Dec 29 2012 3:25pm

Read an Exclusive Excerpt From A Memory of Light on NPR

A Memory of Light, by Robert Jordan and Brandon SandersonNPR has just posted an excerpt of A Memory of Light, the final book in the Wheel of Time series on their First Reads page. The excerpt comes to us from Chapter 3, and gives us a peek at the increasingly unsettling events taking place in The Black Tower:

[Highlight to read] “Lord Logain and Taim have indeed patched up their differences,” Welyn said, sitting inside the common room of The Great Gathering. [End]

And that’s just how it begins! Check the rest out at NPR Fresh Reads. A Memory of Light comes out on January 8th, and will mark the end of an epic saga that has been decades in the telling.

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anudeep ravi
2. adeepu9

um...i seem to be too excited.this assures me that A memory of light is going to be bleak never felt that way the excerpts till now to me
anudeep ravi
3. adeepu9
Thought i was gonna be first post for once :(
Nathan Love
4. n8love
*edit: deleted for spoilers
5. traveler
Can't wait for AMoL, but...does anyone know how to get a copy if you're out of the country in January?
wes carlton
6. Dorman
@ 4 How can you delete for spoilers on this thread? LOL
7. ClintACK
Cannot wait until next week!
Rich Bennett
8. Neuralnet
ack! I am so mad at myself for highlighting that spoiler... I was desperately trying to stay spoiler free but couldn't resist. For the record, I just dont beleive it. I think the spoiler is a bit of misdirection. The 8th can not get here fast enough.
9. Johnnyj
This is what Elaida had forseen. The Black Tower Torn asunder and dead men in Black coats.
10. Johnnyj
This is what Elaida had forseen. The Black Tower Torn asunder and dead men in Black coats.
11. Darkenmal
Looks like Logain is either corrupted, or faking it.

Could go either way at this point.
12. BelWA
Faking, Logain is for the light.
Rojas Anitha
13. Anitha
Oh that emotion, cannot wait more, four days!!
14. Muaddib67
Apparently, from the last book, there is someone turning people against their will (circle of 13, and 13 myrddral if I remember correctly) at the black tower.
15. Forthelight
Logain hasn't had his future glory yet. If he is converted maybe he gets converted back?
Vincent Lane
18. Aegnor

It could be n8love has read an advance copy of the book? Doubtful though.


Why do you say that? It seems pretty obvious what is going on based on the excerpt. Or are you making the comment prior to reading the exerpt?

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