Dec 13 2012 10:40am

The First Pacific Rim Trailer Has Been Released

First Pacific Rim Trailer Has Been Released

The first full trailer for Pacific Rim has been released. It features synchronized mech piloting, giant shark-headed alien monsters from deep underwater, and Idris Elba in amazingly impressive battle armor. This trailer gives us a lot to be excited about, but it raises an important question for our society: Is it time for us to bomb the oceans? You know, for our own preservation?

Watch the trailer below!


1. JacekS
Don't forget glaDOS!
Scott Silver
2. hihosilver28
Ok, I didn't doubt Guillermo Del Toro, but now I'm really excited for this movie!
3. Sysyphus Sister
Every time I see that main monster? I see Guiron from Attack of the Monsters.
Alan Gratz
4. agratz
GlaDOS! Best cameo of the year!

Do they get cake if they defeat the giant monsters?
6. Nalwin
I'm just gonna be looking for the Chell Cameo :)
7. OgreMk5
Why does this remind me a little of Robot Jox with better special effects?
Alan Brown
8. AlanBrown
Looks fantastic. Even better than I imagine (and I must admit, they already had me onboard as soon as I heard the story was giant robots versus giant monsters).
Alan Courchene
9. Majicou
This trailer was in front of The Hobbit just now, at least at my showing. And I freaked right the hell out when I heard GLaDOS. Win.
Kristen Templet
10. SF_Fangirl
I want to see this in the theater probably in 3D.

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