
I'm fairly excited for this movie. However, I do just want the trailer for Elysium to come out. In Blomkamp we trust!
8. clintack

And it doesn't look like a remake of Skyfall, Avengers, etc... so, um, that's a plus.
Carl V.
10. Jazmyn13
I wanted to boycott anymore Tom Cruise movies because he's a megalomaniac nutcase but then I saw the trailer and my resolve crumbled within the first 20 seconds. Damn you, Cruise.... damn you.
Mordicai Knode
11. mordicai
Wait, a science fiction story about memory & identity? Secret Gene Wolfe adaptation?
Arie King
12. Arieh
Not a big fan of Tom Cruise (at all). But looks good. Love
Morgan Freeman, definitly like this when he's like a scifi boss.

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